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Wow, the pressure of being the organiser is immense, isn’t it? Thanks to WowTrip I’m just back from a surprise trip to Cologne and I didn’t have to organise a single thing. Nada. It was so different to my usual set up.

WowTrip Review

WowTrip Review

I’m a natural planner, always have been and I’m sure, always will be. I manage our life admin, so everything from paying the bills, booking Nova’s classes (rugby, music, dance, football, French – you name it, he probably does it) and sorting meals to making sure birthday cards are sent at the right time and that our weekends are filled with fun activities.

In my day job I’m an EA to a Chief Executive and have been in that sort of PA/EA/VA role for over ten years. It’s a variation of a Personal Assistant, so I basically take care of stuff to allow other people to focus on more strategic things.

Day in, day out, I organise.

When it comes to trips it naturally falls to me to sort them out. It doesn’t matter if it’s a group trip, a a parent escape or a family adventure. I’m an organiser and I love travel, so I guess it makes sense to everyone.

And I love it. I honestly love the hours of research, browsing hotel pages and dreaming of faraway escapes. I love the control of being able to tailor the trip and the satisfaction of finding a new hipster coffee spot. I love seeing my favourites having the best time.

However, every now and then the pressure just gets too much. My need to please brings in the fear; the fear that the restaurant I’ve earmarked won’t be open or the meal will be rubbish, a worry that I’ve booked the wrong date (quite possible thanks to sleep deprivation from having children) or that everyone will be bored. It’s stupid because a lot of things are out of my control. I mean, it’s not like I can go and vet places in advance, and even then the service could still be different on the day. Nevertheless, I feel the pressure.

It’s worse when it’s a group trip.

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That Pressure

I recently organised my sister’s hen do. We went to Ibiza, somewhere that I hadn’t been to in years, and I was working to a request for a villa over a weekend in June, a night out and the rest was up to me. I didn’t really know the other girls and so I had no ideas on what kind of things they liked, how much they could afford to spend and all the fun things like that. I wanted it to be the absolute best hen do for my sister and so the pressure was on.

I started arranging it at least six-months in advance, but all the gorgeous villas were booked up or imposed week-long stays and I seriously struggled to find somewhere. All that seemed to be left were seriously ugly places to stay. I spent so many evenings browsing pages, hoping that someone would cancel their accommodation and the villa I was searching for would magically appear.

And luck behold, it did. Twice. It wasn’t meant to be though as by the time I checked with everyone and went to book they were gone again. Thankfully a third villa randomly appeared during one of my late night scrolls and I nabbed it.

Then the logistics of flight times not pairing with check-ins and check-outs and hangovers arose and I set about trying to find an affordable beach bar.

Long story short, I felt the pressure. Not from anyone else – nobody was demanding or controlling (quite the opposite in fact) – but from myself. It felt like a huge weight on my shoulders. Thankfully we had the absolute best time and the villa was even better than we could have imagined – the hosts let us in a few hours early, ferried us to the supermarket and offered to carry the bags and didn’t blink an eyelid at the trail of glitter we left (or the state of our sorry hungover faces at check out). Thankfully, it all worked out, but in the run up to the trip the self-imposed pressure was definitely there.

A Surprise Trip by WowTrip

Recently I went on a group trip to Cologne. It was a surprise trip, organised by Monica from The Blogger Course and WowTrip.

WowTrip booked the flights, accommodation and checked us in. In the weeks leading up to the trip they told us the dates, flight times and departure airport but that was it. With the logistics taken care of I felt washed of any responsibility and I actually quite liked it!

WowTrip only use 3* or 4* hotels with a rating of 3.5 or more on TripAdvisor so I knew I didn’t have to worry about staying somewhere grubby.

We received an email a few days in advance to let us know what the weather would be like and a little guide. We had the option of finding out where we would be going at the airport, but I couldn’t resist and looked a little sooner!

Although the trip was booked a few months in advance I felt zero pressure. It was out of my hands and it felt nice. I felt a little nervous about not knowing where I’d be eating or missing out on a sight, but the comfort of knowing I was travelling in a group of like-minded people eased those niggles.

Things to do in Cologne

It was a breath of fresh air not trying to please anyone and just going with the flow. There was no group admin to manage. With WowTrip everyone logs in to one webpage where they can find all the information, including boarding passes, accommodation vouchers, destination guides etc. I felt relaxed and you know what, I think it might be the way forward with group trips.

WowTrip surprise trip

My WowTrip in Cologne

You can see what we got up to in this video or take a read on my post about 41 things to do in Cologne.

So, what about you? Do you feel the pressure of being the organiser or do you let others take care of all that fun?

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Wowtrip surprise trip to Cologne

Big thanks to The Blogger Course and WowTrip for hosting my trip

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  • shelbey 2 years ago Reply


    I want to book this for my parents but nothing on their website seems to work – did you have problems with booking it?




    What a lovely idea to book it for your parents :) I’ve just been on the site and had a go and all seems to be working fine. Maybe it was just a glitch?

  • Tanja/The Red Phone Box travels 2 years ago Reply

    sounds great! I’ve never been to Cologne

    It was a fun weekend! Hope you get to visit some day :)

  • Angharad Paull 2 years ago Reply

    Love the video! Cologne looks fantastic. I definitely feel the pressure to organise – I like to have control over what we;re doing, can’t bear to think I might miss out. Saying that, if we go on a trip with my parents, my dad is so thorough with his research, I leave it to him!

    Thanks so much! I can so relate to that – the fear of missing out can be so intense. Your dad sounds like a great traveller!

  • Roma 2 years ago Reply

    I struggle to let go of the reigns when it comes to organising. Nice video! Sums up the trip nicely :)

    I hear ya on that one! Thanks so much :)

  • Emma @ Adventures of a London Kiwi 2 years ago Reply

    This was so, so much fun!

    It really was! So lovely to hang out :)

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