20 Signs You’re Winning at Family Travel

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Travelling with mini-explorers is a whole new ball game. Honestly, some times it’s tough, but then there are those magical-thank-you-alligned-stars-moments where you get a little spring in your step and a smile on your face knowing that you’re winning at family travel. It may be fleeting, but those times make it all worth it.

Here are 20 moments you know you’re definitely winning at family travel…

1. Looking over to your left to see that your little ‘un is napping. Hello in-flight movie and glass of wine.

2. Hearing ‘Woooowwww!’ at whatever landmark/sunset/attraction you’ve taken them to. Even if that enthusiasm only lasts a further thirty seconds.

3. Picking up the keys for your car rental and the car seat that you reserved actually being there. You’re unstoppable if the car seat is in good condition.

20 Signs You're winning at family travel

4. Proving seat 28B’s remarks that your child will kick off during take-off wrong. Goodbye Frowning Frank. Hello Flabagastered Frank.

5. Hearing your toddler ask for more of that ‘funny food that we don’t have at home’.

6. Sitting in the middle seat between two strangers and managing to score one of the arm rests so that you can cradle your baby without feeling the burn in those biceps.

7. Capturing that perfect cliché ‘throw your baby in the air as they are silhouetted against the sunset’ shot.

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8. Seeing your cabin bag being whooshed into the overhead locker for you by the friendly guy from the row in front. Kind people really do exist.

9. Being woken up by your toddler asking for ‘more holidays, mummy. We go on holiday please.’

20 Signs You're winning at family travel

10. Receiving a compliment from the air stewardess on how well-behaved your children are.

11. Joining a massive queue in the blazing heat only for the kindness of strangers and a tonne of good luck to let you skip the lot.

12. Clambering onto the packed transfer bus trailing approximately five thousand bags, two hundred coats, a blanket and two deadweight bambinos, to see two generous people give up their seats for you.

13. Checking-in to your new hotel room and clocking the separate bedroom for your little one. No more hanging out in the bathroom while they sleep.

14. Strolling into that hipster café that serves amazing coffee and finding out it has an awesome play corner with beautiful, clean wooden toys. Bonus points if it’s in a cool neighbourhood.

20 Signs You're winning at family travel

15. Getting a free upgrade to a bigger car rental because the check-in guy can’t be bothered to put up with your weary jet-lagged toddler and no way are you going to fit your entire family and gazillion bags into the small fiesta you hired. Yes it was cheap, but no way is it happening.

16. Finding the local park. Even better, finding out it’s next to a cute café that serves amazing cake.

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17.Discovering the 24/7 room service menu. 4pm dinners with the kids are great, but come 8pm it’s dinner time again, right?

18. Receiving an email from your accommodation to say that they can provide a complimentary highchair, cot, stroller and bath seat.

19. Being offered an empty row so that you can take advantage of the extra space and seats. Winning.

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20. Daring to dine in a fancier restaurant than your usual kid’s spots and paying the bill at the same time, so that you have just enough time to eat and escape before any toddler tantrums ensue. FYI, that’s 28 minutes.

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Comments (14)

  • […] Recommended Reading: 20 Signs You’re Winning at Family Travel […]

  • […] Recommended Reading: 20 Signs You’re Winning at Family Travel […]

  • Strollers Lab 1 year ago Reply

    Highly Recommended to Reading:: 20 SIGNS YOU’RE WINNING AT FAMILY TRAVEL. Cause here most importing suggest for baby travel.

  • […] 20 Signs You’re Winning at Family Travel […]

  • […] Recommended Reading: 20 Signs You’re Winning at Family Travel […]

  • […] Recommended reading: 20 Signs You’re Winning at Family Travel […]

  • Sinead 2 years ago Reply

    Can relate to most of these! Most are sheer luck!!! Felt my most priceless ‘winning’ moment was when my 7 yr old squeezed my hand in the dark in a glow worm cave in New Zealand and whispered ‘Thank you for bringing me here mummy.’ Made every whinge, moan, tantrum worth it. And thats just me, yet alone the kids!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 2 years ago Reply

    Totally!! Ah that nearly made me well up – what a beautiful memory that I bet you’ll treasure forever. <3 Faaaaar outweighs any tough dips on the family travel rollercoaster!

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  • Danial | Dan On The Road 3 years ago Reply

    No 14 is such a win! There’s one brunch cafe that has a dedicated playroom of kids and it’s a such a bliss for us parents.

  • Tanja/The Red Phone Box travels 3 years ago Reply

    hope to become like this:) my boy is now almost 4months old, still have to take his first trip:)

  • Ayla 3 years ago Reply

    Haha love this Char! We had a screaming baby behind us for half the way back from Cape Verde. I kept noticing people looking over at me as if to say shush your child up but when they saw Evie smiling away happily and realised it wasn’t her they were all smiles too! Cue my smugness!! :)

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