Win a Year of Free Train Travel

Win a year of free train travel

I’ve been back and forth on the train to London so much in the last month. I’ve had a flurry of fun blogger events and meetings to attend, so it’s felt like no sooner than I’ve made it back home I’ve been back on the train again.

Train life is pretty easy and I’ve met some interesting people along the way. Everyone says that Brits aren’t friendly, but the time has raced past as I’ve heard about people’s interviews (since when was a five hour grilling a thing? Scary!), received advice from an architect on my loft conversion (it doesn’t matter that it’s just a dream at the moment, does it?) and heard how an overseas job in Rio just isn’t the same when you’ve got kids (his words, not mine).

As much as the late trains back home have zapped my energy for getting up at 5am the next day with Nova (or at least that’s the excuse I’m using for still hating the early start), I have found that these conversations with randoms have spurred my creativity. Be it thinking outside of the box in terms of my loft conversion, falling in love with other traveller’s style and pinching ideas for my own looks, and lots of doodled lists for blog ideas, projects and goals.

And when I’ve found myself without anyone to chat to on the train I’ve found myself watching the view morph from day to night and from countryside to concrete jungle. I love a good gaze out of the window (especially when I’m on the Oxford route), skipping through random thoughts and winding down into a gentle bubble of sleepiness.

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Win a Year of Free Travel

Whether you want to meet new people, get some work done or as I suspect is more likely the case, get from A to B, this travel giveaway has your name all over it. I’ve teamed up with Great Western Railway (GWR) on their Inspired Lines competition.

Supposedly,  millions of modern Brits are letting their creativity die according to a new study by Great Western Railway, with over a third claiming they have let their talents fall by the wayside now that they’re adults.

In a bid to get our creativity flowing, GWR and writer and musician Alex James (of Blur fame) have launched a national poetry competition.

Win a year of free train travel

The Prize

One lucky winner will:

♥ receive free rail travel on GWR for a year, on a selected ‘immersive’ seat – which has the best window views

♥ have their poem featured on station posters across the GWR network.

The first 50 to enter will also receive a free GWR ticket.

How to Enter

Pen a poem inspired by the incredible views on any GWR route through the West Country. It only needs to be a maximum of 50 words. Alex will select his favourite as the winner!

To enter the competition, please visit here for more information, including the terms and conditions. You have until 3 November 2016 to get your entry in.

Need Some Inspiration?

If you need  a bit of help, check out Alex’s poem inspired by his regular journey travelling from his home in Kingham, Oxfordshire, to London Paddington.

You can scroll #InspiredLines on Twitter to see other entries and you can also see my little ditty below:

London, London you leave my window pane

Pattering and splattering, the window’s dressed in rain

Time stands still as we race along the tracks

Those views, those shades, oh Oxford it’s good to be back

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  • Shikha (whywasteannualleave) 3 years ago Reply

    Oh I’m so dopey – I’ve just spotted it at the very end of the post! Must be in la la land after watching Alex! ;)

    Taylor Hearts Travel 3 years ago Reply

    Haha, you really do have a crush on him, don’t you?! ;)

  • Shikha (whywasteannualleave) 3 years ago Reply

    Oh Char – you’ve made me feel like a giggly 14 year old again with that video link. As a teenager, my bedroom wall was covered top to know in posters of Alex James and I was the biggest Blur fan with so many magazine cut outs stored in a box of interviews with Alex which I still have somewhere. His poem is lovely and I only wish I had ever travelled this route so I could write one too. Are you doing one for us read? Your countryside photos are always so pretty! ☺

    Taylor Hearts Travel 3 years ago Reply

    Haha he does seem to have that effect on lots of people!

    They have a few different routes, so might be worth checking the GWR page. I bet you’d write an amazing one (maybe even better than Alex’s poem!).

    Ah thank you, lovely. I guess it’s easier when the subject is so pretty :)

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