Packing for Active Travel: #7POW

Forget maxi dresses and skinny strap tops. Packing for an adventure holiday or a health retreat is a whole different game, so I thought I’d share my tips with you. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve taken part in sporty activities on my travels before; zip-lining above the jungle, climbing mountains and volcanoes, and cycling the villages in Bali. I’ve also been for healthy spa weekends. However, I’ve never gone away solely for a detox week like my upcoming Portugal adventure, or for an adventure weekend like the Preseli Venture one at the end of the month.

Whilst I am excited, I did have a mini melt-down (ahem, a massive melt-down) as I had no clue on what to pack. Luckily, the guys over at Juicy Oasis kindly sent a bit of advice over, and a few friends chucked in their must-have items too. As you might not be so lucky, I thought I’d share seven pearls of wisdom (#7POW) on what to pack for active travel.

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♥ Harem/MC Hammer Pants

Perfect for lounging, but more so, they are ideal for yoga as they allow you lots of freedom to move about in. Leggings can sometimes be a bit too restrictive, or if they’re cheapy ones, a little too revealing for those downward dog poses. I also love that they indulge my inner hippy. You can find them in lots of bright colours a la MC Hammer style. However, I’ve opted for a classy black pair from H&M that were a mere £12.99.

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(image courtesy of H&M)

♥ Sport Bras

It may be an obvious one, but don’t underestimate how sweaty you’re going to get working out all day and all week. You’ll need to take enough for the duration of your stay and you’ll also need to consider what sports you’ll be doing. You’ll want more support for running, and perhaps something a little more comfortable for that Pilates class.

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♥ Dry Wick Tops

Yes, you want to look good, but you also need to be practical. Luckily, there are tops that do both. They’re made from a special material that helps to wick away any moisture. Tops like this are also great for any outdoor runs when the weather isn’t on your side. I could have done with one of these after my cycle in the torrential rain and storm on Saturday. Sigh.

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♥ Swimwear

Whether there is a pool, just a sauna, or even a river to jump in, you’ll need to take a bikini or swimming costume. Think about the activities you plan to take part in – are you going to be doing lengths, or just going for a dip? If it’s the first, you’ll want something that’s going to stay in place. This also applies for water polo, pool volleyball, and going for a crazy jump in the lake. If you just plan to wind down with a bit of sunbathing or hit the spa up, you’ll probably be fine in a glam bikini.

♥ Leggings

I’ll be packing regular leggings, as well as sporty ones. Team them with a baggy t-shirt for a casual look, or if you want to go all out Sporty Spice style then opt for a clingy sports vest. I’ll be taking a mixture of the two. You’ll need to bear in mind if your resort/hotel/apartment has washing facilities. Mine doesn’t, so I’ll be taking enough leggings for the whole week. Your suitcase will love them as they roll tightly and don’t take up much room.

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♥ Trainers

You’ll need two pairs, especially if you’re visiting out of season. Although I’m venturing to Portugal which is bound to be warmer than the UK, it will still be muddy in the forest. You don’t want to be squelching your dirty shoes in the fitness suite, so bring two pairs to cater for any bad weather.  It’s also a lot for your feet to be in one pair all day, so you’ll probably be glad for a change. A pair of flip flops will also be handy for communal showers and round by the pool.

♥ Hoodies

If you’re detox week will see you doing some early morning activities, particular before sunrise, you’ll want something a bit snugly – at least until you warm up. I find that girls hoodies tend to be a bit lame, so I go for the men’s section. They’re so much comfier and no one really needs to know that it’s a men’s hoodie.

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So, what do you think guys? Is there anything else that is a must-pack for an active trip? X

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  • […] Oh, and you can find a suggested packing list (ear plugs, eye masks etc) for a detox/fitness break here. […]

  • The hoodie is such an important one! I didn’t take a hoodie to my latest detox retreat and I had to buy one while I was there. During the day it was boiling but those 6am yoga sessions were chilly!
    I also love the sportswear from H&M. It’s really nice but great value too.
    Have a great time in Portugal!

    That’s what I’m thinking re the hoodie. I also had a little bit of space so have squished a fleeced one in too – I always feel the cold! Glad you like the H&M bits. They seem to sell out really quickly so they must be popular.
    Thanks. I can’t wait!

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