What Happens When Travel Isn’t An Option?

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OMG the urge to book one trip, let alone 10 is crushing me. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve looked up flights, swooned over luxury lodge offers and pined for a venture to the mountains. Sure, I’d love a week or two somewhere, but right now I’d happily take a little city break. I’m really keen to visit Valencia and Athens, but if I’m honest it changes from week to week. What doesn’t change, is the urge to go somewhere. A n y w h e r e.

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Why Travel Isn’t an Option

Since what feels like forever I’ve been stuck in limbo land. We’ve been to-ing and fro-ing with our house sale and onwards purchase. It’s not even been our doing, which I guess is what makes it all the more irritating. We found a house back in December 2017, offered the full asking price and set about trying to sell our very, very lovely 18th century former pub. We may be biased, but we assumed it would sell quickly. I mean, we snapped it up before it even came to market, so we thought our gem of a house would do us proud.


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Days turned into weeks and into months and our excitement slowly ebbed away. Our usual cheery, optimistic glow dulled a little more with each week that passed. The house we’d wanted to buy was withdrawn from the market, but we kept ours on as we want to move. We have a two-bedroom house when we’d like a three and we’re keen for a playroom, as well as a cellar or outbuilding that can be soundproofed for all of Jay’s band stuff.

Long story short, we got a buyer – hurrah! And then we had the task of finding a new house to buy. It sounds simple, but there seemed to be slim pickings on the market. We considered the whole county of Northamptonshire, but just couldn’t find a period property that worked for us. We traipsed into all the local agents in a bid to be first on their books to view new properties and in the end we found somewhere; a beautiful Victorian house that ticked 80% of our boxes.

And then you guessed it, we lost our buyers. We had to go back through the pain of trying to keep our house pristine for viewings, which is no easy task with two young children. We suffered last minute cancellations and positive feedback that still somehow resulted in a ‘not for us’ comment.

However, we have another buyer *crosses fingers, touches wood, sends a little lucky wish etc etc*, who is in fact someone who saw the house a few times when we first put it on the market. And we have the Victorian house *crosses fingers, touches wood, sends a big lucky wish etc etc*. There’s a whole other story about that saga, but I don’t think I have the energy to go through that rollercoaster again.

How I’m Coping

We have started packing as most of our weekends are booked up and we want to be ready to go as soon as we get all the clear. Plus, with a lot out of our control it feels good to be doing something. It makes us feel like we’re ushering it through.

What doesn’t feel good, is the lack of trip booking. I am so desperate to book an adventure, but we can’t risk being out of the country when we finally get that green light to move. The carrot, so to speak, keeps being dangled in front of us, so we don’t go anywhere and then it all gets pushed back again. I also can’t handle the guilt of splashing the cash on a trip that we might need to get us through our next house purchase.

And I feel like travel is so incredibly good for my soul, so it’s killing me not being able to swan off. I travel for lots of reasons and I know they say you shouldn’t travel to escape your life, but for these last nine months all I’ve wanted to do is hop on a plane and run away. I’ve begged Jay to let us buy a campervan and live a life on the road in Canada, but he’s not game. Before I typed this post I was looking at flights. In sheer desperation I thought I might be able to sandwich a super short break into our busy schedule but the flight times weren’t on my side. It’s like the universe is trying to tell me to wait it out, which again, goes completely against my impatient mind. Perhaps that trait is why I’m so over this chapter. I’m a do-er and to have a project lingering for more than necessary is painful.

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We’ve been to a few amazing places this year and I have a girls getaway to Portugal to look forward to, as well as a family Christmas break to Egypt, so there are things in the pipeline, which makes me wonder if my misery is more at my dislike for being told what to do, for being tied down and constrained by someone or I guess, something. I’m a Sagittarian and we’re notorious for being explorers and lovers of spontaneity.

I realise all of this may sound a little bratty. I’m not stupid; I totally get that I’m super fortunate to have my own home and to be able to travel, but it doesn’t do much to satisfy my wanderlust. That craving is bigger than ever.

I thought the way round it would be to plan all of next year’s adventures. To book the flights for trips in 2019 so that I could still feel that giddy rush as I clicked book. I’m making a conscious effort to try and boycott Ryanair as I always regret using them, but the easyJet flights aren’t on sale yet for the dates I need and the other airlines are way more expensive. So tell me…

…what happens when travel isn’t an option? What do you do? I figure to some this may sound a little OTT, but I’m hoping you fellow travellers will get what I mean. Help!

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