7 Easy Tips to Extend a Weekend Break

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There’s nothing worse than having a relaxing weekend away and then undoing all that R&R as soon as you get home. You want to cling on to that serene, happy feeling for as long as possible…or at least I know I do, that’s for sure!

I recently shared my travel tips for making a weekend break as relaxing as possible and so it only seems right that I share my seven pearls of wisdom (#7POW) for extending that weekend into a week. Who knows? Maybe even a month! We can all dream, right?!

♥ Do the Washing

Extending your break requires some prep work I’m afraid. Before you go make sure you’ve got an empty laundry bin. It’s not the most glam of jobs, but trust me when I say that it’ll seem ten times more of a chore if you leave it until your return. A pile of dirty washing isn’t exactly appealing.

Weekend Break, Laundry, Travel Tips, Washing

♥ Delegate

Take it one step further by getting your clothes cleaned during your break, so that you go home with a suitcase full of neatly pressed outfits.

♥ Get Fresh

To extend your relaxing break you need to try to create your own hotel vibe. Change your bedding just before you leave home so that when you get back you’ve got fresh, crisp sheets waiting for you. Nothing compares to snuggling down into a clean bed!

The Fish, The Fish Hotel, Cotswolds, the cotswolds, Review, Farncombe, Blog, Travel Blog, Taylor Hearts Travel

♥ DIY Spa

I’ve admitted this before (Guilty Travel Secrets), so it shouldn’t come as a shock to you. Bring the hotel toiletries home with you, particularly if you’ve stayed somewhere fancy. Then when you get home you can have another bubble bath and create your own zen.

The Fish, The Fish Hotel, Cotswolds, the cotswolds, Review, Farncombe, Blog, Travel Blog, Taylor Hearts Travel

♥ It’s all in the Nose

If you stay at a particularly nice hotel (like The Fish) you’ll probably notice it has a signature scent, whether that’s from fancy candles or sprays. You’ll often find that you can buy that scent to take home with you, so ask at reception. Our senses are incredibly powerful so lighting that candle at home will soon take you back to memories of pure relaxation.

♥ Shop

Not the exciting kind I’m afraid. Make sure you get some food in before you go away. You’ll only be gone for the weekend, so it’ll keep fresh until your return. From past experience I know only too well that a trip to Tescos on a Monday night can easily undo a weekend’s worth of chilling out.

Make sure you’ve got something in for dinner for your return. It’s one less thing to worry about.

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♥ Book Another One

This is one of my favourite cures for the travel blues, even if it is a little cheeky. Book another relaxing break! Everything seems more manageable when you’ve got something to look forward to, so it really is in your best interests to visit another bolthole. Honest!

So, over to you. What are your tips? X

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  • […] Recommended Reading: 7 Easy Ways to Extend a Weekend Break […]

  • Haha, I definitely agree with the last point – everyone needs another trip to look forward to ;) I must admit I do try and clean the house before I go away, as I hate coming home to mess after a weekend away. I agree with you on the washing too – there’s nothing worse than discovering you have nothing to wear to work on Monday morning!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 5 years ago Reply

    Great to hear we’re on the same wavelength! Sometimes I find that time runs away with me and it’s tricky to tidy/do the washing before a trip, but when I do it makes such a difference!

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