A Warwick Castle Stay – Your Complete Guide!

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A visit to Warwick Castle is pretty special, but why not make it even better with Warwick Castle accommodation in its Knight’s Village? It ticked every box for our three year old. He had the time of his life staying at a castle – non-stop fun for two full days!

Overnight stays at Warwick Castle start from £43 per person and include priority entrance to the castle on both your arrival and departure date, which is such good value. There is SO much to do at the Castle (more on that later) so you really can fill two days.

I’ve split this post in to two parts; staying at Warwick Castle, and visiting Warwick Castle for the day, so hopefully you can find everything you want to know.

Princess and Knight at Warwick Castle

Our Warwick Castle Stay

Benefits of Staying in Warwick Castle Accommodation

Sure, sleeping at a castle is pretty magical and memorable. However, there are lots of perks to a Warwick Castle stay.

1. Two Days Entry to Warwick Castle

Check-in is in the afternoon, but you can arrive earlier and explore the castle. On your last day you can check out and then head back to any parts of the castle you’ve missed or want to do again.

Warwick Castle Accommodation, Warwick Castle Reviews

We arrived around lunchtime and enjoyed the grounds, met the princesses in their tower for a story, explored the turrets and walls, met the peacocks in the gardens and watched The Falconer’s Quest (a really captivating, exciting bird show – it beat my expectations). We then had an early dinner at one of the lodges at Warwick Castle and enjoyed the evening entertainment (see more on that below).

On check-out day Jay had to go to work so I went back with Nova and Kit to enjoy the bits we missed the day before – the Trebuchet show (a medieval machine) and the engine room – and then back to watch The Falconer’s Quest again (it was that good!) and to say bye to the peacocks.

See, you really can fill your time!

Warwick Castle Accommodation

2. Priority Entrance

Guests enjoying a Warwick Castle stay get to benefit from a priority entrance accessible from the Knight’s Village. This means no queues with day guests.

Warwick Castle Accommodation - Warwick Castle Reviews

We never had to queue and it only took us five-minutes to walk from our Knight’s Lodge. On arrival you’re given an electronic card to tap in and out.

3. Flexible Entry

Overnight guests can also use the priority entrance to enter and exit as much as they like. This is super handy if you have young kids who perhaps need to nap in a bed or if you want to get away from the crowds.

4. An Immersive Experience

Everything is themed from start to finish. The Knight’s Village is decorated with shields, medieval carts and flags. The restaurant that’s used for breakfast and dinner is themed like a banquet hall and of course, all the Warwick Castle accommodation is decorated to please wannabe knights, princesses, queens and kings.

It’s all done very tastefully and doesn’t feel tacky. It’s unique and somehow pleasing for both adults and littles.

Warwick Castle Accommodation - Warwick Castle Reviews

The staff during the evening entertainment are dressed to match the theme and play their roles very well. The sword class teacher and archery instructor were especially kind, patient and engaging, whilst still being in character.

Warwick Castle Stay

5. Closer Parking

The £6-£10 daily parking charge is waived for people enjoying a Warwick Castle stay. Guests are directed to designated bays that are close to both the Knight’s Village and the castle entrance.

6. Free Evening Entertainment

Overnight guests enjoy free evening entertainment. I was dubious, but it was SO good. So good in fact, that I have a whole section below dedicated to that fun!

Warwick Castle Accommodation - Warwick Castle Reviews

7. Free Dining Experience

Dinner isn’t included in overnight stays. However, breakfast is held in the same room, so you don’t really miss out.

Breakfast includes cooked options like sausages, eggs, beans and toast, as well as cereals, pastries and fruit.

Evening Entertainment at Warwick Castle

By staying overnight at Warwick Castle you benefit from complimentary evening entertainment, which honestly surpassed my expectations. During our Sunday night stay in early July it ran from 6.30pm – 8.30pm and was held in the Knight’s Village by the riverbank. The following is variable, but I’m told this is the usual:

1. Sword Class

An enthusiastic knight heads up the sword class. Despite being well and truly the youngest (most kids seemed to be upwards of six years old) Nova was straight to the front, wielding his sword in the various combos. For those that don’t have their own swords, wooden ones are loaned (for free).

All of the children were knighted and there was some funny participation with the parents. It was great!

Warwick Castle Accommodation - Warwick Castle Reviews

2. Princess Play

There is also a session with a princess, where the little ones can attempt to spin plates and use ropes and sticks to perform tricks.

3. Archery

Nova adored learning how to shoot a bow and arrow. The instructor was super patient and kind, humouring our little keen knight. I imagine it changes depending on how busy it is, but most people got to have 3 attempts at archery and we didn’t have to wait too long.

Archery at Warwick Castle

4. Falconry

You can watch guests handle some of the birds from the impressive Falconer’s Quest show that’s held in the castle during the day.

If you want to take part you need to buy a ticket at £7.50 per person from the reception desk. This then allows you to help train and hold the birds.

I thought Nova might be a little too young, but he was totally up for it! He donned the protective glove that swamped his little hand and held a kestrel. The guy suggested taking the glove off (as it was so big for Nova) and letting the bird sit on his arm, but that was a step too far our then too sleepy boy.

Falconry Experience at Warwick Castle

5. Adult Fun

There’s no rule to say that adults can’t join in the above – we did on some bits – but it’s worth saying that you can buy alcoholic drinks from the reception desk or the little snack kiosk near the falconry (if it’s open). I know a drink was very much welcomed by us! A Rekordelig cider cost around £4 and there were beers, prosecco etc.

6. Medieval Dining

In the evening you can choose to dine in the Knights Village. It’s an additional fee and includes a buffet style banquet or on some occasions an A La Carte menu. The buffet menu we were sent featured a roast dinner, curry and other bits. The other menu was two dishes for £15.95 or three for £19.95 and included, burgers, curries and other classics. I’m told knights and princesses wander about in the themed room, so it’s quite an experience.

For our family of four it would have cost about £60, which seemed a little steep for us. Though as Taylors our two have good appetites, we weren’t convinced we’d all eat our monies worth!

I’ll let you weigh up that option to decide if it’s worth it for your trip, though I would say book ahead and bear in mind that breakfast (included in your stay) is served in the same room. Although there are no knights or princesses at the time, you still get a medieval experience with the decor.

Warwick Castle Accommodation - Warwick Castle Reviews

Accommodation at Warwick Castle

There are a number of options to choose from for your Warwick Castle stay:

  1. Glamping in a tent – there are two types on offer, Warwick Tent or Kings Tent, with the latter being the more lux option
  2. Lodges at Warwick Castle – again, two options, Woodland Lodges or Knights Lodges, with the latter being the fancier choice
  3. Luxury Suites – choose from Peacock Suite or Rose Suite, both in a 14th Century Tower
Warwick Castle Accommodation Map of Knights Village

The Knight’s Village is set between the main visitor car park and the castle. Whilst you can’t see the castle from the village, you are on the grounds in minutes.

Warwick Castle Accommodation - Warwick Castle Reviews
Warwick Castle Accommodation

Knights Lodge

We stayed in Knights Lodge 111; a wooden cabin set in the middle of the Knight’s Village. It’s joined to another cabin – a semi-detached, if you like. We saw our neighbours a couple of times when we were arriving/leaving, but other than that didn’t really hear them (and hope that was the same for them!).

Warwick Castle Knights Lodge
Warwick Castle Knights Lodge

Adorned with shields, knights and other medieval gear the lodges have been tastefully themed, managing to please excited wannabe knights and princesses and chic parents – a tricky combination in my opinion.

Knights Lodge Warwick Castle Accommodation - Warwick Castle Reviews

The bijou lodge offers a double bed and separate bedroom with a bunkbed and pullout bed. Nova slept on the top and Kit, who has only just moved from a cot to a bed, slept on the bottom pull out bed. Travel cots are available on request. We had one at the bottom of the double bed, which still left enough space to walk around the room.

We had a private bathroom with hot shower, sink, loo, complimentary toiletries. We basically had everything we needed for a one night stay. As we visited in summer we made use of the decking area outside and grounds, effectively using that as our living room. Perhaps in winter it might be a bit cosy inside, but considering all the evening entertainment the lodge is just somewhere to sleep and more than fine for a night.

Warwick Castle Lodges
Warwick Castle Lodges

Warwick Castle Review

There is so much to do at Warwick Castle, all included in the price of your day ticket (which is free if you’re staying). We spent two days there and still didn’t see it all!

Things to See and Do at Warwick Castle

1. Princess Tower

Head inside one of the towers to help a princess solve a riddle. Hear her story and join in the fun.

We made a beeline for this as both our mini-explorers wanted to meet the princesses. Numbers are limited, so I’d recommend heading over to the tower to collect a (free) ticket. You’re given a time slot and I think we had to wait about an hour.

It’s an interactive session. No photos are allowed inside, so I want spoil it for you. Our 1-year old wasn’t really interested, but our 3-year old loved it.

The site says it only runs at weekends, but it was also running on the Monday when we visited in early July.

Warwick Castle Review

2. Explore the Other Turrets and Towers

Climb the stairs and walk the walls of a real castle. Head inside different turrets and enjoy views of the grounds.

You can do this at your own pace, though bear in mind once you enter the turret you’re committed as they’re mostly one way! Most of them are fairly dark and cramped.

Warwick Castle Reviews
Warwick Castle Review

It was mega hot when we visited. Our 1-year old needed carrying and had a few meltdowns. It was hardwork and I’d recommend using a baby carrier if you have one. On the other hand, our 3-year old loved it most of the time.

3. The Falconer’s Quest

This show far exceeded my expectations. Narrated and set to music, watch the medieval boat ‘sail’ to the stage and then follow the journey of a young guy who discovers some of the incredible birds at Warwick Castle.

Watch eagles, kestrels, owls and other winged animals swoop and soar inches above your head. I usually find bird shows quite boring, but this was captivating. Our two littles loved it!

Warwick Castle Falconers Quest

The show usually runs throughout the day and the benches fill up quite quickly. We went twice and both times had to sit on the grass.

4. Discover the Engine House and Mill

At the rear of the castle you’ll find the Engine House and Mill. You can find out how it all works.

We found this spot by chance – the kid’s were attracted by the sound of rushing water! We had to climb down loads of stairs to reach it and it was probably the most quiet part of the castle during our visit. We were the only ones!

Warwick Castle Reviews

5. Visit the Great Hall

Step inside the Great Hall to see knight outfits, guns, horses (lifesize model ones) and what the castle used to look like. From the Hall you can then explore various hallways and rooms that are set up with wax models. It’s like stepping back in time and some of them are eerily convincing.

I thought it was just one hall and we’d only be in there a few minutes, but each room seemed to lead to another and another.

Warwick Castle Reviews

6. King Maker

Find out what it’s like to walk into battle alongside a Medieval army. Find out about the weapons and what it would have taken to be a part of it all.

7. Gardens

Let the little ones run wild in the 64-acres of rolling landscaped gardens! Head inside the 1786 conservatory to admire the building and to grab a cheeky Costa or snack. No really, it’s such a pretty spot!

Warwick Castle Grounds
Warwick Castle Garden

You’ll also find roaming peacocks near here. My two loved watching them, though I’m not sure the peacocks were as keen on Kit and her high pitched squeals of excitement!

8. Horrible Histories Maze

This is the world’s first Horrible Histories adventure maze. Aimed at older children than my young ones, there are challenges and riddles to solve in order to escape the maze before things go wrong. Think of it as educational fun!

We were there for two days, but didn’t have enough time to do this. An excuse to go back, right?!

9. The Trebuchet Talk

Cross the bridge to the island to see the Trebuchet. Yep, I had no idea what it was until we watched the show. It’s basically a medieval machine that was used to fling things at enemies.

Apparently it’s been broken since February, but is due to be fixed soon. I thought this might mean the talk would be boring, but it still kept Nova’s attention, particularly when the experts went inside the ‘hamster wheels’ and set them in motion, and especially when the guy asked for suggestions on what to fling. The crowd offered elephant poo and fire bombs – the stuff of little boy dreams!

There are a few other things too, like the Warwick Castle dungeons, which we definitely didn’t explore!

Warwick Castle Reviews

Tips for Visiting Warwick Castle

1. Wear Flat Shoes

There are lots of hills, steps and uneven surfaces.

I didn’t really think my outfit through and wore my new DM platform sandals. They look great, but weren’t best suited to the narrow steps and tiny turrets!

DM Platform Sandals

2. Avoid Short Clothes

When you’re stuck in a tiny turret, looking up the stairs to see the queue you don’t really want to be greeted with someone’s underwear. Enough said, I think!

3. Take a Baby Carrier

If you have a really young one consider taking a baby carrier. There’s lots of walking, steps and hills.

We took our buggy and often had to leave it at the base of a turret only to find we came out at another side of the castle. This also meant that we had to carry a wriggly toddler, which is quite tricky on a narrow, steep staircase.

Little knight at Warwick Castle Review

4. Use a Raincover

If you do take a buggy, once parked, I’d suggest putting the raincover on or at least pulling the hood over to avoid it getting wet in a typically British shower or pooed on by the cheeky pigeons.

5. Grab a Princess Ticket First

I know I mentioned this earlier, but I’d definitely recommend heading straight to the Princess Tower to nab a (free) ticket. Entry is limited and you’ll receive a timed slot. If you leave it until the end of your visit you might miss out.

6. Take Change for Ice Cream

There’s an ice cream van (or at least there was during our visit) in the main castle courtyard so take some change with you.

Warwick Castle Review

7. Bring a Water Bottle

There are free filtered water taps on site, so you can fill up with ease.

8. Arrive Early For the Shows

If you’re adamant you want to be at the front or want a seat on one of the benches I’d recommend arriving 45 minutes early. We arrived 30 minutes before all the shows we watched and most of the seats were already gone.

Warwick Castle Reviews

9. Bring Entertainment

I grabbed one of the free colouring sheets from breakfast and had some crayons in my bag (mum life). These were super useful in keeping the kids entertained while we waited for the shows to begin.

10. Travel Light

There are loads of stairs, narrow walkways etc and you can’t take buggies into some parts, so this means you have to carry your things. I’d suggest travelling as light as you can.

11. Don’t Touch the Ducklings

You’ll see lots of ducks, sometimes with ducklings. They’re used to people and very friendly. However, don’t be tempted to touch them. We saw two separate sets of one mama duck and one duckling. Staff told us they had more, but the mama rejected them because they’d been handled by people.

12. Consider Getting a Costume

Consider buying or renting a knight or princess outfit for your little ones, or perhaps a crown or sword.

We saw a few knights running about, but not many princesses. In the gift shops you can buy wooden swords and other bits.

We brought Nova’s knight costume, complete with sword, shield, helmet and chainmail armour top from Amazon. FYI if you buy the same one the top and helmet are quite small – it says age 3 – 5, but I’d say more like 2- 4. We already had a Disney princess dress so Kit wore that for bit. Nova loved his so much that he wore it on both days!

Warwick Castle Accommodation

Staying in Warwick for longer? Consider visiting nearby St Nicholas Park.

Warwick Castle Opening Times

Typically 10am – 5pm, Monday – Sunday. You can check for up to date times here.

Warwick Castle Events

Warwick Castle has some amazing events, including the infamous Dragon Slayer show. Think fire, light projections and fireworks. It normally runs on selected summer evenings and you’ll need to buy an additional ticket.

I’m going next week and plan to share a review.

Warwick Castle Tickets

Warwick Castle tickets cost from £15.

Warwick Castle Parking

If you’re staying overnight parking is included in your stay and located next to the Knight’s Village. You’ll receive the details once you book.

For day visitors there are a few car parks ranging from £6 – £10 for the day.

Stables Car Park (CV34 4QU) is £10 per day and is the closest option.

Stratford Road Car Park (CV34 6AH) is £6 per day and is about a 5-10 minute walk to the entrance.

Stratford Road Car Park – Field (CV34 6AH) is £6 per day and is about a 15-20 minute walk to the entrance.

The address for Warwick Castle is Warwick Castle, Warwick, CV34 4QU, United Kingdom.


We loved our visit to the castle and especially loved our Warwick Castle stay in the lodge. The Knight’s Village has been done so well.

The castle itself was quite hardwork with Kit, our 1 year old, as she couldn’t climb the narrow stairs too well and got a bit spooked in the dark. I think she’d like it a bit more when she’s about 2.5/3 years old. However, Nova, who is 3.5 years old, adored it and had the time of his life.

Overall, it was a really top family weekend and we made so many happy memories. Definitely one to add to your list.

Have you been? Any tips to add? Got a question, let me know and I’ll do my best to answer!

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Warwick Castle Stay

My stay was gifted by Warwick Castle.

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