Vlogmas 2016 Round-Up

Vlogmas 2016, Taylor Hearts Travel

Vlogmas 2016 is going so quickly and I can’t believe how many vlogs I’ve made in such a short space of time. So far I’ve published a vlog for every day of December. I’m just as shocked as you probably are!

If you haven’t subscribed to my Taylor Hearts Travel YouTube channel you probably haven’t heard about the exciting family travel product I’m launching and you won’t have seen the wreath making class I went to, the epic s’mores brownie I devoured or the festive décor in my house. You can subscribe here (I’m so close to my first milestone), but if you still need some persuasion here’s a little round-up of some of my fave Vlogmas vlogs so far…

My secret…

Love my girls <3

Love my boys <3

Love this place <3

As you can tell, my channel centres mostly on the behind the scenes of my family travel life. I’ll still be sharing my travels on the channel, but for the rest of this month it’s all about Vlogmas. Christmas is so close!

My main goal of taking part in Vlogmas is to brush up on my editing skills. Basically, to speed up the process and to make it less painful. I usually record lots of videos when I’m travelling and then they just stay in a folder because I think I haven’t got enough time to edit them.

We’re just over half way through and I’m already super pleased with how my speed has improved. Though what I’ve gained in editing time, I’ve probably lost in watching time. I’ve fallen down the YouTube black hole all too often as I’ve also discovered lots of lovely vloggers. Some are travel vloggers, but a lot of the time I’m just getting sucked into their everyday life – the ‘normal’ stuff if you like.

What I wasn’t expecting really, was that I’d treasure some of the vlogs so much. Although I don’t show Nova’s face in the videos, the little gestures, squeals and first steps really make me all kinds of happy.

Vlogmas 2016, Taylor Hearts Travel

As I’m sure you are, I always feel like I’m so busy and that there’s never enough time to do everything and see everyone I want to. I always feel like there needs to be another day in the week or another few hours in the day.

The run up to Christmas is notoriously bad for it and so it makes the times I have managed to catch up with friends or to do something special even more previous. I love that I have a keepsake of those times. As much as I could have made those videos and just kept them for myself, rather than publishing them for the whole world to see (or let’s face it, the 80 or so subscribers that I have!) we probably both know that I wouldn’t have got round to making them. The structure and fun of Vlogmas has ‘made’ me do it.

Obviously I’ve neglected this blog a little this month as I’ve been totally centred on vlogging and publishing once a day. It’s been a crazy, fun obsession and I hope some of you (likely Jay and my family!) have been enjoying them enough to forgive my lack of presence on here. Some of the comments on my vlogs have truthfully made my day, so if that’s you, thank you.

I know you’ll all be busy having loads of fun over Christmas, so I’ll see you in the New Year with lots of exciting content and adventures.X

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  • Shikha (whywasteannualleave) 2 years ago Reply

    Such a lovey idea making all these vlogs to capture all those precious memories Char and all the better if it means that you’ve managed to get a lot quicker and more confident with doing vlog editing. I’m not sure as yet that I feel anywhere near confident enough to put my face on camera and chat away but maybe in time as it looks fun to do :) Happy New Year to all three of you!

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