The Cost of Our Family Trip to Valencia

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My family of four (two adults and two children (age 3 and 1) recently went on holiday to Valencia. We spent five days in this Spanish city and you guys said you’d like to know how much we spent. Maybe you’re nosy or maybe you want to budget for your own trip – either way I don’t mind sharing all!

I’ve broken it down to include costs for our cheap flights, where we stayed in Valencia, food and activities. I don’t really budget when I go away or meticulously write down how much I spend, so I might have forgotten the odd drink or bit of food, but you’ll get the rough idea of what it cost us.

My mentality is if we’re going somewhere we may as well enjoy it and do all the things we want to – I always assume I might not get to return somewhere so I don’t want to miss out. That said, I don’t drink Champagne every night and we don’t fritter money away for the sake of it. Maybe one day we will ;)

How Much Did Our Valencia Holiday Cost?

Our five day trip cost us around £1,144 broken down as follows:

Things to do in Valencia


Nova is obsessed with animals. He can name numerous species of monkeys, can tell the difference between a walrus and a beluga whale and can probably name what every animal eats. I’ve spoken about my dislike for zoos, but after a bit of research we felt comfortable with visiting BIOPARC.

BIOPARC in Valencia

It’s home to gorillas, hippos, giraffes, chimps, rhinos and loads more animals, all set in an ‘immersive’ concept. We were so impressed. From the entry point you’d never guess it was there. After walking over a bridge and down into a dip walkways lead to various enclosures, though I use that term loosely. There are no cages really and you can get really close to the animals.

Kids under 4 go free and you can easily spend the whole day here. We brought our tickets on the day, arriving when it opened but it took aaaaaages despite being second in the queue so I’d recommend buying them in advance online so that you can enter via the fast-track lane.

BIOPARC in Valencia

Address: Av. Pío Baroja, 3, 46015 València

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Cycle Hire via BikeMe: £15

I can’t recommend this activity enough. Valencia is really flat, so it’s super easy to cycle about. There’s a gorgeous park that runs alongside/through the city, past famous landmarks and fun playgrounds, down to the beach. It has cycle lanes and loads of spots where you can stop for a picnic. Our two absolutely loved it (and so did we!).

Bike hire for kids in Valencia

You’ll find loads and loads of bike shops, but we found the child bike/trailer/seat facilities really varied in terms of quality and price. The stock of trailers and seats for toddlers and babies was also quite limited at most places, so if your itinerary is tight either book ahead or get there early. We did the latter, arriving when it opened, and nabbed the only one of the front seat bikes. Whilst we were signing the paperwork people were trying to hire it.

Bike hire for kids in Valencia

This is such a good, cheap activity. I definitely recommend it. We had to put down a big deposit, but we got it all back as soon as we returned the bikes.

Address: BikeMe, Calle Caballeros 41 Bajo 46001, Valencia

Mercado Central: £2

It cost us nothing to visit this beautiful famous market. The front entrance is busy, but the side entrance is easy to enter with a buggy. We only spent a few quid on sugary treats here and it gave us about an hour’s worth of entertainment.

Taylor Hearts Travel in central market in Valencia

Address: Plaça de la Ciutat de Bruges, s/n, 46001 València

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Sightseeing: £0

We mooched about in plazas, walked the little lanes admiring the local street art and stopped every now and then so the little ones could put the playgrounds through their paces. We also went to Parque Gulliver, which is a park based on a fallen giant. I thought my two would love it, but they were more interested in playing with the stones. Thankfully entry is free!

Oceanografic: £55

This is a little dorky to admit but I have a massive shark phobia. It’s so bad I can’t even really look at pictures of them, let alone videos. Similar to my opinions on zoos, I don’t like animals in captivity. Anyway, I reluctantly went here because Nova loves animals, I wanted to see if I still feel the same about aquariums and it was raining heavily all day.

Oceanografic, Aquarium, Visit Valencia, Valencia Holidays - Taylor Hearts Travel (80)

It’s said to be one of the largest aquariums in Europe, but this was a really pricey day out. Whilst I managed to brave the shark tunnel – “C’mon mummy. If you get scared I will hold your hand and make you brave” – I really didn’t like it and still feel the same about aquariums. This was cemented when we stumbled into a dolphin show, where they performed a choreographed show. We left midway as I tried to contain the tears and had to explain to Nova that it’s not really very kind to ride animals.

Anyway, if unlike me, you like aquariums maybe spend a few hours here. Kids under 4 are free.

Address: Ciutat de les Arts i de les Ciències, Carrer d’Eduardo Primo Yúfera, 1B, 46013 Valencia

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Travel to Visit Valencia

Cheap flights to Valencia via easyJet: £240

This is the price I paid for 2 adults, 1 child (3 years old so own seat) and 1 infant (18 months old) and 1 checked in suitcase.

I booked the cheap flights to Valencia (from the UK) in September, so six months ahead of our trip. I didn’t check the price once I’d brought them, so I’m not sure if they went up or down.

We booked direct return flights from London Luton to Valencia as it’s our closest airport.

Flying with a toddler from London to Valencia

Airport parking: £68

We booked onsite parking through Holiday Extras as per usual. We always go for the closest car park and in this case it was the onsite multistory. We could save money by parking further away, but as I’ve said before, we’re happy to pay a bit extra for convenience. Walking two minutes into the departures area definitely beats trying to lug two children and a million bags on a cramped transfer bus!

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Car hire: £0

We didn’t hire a car because the airport was only a 20-minute taxi from our apartment. It’s quite easy to walk about in the city – the furthest we walked was around 40 minutes to BIOPARC and it was quite an easy, nice walk even with a double stroller.

Taxi Transfer: £22 each way

On the way there we just rocked up at the taxi rank. There were loads of ‘official’ taxis, no queues and they had decent car seats. The first taxi guy refused us because he only had one car seat, but we just went to the next taxi who had two so it was no big deal.

As we needed to travel back at 8am on a weekday we didn’t know what rush hour would be like or if we’d be able to flag a taxi down with a car seat so we just booked our transfer through a week or so before the trip. It was the same price as the first taxi, arrived promptly and the service was good. Would definitely use that option again for ease.

Valencia with kids

Valencia Accommodation

Apartment (Splendid House) via £449 for 5 nights

This was a real steal. The apartment is as lovely as it looks, big and in a great location. Be warned though, the single pane windows mean that you hear the whole city from about 10pm until 2am when they seem to come alive!

If you have earplugs or plan to be out at that time go for it (everything else was faultless). If you’d rather stay in a hotel this place looks pretty stylish, but affordable, perhaps one of the best hotels in Valencia.

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Valencia Food and Drink

Dinner at Aloha: £27

OMG if I could eat here every night I would! It’s a really small vegan joint, but before you switch off, even my carnivorous husband scored it 10/10. It helped that the branch we used was only 5 minutes from our apartment. Aloha is essentially just a hole in a wall, at least the branch was that we used.

We feasted on a few of the burgers and their delicious hybrid wedge-fries, some ‘nuggets’ and a few beers. 100% recommended. Bring me one back please?!

Address: Carrer dels Cavallers, 45, 46001 València,

Lunch at San Tommaso: £25

This little joint has a beautiful and very Instagrammable front, but I didn’t get a snap because we were hangry! It was full when we turned up but they led us to a little alley at the back where they had a few tables and it suited us fine with the stroller and hungry munchers.

We ordered two big pizzas, two juices and two beers between us all.

Address: Carrer de la Corretgeria, 37, 46001 València

Valencia holidays include gelato from Veneta

Brunch at Brunch Corner: £29

I would definitely recommend this place – it’s better than the pics look on the site.

It’s teeny tiny and the service is a little slow, but it’s cute and the food is SO good. Nova and Jay shared a bacon pancake stack and struggled to finish it, which never happens. I had avo on toast with poached eggs and Kit had some fruit with yoghurt. We also had coffees and juices, so yeah, whilst it wasn’t cheap we really liked it.

Address: Brunch Corner, Plaça de Sant Bult, 3, 46003 València

Lunch at Pinsa Di Roma: £24

The staff were really friendly here, Kit sat in a highchair and the food was good. We had two artisan beers, a juice and three pizzas between us. There were a few veggie options so I was happy.

Address: Carrer de Ribera, 10, 46002 València

Lunch and snacks at BIOPARC: £50

So you’re not allowed to take your own food into BIOPARC, which means you have to splash the cash in one of their cafes/restaurants. We were initially annoyed, but actually the settings are amazing, so it was totally worth it.

Lunch at BIOPARC in Valencia Spain

We had front row seats watching giraffes, rhinos, ostriches and who knows what else whilst we tucked into pasta dishes for lunch and pringles and ah-may-zing gooey chocolate muffins for snacks.

Address: Av. Pío Baroja, 3, 46015 València

Lunch at Oceanografic: £59

This was a surprisingly good meal. We were starving so Nova had a ‘kid’s cabin meal’ which meant he got a bit of spaghetti, a bit of chicken and something else (I can’t remember what), but it was a big ol’ plate of food! I had a vegetarian lasagne which was really tasty. We also had drinks and shared two deserts between the four of us.

Address: Ciutat de les Arts i de les Ciències, Carrer d’Eduardo Primo Yúfera, 1B, 46013 Valencia

Food via supermarket: £18

We picked up some basics to make a few meals at home; pasta and garlic bread one night, milk for Kit, breakfast bits and that.

Dinner (take out) at TGB: £19

We were struggling to find a take out at 5pm (everyone eats much later), but we found this spot which was a 10min walk from our apartment. The veggie burger was really good (not as good as Aloha though), but the nachos were the star of the show.

We had nachos, two burgers, chicken strip things, fries all round and some soft drinks for Jay and I.

Address: Plaza Del Mercado, 19 Valencia

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Visit Valencia

You can read how we got on in Valencia with kids (a 1 year old and 3 year old) in this post. I’ll share my guide to Valencia shortly, but any questions feel free to get in touch.

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  • Thanks for sharing! I always find it really interesting to see what other families spend on holidays and what’s worth splashing out on etc. Quick question, when you said about the taxis having car seats, do you mean children’s ones so you didn’t have to take your own? If so, is that a common thing in cities do you know?

    Taylor Hearts Travel 2 years ago Reply

    Me too! I love a good nosy!

    Yep, exactly that. They had them in the boot and then whipped them out and fixed the seats straight in the taxi for us. Apparently the police are really hot with checking taxis are using them on the airport run, but not so much elsewhere. The car seats were probably the nicest ones I’ve seen for a taxi or hire car. I’m not sure if it’s a common thing in other cities tbh. Most of the other places we’ve been to we’ve hired a car and taken our own seats (due to getting stung on one trip where my sis-in-law had pre-booked one and when we got there they tried to tell us they didn’t have any left and to just sit him on our laps :/ We also hired one on another trip and I swear it was from the 80s!)

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