Make Them Smile: Valentine’s Day Gift Inspiration

Valentine’s Day will soon be here, so if you’re in need of some gift inspiration I’ve got a perfect, somewhat eclectic selection to help you out.

Jay and I have been together nearly eight years and throughout that time we’ve had some pretty amazing Valentine’s Days and some that we’ve kinda let pass us by. The longer you’re with someone the harder it can be to think of an original gift. At our age we are lucky enough to have most things we want. If there’s something we need we can usually afford to just go and buy it.

That’s what makes Valentine’s Day so lovely for me. We’re now at the stage where we have to think a bit more creatively, to be a bit more thoughtful. And for someone that loves travel so much, it can be hard to come up with something material. A romantic getaway is always going to win my vote, but that’s not always possible and dare I say it, perhaps a little cliché.

Jay recently had a major operation so we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day a little earlier than the traditional 14th February. With no chance to hit the shops we turned online to one of our favourite stores, John Lewis.

We were challenged to spend £100 on each other. I say challenged, but it was really enjoyable!

Gifts for Her

Jay did really well – I was so impressed with his choices! I lost one of my pearl wedding earrings down the shower (sob!). I never took them out and loved them so much. Jay surprised me with a pair of rose gold and onyx stud earrings.

Skagen, Rose gold and onyx earrings

They’re by a Danish brand called Skagen, so I love the subtle nod to our trip to Copenhagen a few years ago. They say ‘Quality and a sense of purpose are the hallmarks of modern Danish design and these characteristics define Skagen.’

Jewellery is a pretty common Valentine’s Day present, but when it’s done thoughtfully and personally it’s a really lovely gesture. I absolutely adore my new earrings.

Skagen, Rose gold and onyx earrings

Jay also split my gifts into two, so I received a super cool North Face backpack. It’s really lightweight and practical, but edgy too. I can’t wait to use it on our upcoming adventures, but because I love it so much I think I might use it as my change bag too. What can I say? I’m a travel-loving mama through and through!

North Face backpack

Gifts for Him

I decided to mix a bit of fun with a bit of sensible. Jay’s on bedrest for the next six weeks and as much as I dislike gaming he loves it, so I treated him to a Logitech G230 stereo gaming headset. It basically means that he can rest on the sofa while racing cars and I don’t have to listen to any of the noise. In all seriousness, I knew he’d love this gadget.

Logitech Gaming headset

For the second part of his gift, I got him a super duper wok. He’s the cook in our house and has been banging on about finding the perfect wok for so long. We’ve needed one for ages but he hasn’t found one that passes his strict criteria.

This eaziglide toughened aluminium wok is said to be seven times stronger than other non-stick pans. It’s lightweight and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It also happens to look like the ones we saw the Balinese chefs using on our honeymoon so I knew it’d get his vote.

eaziglide wok

I just need him to make a speedy recovery so he can put it in action!

Valentine’s Day

I kinda like that we’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day a little earlier and that we made it into a little game. I love how we both went for a fusion of sensible and fun presents. We might be opposites, but great minds obviously think alike.

We’ll still celebrate on 14th February with a nice dinner (cooked by someone else, of course!) and perhaps a movie. Thinking about it though, we do that quite often, so perhaps Valentine’s Day never really leaves the Taylor household.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What do you think to our gifts? X

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