Trtl Pillow: The New BF for Travellers?

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The Trtl Pillow is said to be the travellers new BF. A revolution, this innovative and must-have travel accessory is titled as being the next generation of travel pillows and costs an affordable £24.95. It’s described by the creators as your essential napparatus (geddit?!) for sleeping comfortably anytime, anywhere. The Trtl certainly has a lot of hype around it, but does it actually live up to the bold claims?

trtl, Turtle, TRTL, Review, Travel Pillow, Travel scarf, black trtl, 2014, review, travel blog

The Test

Pronounced ‘turtle’, the Trtl was put through its paces on my latest adventure. The original plan was for it to be tried and tested on a 3am car journey to London Stansted, followed by a plane ride to Bergerac in south-west France. However, a slight mix up by my chosen airline meant that it got an even thorough testing. After arriving at Stansted at 5am I had to return home and then do it all over again the next day. I definitely feel qualified to give the Trtl a review, but just to be on the safe side it was also passed around on the plane.

Keeping Up Appearances

For such amazing promises the Trtl looks fairly unassuming. A small, fleecy bundle no bigger than an A5 envelope it looks like a little hand warmer. However, looks can be deceiving and that’s especially true in this instance. Available in four different colours, you can choose from black and grey, grey and lime, cherry red and grey, or pink and beige. I opted for the classic black so that it would coordinate with more of my outfits.

It’s pretty small so you can easily pack it in your bag or suitcase. However, if like me you avoid checking-in bags and simply use a carry-on bag, your luggage space will be precious. Unfold the Trtl and wrap it around your bag strap, securing it using the Velcro tab. This way you can easily access it without having to hold everyone up while you try to prize it out of your squished belongings. It also means you don’t have to compromise any of your packing space. Double win.

trtl, Turtle, TRTL, Review, Travel Pillow, Travel scarf, black trtl, 2014, review, travel blog

Doing Its Job

You don’t need to blow this travel ‘pillow’ up. The Trtl unravels to become what appears to be your typical scarf. Placing the support at the side of your jaw (it comes with labels in case you’re unsure which bit goes where), you simply wrap it around your neck until the Velcro tab sticks to the base. The ingenious fleece covered plastic support holds your neck upright.

If you’re thinking that sounds pretty dull, let me spell it out for you. The ‘scarf’ holds your neck and head up so that you can snooze whilst sitting up. You can choose to hide your mouth with the scarf. This means that you can drift off without the fear of ‘open mouth drool syndrome’. For little delicate souls, you can even pull the scarf up to cover your eyes.

As someone who has the complete inability to sleep anywhere even if it’s well overdue, the Trtl is a welcomed friend. Whether your need for a bit of help is through an abnormally heavy head, weak neck or general aversion to public sleeping, the one size fits all Trtl is there for you.

trtl, Turtle, TRTL, Review, Travel Pillow, Travel scarf, black trtl, 2014, review, travel blog

Room for Improvement

Wearing the Trtl is easy and comfortable. It allows you to drift off into a light sleep. However, it would be great if the next model (if there is one) could include additional fleecy padding on the bottom and top of the plastic supports. Although they’re covered up, when you really start to drift off the weight of your head causes them to dig into your collarbone if you’re wearing a thin top. It’s nothing that a cardi or jumper can’t fix – I simply had to put on an extra layer. If it’s the choice of getting some extra Z’s or not, I’d definitely put up with this point. To be honest, I struggled to find fault with it.

trtl, Turtle, TRTL, Review, Travel Pillow, Travel scarf, black trtl, 2014, review, travel blog

The Verdict

Having been tested on a few trips, including by other curious passengers on my recent flight to France, the verdict was that the Trtl is definitely the way forward. Nick from The Apprentice was on my return flight, but unfortunately he didn’t give it a try. I wonder if he would have recommended it to Lord Sugar?! Regardless of his opinion, I think it’s fair to say that the outdated and frankly unhelpful inflatable travel pillow will soon be forgotten. You can find out more about the Trtl and buy yours here.

Have you tried the Trtl? Is it on your wish list?

Big thanks to Trtl for providing this travel accessory for the purpose of this review.

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  • […] If you’d rather buy a practical present, the trtl could be the answer. It’s a innovative travel pillow that’s unlike the rest on the market. Worn as a scarf, it has hidden plastic supports that allow you to nod off with ease in an upright position. It rolls up so that you can easily pack it in your bag or velcro it onto your bag strap. I got mine a while ago and have been using it ever since, including this weekend’s trip to Paris. At just £24.95, what could be better than the gift of sleep?! Find out more and read my review of the trtl here. […]

  • Jaklien 6 years ago Reply

    Great find. It looks better than those inflatable pillows around your neck.

    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    Agreed! I don’t really get on with those inflatable pillows, so the trtl is much better.

  • Lauren 6 years ago Reply

    It definitely wins for the compact nature of it! I would rather carry this around with me than a bulky travel pillow – plus, it looks stylish enough that it could even be worn as a normal scarf/cowl!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    Totally agreed. The fleecy material makes it perfect for a snuggle too. Win – win!

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