How to Tour the Troodos Mountains

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The beautiful Troodos Mountains are in Cyprus. Known as the green heart of the island, they offer a chance to explore little villages, hidden waterfalls and leafy walkways, whilst enjoying impressive views. They’re the perfect contrast to the sandy beaches that are more commonly known in Cyprus.

There are lots of Troodos Mountains tours on offer. There are different pick-up spots, as well as different tour methods – jeep, bike, walk etc – so how do you decide which to go for? Due to the size of the island the Troodos Mountains are really accessible from most spots and make for the perfect adventure. So really it comes down to where you are, how much time you have and your preference for thrills or chills.

Troodos Mountains Tour

Troodos Mountains Tour in Cyprus
Troodos Mountains Tour in Cyprus

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How Long Should I Spend in the Troodos Mountains?

This first depends on the distance you are from them. You could enjoy a lot of them in just half a day – either cycling or walking. However, I’d highly recommend a full day and ideally one night. That way you can explore the area, enjoy lunch and dinner in the small villages too. I recommend a night too because my stay at Casale Panayiotis was so lovely.

Getting to the Troodos Mountains

How far are the Troodos Mountains from Paphos?

It’s around a 1.5 hour drive from Paphos to the Troodos Mountains. The distance between Paphos and Troodos Mountains is 42 km. The road distance is 69.3 km.

How far are the Troodos Mountains from Limassol?

It’s a 50-minute drive from Limassol to the Troodos Mountains. The distance between Limassol and Troodos Mountains is 32 km. The road distance is 45.4 km.

How far are the Troodos Mountains from Nicosia?

It’s a near 2 hour drive from Nicosia to the Troodos Mountains.

How high are the Troodos Mountains?

At 6,500 feet above sea level, the tip of Troodos gives amazing 360o views of the whole island.

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Driving in the Troodos Mountains

The density of the trees thickens and the deep green of the landscape intensifies with each twist and turn of the winding roads. Higher and higher you climb, until all you can see are the tops of the trees. Before you know it the car slows as you negotiate the corners down into the pretty villages.

Troodos Mountains - Green Heart of Cyrprus
Troodos Mountains in Cyprus

Trekking in the Troodos Mountains

Hiking in Platres (“Myllomeris” nature trail) is somewhat of an overstatement. At just 1.5km it’s an easy walk if you’re relatively fit. At this time of the year it follows autumnal gravel tracks, a secluded wobbly bridge, and rocky hills.

Troodos Mountains Treks
Troodos Mountains Treks

Troodos Mountains Waterfalls

The walk finishes with a hidden waterfall. Fellow trekkers lay in the pockets of ancient trees, choosing to curl up in their roots or to hang from the lower branches. Others jump at the chance to strip and head straight into the cool waters for a refreshing dip.

The temperatures in Cyprus usually linger in the thirties, but the waterfall is protected by the enormous trees so it’s well shaded. The water is obviously fresh from the mountains, with fresh being the appropriate word.

Troodos Mountains Waterfalls
Troodos Mountains Waterfalls
Troodos Mountains Waterfalls

Cycling in the Troodos Mountains

If you favour two wheels rather than two feet opt for a bike tour or create your own bike tour using these Troodos cycling routes.

Cycle on pine clad trails through the green heart of Cyprus. Stop at charming villages where locals set up stalls selling jars of their homemade preserves and bottles of the sweetest rose water.

Troodos Mountains Bike Tour in Cyprus
Troodos Mountains Tour in Cyprus
Troodos Mountains Tour in Cyprus

They’ll try to tempt you with local fruits, whilst school children wave as you pass (or laugh at your attempt to cycle up the big hills).

Map of the Troodos Mountains

Want to figure it out yourself? You can find maps here.

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