Travelling with a Toddler and a Bump

I’ve been asked so many times if I have any tips for travelling whilst pregnant (yes, is the answer!). Now that I’m pregnant with my second mini-explorer I’ve been asked for tips for travelling whilst pregnant and with a toddler in tow.

This time round we have travelled to:

❤ Cers (the south of France) when I was 28 weeks pregnant and my little boy was 19-months old

❤ Paris when I was four or five weeks pregnant (I had no idea!) and my little boy was 13-months old

❤ Cheltenham (UK) when I was 20 weeks pregnant and my little one was 17-months old

❤ Norfolk (UK) when I was 32 weeks pregnant and Nova was 20-months old

We were also due to travel to Italy and Scotland, but had to cancel due to my husband having a serious operation on his neck. My point being that a bump and a toddler didn’t put me off travelling.

Tips for Travelling with a Toddler and a Bump

Pregnancy is different for so many people and in fact I’m finding my own two pregnancies have been different. Tiredness is such a common symptom of being pregnant. I had so many naps the first time round. This time round I’m still tired, but with a toddler to look after there’s no space in the day for me to kip (especially as Nova doesn’t like to nap in the day).

What I’m trying to say is that I hope my suggestions help, but please listen to your own body and the advice of your midwife. If you want to keep travelling it can be possible (and fun!)

Aside from the usual travel light tips, these are my suggestions…

Travel With Others

This is my number one suggestion. Whether it’s your partner, your extended family, a close friend – bring someone, or better yet some people, with you. The more hands on deck, the less you’ll have to do.

Even if they don’t know how to change a nappy, they can hold your little one or provide entertainment for a bit and that’s a chance for you to switch off.

In Paris I felt awful. I had no idea it was because I was pregnant. Nova was also poorly and so I really relied on my husband to be his usual hands-on dad self. We travelled with my sister, brother-in-law and their little boy in Cers (south of France). It was great because the little ones entertained each other (most of the time!) and we could split things like cooking dinners.

kate and toms, Montpellier Town House, Montpellier Terrace, Cheltenham, Review, Family Travel Cheltenham

I’m not great at asking or accepting help to be honest. I’m quite independent and private, but this is one of those times where a helping hand really does go a long way.

Slow Your Pace

My toddler and I are currently opposites. I’m waddling and get out of breath at the drop of a hat. He is running at full pelt at any opportunity. For this reason I’d suggest visiting places that are enclosed to minimise any potential runaway moments; fenced off parks, indoor play areas, outdoor courtyards. That way you don’t have to stop them running down the street every two seconds.

I’d also suggest keeping your daily activities to a minimum. As much as it’s tempting to organise a full day in a bid to wear them out, you’ll probably end up more tired than them and let’s face it, toddlers work on their own agendas so you also risk turning up late or missing pre-booked things.

kate and toms, Montpellier Town House, Montpellier Terrace, Cheltenham, Review, Family Travel Cheltenham

Come Prepared

As much as they say each pregnancy is different, my midwife always says that no two days are the same during pregnancy.

In Norfolk we had a list of things we’d like to see and do and then took each day as it came, depending on my mood, Nova’s temperament and the weather.

kate and toms, Montpellier Town House, Montpellier Terrace, Cheltenham, Review, Family Travel Cheltenham

Research Your Accommodation

I’d suggest booking an apartment if you’re heavily pregnant, so that you don’t have to endure the stairs. In Norfolk our cottage was spread over three floors and the stairs were those narrow, steep ones. I found myself camping on the middle floor and sending Jay up/down to get things to save my weary limbs.

In Cers we had our own swimming pool, which was fab, but it didn’t have a child safety fence around it so we found that we often had to keep the patio doors shut if we were indoors. Nova was just a little too young to understand the dangers. I could have done without the stress of reasoning with him on that one to be honest.

kate and toms, Montpellier Town House, Montpellier Terrace, Cheltenham, Review, Family Travel Cheltenham

Easy Dinners

I don’t know what’s worse – a hungry pregnant woman or a ravenous toddler. In Paris we had the choice of a hotel that didn’t offer room service and one that did. We went for the cheaper option and then regretted not being able to dine in the room whilst Nova was asleep.

In Cers and in Norfolk we found that restaurants only opened at certain times in the day, so often found ourselves manically trying to find somewhere to eat. I’d suggest researching a few places before your trip, bringing snacks and worse case, utilising a local take away.

Have you travelled while pregnant and with a toddler? What tips would you add? X

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