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Since getting pregnant practically everyone has asked how having a baby will impact my travels. I guess it’s a valid question considering that I love travel so much and have my own travel blog.

What’s surprising is the number of people who don’t ask that question and simply tell me that having this baby is going to be the end of my travels. Apparently I have no say in the matter and some of them even enjoy telling other people in the room that I categorically won’t ever go on an adventure again. Fact.

Well, all I can say is how wrong are they?!

It happened again today during a meeting and I’m not sure if it’s my hormones or just my strong desire to have my say, but either way my fingers are showing no signs of slowing down on this keyboard.

My bump has already travelled overseas to The Netherlands, Nice, Cannes, Orlando, Gozo and Barcelona. Yes that’s despite being told (mainly by those same people) that I couldn’t possibly travel while pregnant.

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Guess what guys? It’s 2015 and pregnant women travel even more than I have, so how’s that for a revelation? Just look at Monica from The Travel Hack – she travelled loads while pregnant. As did Nellie from Wild Junket.

Life After Bump

Anyway, in direct response to the people who keep telling me ‘it’ll change once baby is here’, ‘you won’t want to leave the house, let alone the country’ or the kinder ‘you won’t be able to hack it’, let me have a go and stopping telling me how I’m going to feel. Stop laughing at me when I say I’ll still travel.

In fact, today I have booked baby’s first adventure. He hasn’t entered the world yet, but Baby Taylor will certainly be seeing what the world has to offer, whether that’s when he’s two weeks old or twelve years old.

Annual Leave Entitlement, Annual Leave, Travel Tips, Passport, Taylorheartstravel, Taylor Hearts Travel, Travel Blog

We’re taking our little one to The Netherlands (to Den Bosch) when he will be two or so months old. Yes, it’s not mega faraway and we’re just going for the weekend, but it’s still an adventure and a chance to explore.

Now don’t get me wrong. I know it’s going to be a completely different trip to the ones I’m used to. Since booking it I’ve began to think about all the kit I’m going to need, how embarrassed I’m going to feel if I can’t get baby to settle on the plane, how much more time I’m going to need to factor in at the airport (any tips for any of the above and more most welcomed)….the list goes on.

But do you know what? I don’t care. It’s a new challenge; a new adventure. I’ll be learning new things and seeing the world with fresh, new eyes. I’ll be doing one of my favourite things in the world with my favourite people and that makes me feel incredibly happy.

Oh and to all those delightfully positive people, I’m also researching baby’s first long haul trip so go sit on that one for a moment.

And breathe…

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  • Jade D'sa 4 years ago Reply

    I look forward to reading more about Baby Taylor’s adventures!

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  • Kirsten 6 years ago Reply

    Well said!! I think it’s awesome you’re still planning travel with bump and baby! I have no kids but I’ve always wondered why people don’t just go out there and do it if that’s what they normally do! I mean, I get it, but everyone lives how they like and shouldn’t be judged for that, right?

    I was the last born and by that time my parents just traipsed me around everywhere with them and my siblings. They even took me on a skiing holiday before I could even walk properly! It’s all doable and it makes me happy you, Monica and others are showing people how travelling doesn’t need to stop with little ones :)

    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    Thanks! It’s reassuring to hear that you’re on the same wavelength and I really appreciate your support. It’s spurring me on even more so :)

    Your childhood sounds awesome! Skiing before you walked? You must be a pro now then, surely?!

  • Catherine 6 years ago Reply

    I don’t understand how people can be so close-minded!? My parents took me to Brussels and Bruge when I was just 8 weeks old, and that was in the early nineties! I love the fact they travelled regularly with me from a young age, you just have to adapt how you travel!

    C x | Lux Life

    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    You’re parents sound very cool! I’d love to follow in their footsteps and then some! x

  • […] of hearing people tell me that my travelling life was over so felt the need to respond with this Thanks, but No Thanks post. I really appreciate all of your supportive comments. It’s good to know that you’re on the […]

  • Bee 6 years ago Reply

    Well done you for saying “SCREW YOU ILL DO WHATEVER I DAMN LIKE” – I have some in laws who would probably say the same if I ever have a baby with my husband. Life doesn’t have to stop when you are with child! Good luck on your adventure (travel & as a mummy!)
    Bee |

    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    Thanks! Maybe I should add that line?!

    Yeah perhaps it’s a generation thing. Either way, bring on the new adventures! :)

  • Good for you, I’ve noticed that as long as the parents are relaxed, the baby tends to be relaxed. My friends in France have always taken their children on their travels and they adapted really well to it

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    That’s the approach I’m going for too. Thanks for your support x

  • Lucy 6 years ago Reply

    Good for you for venting this. I don’t yet have children but I don’t think it’ll be long and the thought of not being able to travel anymore frankly terrifies me! I’ve heard all of these negative things being said but at the same time, I’m meeting and reading about more and more mums who just embrace a new kind of travel. I say keep going and how amazing to share your passion with your baby! Good luck x

    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    Thank you so much. I agree – the thought of not travelling is a grim one! I really hope my travels as a mama continue to reassure you and I have no doubts that you’ll be able to do it too. Bring on the next chapter – I think it’s going to be an exciting learning curve! :) xx

  • Hannah 6 years ago Reply

    How frustrating that people think they know best! If it’s the way you want it, you’ll have many exciting adventures and create some wonderful memories. Travel, no matter how near or far, widens the mind for people of any age. You’re providing such an opportunity for the little one, so I really respect that! X

    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    I guess it happens in lots of different aspects of people’s lives and sometimes it’s just people trying to be helpful, but in this case it’s just mean!

    Thanks so much for your support. You’re right. The impact of travel is so powerful. I guess that’s why we all love it so much, eh?! x

  • Kirsty 6 years ago Reply

    Cant wait to be your test run trip!! Bring it on! I think its All About The attitude of The parents So you Will be fine!!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    We can’t wait either! Scrunch is kicking now so I think he’s trying to tell you how excited he is! Going to be such a fun trip! x

  • Char, my parents travelled with us – a toddler and a 2week old baby from England to the Middle East where they lived at the time with no support other than each other and before the age of 4, I’d been on about 5 long haul flights mostly out of necessity – I even have memories of how great one of those trips was and however hard it must have been, they survived, we survived and I don’t think they ever even thought of it as much of an achievement. It’s great that we’re mostly more forward thinking in this generation but actually, pregnant women and new mums with a determination to fly and not feel held back have been proving it for decades ☺

    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    Wow, no wonder you love travelling so much! Your parents sound amazing and clearly rocked at family travel! If blogging existed back then (and they’d been interested in it) I’m sure they would have been some of the best out there. Definitely motivation and inspiration to go with my gut instincts to travel with the little one. That’s why slings were invented, right? Pop him in and carry on!

  • Monica 6 years ago Reply

    It drove me insane when people told me I wouldn’t want to travel once George was born. It’s true that I’m much happier staying put and I prefer to travel slowly but it hasn’t stopped me!
    A lot of people assume you change as a person once you’ve had a baby but that wasn’t true for me at all. I’m still the same person, I just have a baby!
    Looking forward to hearing about your trip to the Netherlands. They seem really family orientated over there so it looks like a good place for your first trip.
    I hope you enjoy your last few weeks with your bump! xxx

    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    I envisage being the same. I imagine it would be quite hard to keep the pace I’m used to travelling at – it tires me out sometimes, let alone a little one!

    This rings so true. Jay and I have said it’s important to still be us and not just mama and daddy. Jay will still tour with his music and I/we will still travel – it all adds to little one’s upbringing. Well, that’s the plan anyway! I think we’re definitely on the same page, so I’ll follow in your footsteps (and no doubt come to you for tips and advice!).

    We’re visiting a friend who has moved there and having a bit of a reunion with our other friends too, so we’ll have lots of help at hand. We’ve booked our own apartment though so we have somewhere to retreat to if and when we need. Can’t wait!

    Thanks so much :) xx

  • Ayla 6 years ago Reply

    You tell them Char! Seriously though, I think people just have this preconceived idea of what life with a baby is supposed to be like but in all honesty it can be whatever you want it to be. Plenty of people have travelled with young kids and plenty of travellers do it full time so I’m sure you’ll handle the Netherlands perfectly well. I know I’d never want to stop travelling either if I was in your shoes ?

    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    Haha, I’m trying!

    That’s so true. We’re completely in control of our own lives, so we can make it whatever we want it to be (with baby or not). I don’t think I could ever stop even if I wanted to – it’s in my DNA! I totally admire those full-time family travellers – their children must be having the best time!

  • Good for you! I feel the same as we’re talking about the day when we expand our family. I’m definitely going to keep travelling, it’ll just be in a different way :)
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    Thanks! It’s really nice to hear that you feel the same and have the same outlook. I can’t wait for new adventures! x

  • Connie 6 years ago Reply

    Good for you Char! I don’t have children so would never dare give anyone baby advice but my bottom line is I avoid giving any advice unless someone has asked, and even then… everyone has their own style and comfort zones etc.
    The boyfriend and I love travelling and I think if we ever have children, that’s the one gift we would love to give them so I hope that like you, I’ll be traipsing around with bump and baby!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    Thanks so much! It sounds like you have a sensible approach, especially compared to some of the people who have been preaching to me!

    I love your phrasing – travel is definitely a gift (and one of the best in my opinion), so I can’t wait to give it to my son.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment and all the best for your future travels with your possible little one(s) and boyf. X

  • Jenny 6 years ago Reply

    I don’t have kids yet, but my 1 year old nephew has been to 3 different mainland states, Hawaii, and Japan! And one of my best friends has taken their almost 2 year old to several countries in Europe and to Africa twice for holiday! I’m sure you will have a well traveled little kid just like little George!:) And even if you do want to stay home there are plenty of staycations to check out!:) Adventure and exploring isn’t over for new moms!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    Wow, what a well-travelled nephew! I’m envious of his trip to Japan!

    Thanks so much for your support, Jenny. You’re so right – the options are endless and I intend to explore as many of them as possible, whether that’s abroad, in the UK or both! x

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