Why Travel Always Trumps Toys

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This weekend we ventured to the famous toy store, Toys R Us, and all I felt was regret.

Like many shops these days, it’s closing down and everything is reduced. Friends told us they’d got some amazing deals, so as we were passing Jay was eager to snap up a bargain for Nova. We don’t really buy him toys, so it was going to be a special treat.

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As we walked up and down the aisles I felt a pang of nostalgia. When I was little I’d spend ages flipping through the Christmas brochure circling everything I liked. And for the ultimate treat I was taken to the huge store. I’d run around giddy with excitement, oohing and ahhing at all the toys, unaware of the price tags and just keen to get my hands on the toys I’d seen on TV.

This week I almost felt sad this part of my childhood would no longer exist, but then I tried to rack my brains about what those toys were and I could not remember. I know my parents spent tonnes of money on toys, but all I could muster was a vague recollection of a peg doll craft kit.

Like I used to, Nova ran up and down the aisles excitedly darting from toy to toy. Every now and then he’d pick one up and carry it with him, implying we would be taking it home. But then he’d get to a bigger toy or a shinier one and he’d drop the toy he’d been carrying in an instant. It was forgotten and no longer important to him.

By the time we got to the till he was only carrying one thing – a small, cheap plastic dinosaur. Despite Jay offering to buy one of the other ‘bigger and better’ half price toys Nova had grabbed at some point he wasn’t interested and politely said ‘no thank you’. The checkout girl couldn’t find a tag on the dinosaur and told us it had fallen out of a bigger set. She looked at Nova’s big smile and kindly told him he could keep the dinosaur for free.

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And so Mr T-Rex (who is actually a triceratops) came home with us. He’s been played with for a grand total of about two minutes.

Once out of the shop he was handed to me as soon as Nova clocked the giant puddles. He wanted to go ‘splish, splash, splosh’ and then despite me offering Mr T-Rex to him he chose instead to play jumping and balancing on a small wall. In the car the snacks won his attention and back home he wanted to play dinosaurs, but where he was the big dinosaur chasing mummy and daddy dinosaur.

Travel Trumps Toys

And so that is why travel will always trump toys in our house. It’s so easy to get distracted by the adverts and what we’re told our kids like, but toys just aren’t that important to us. Nova has a small collection, mostly which have been brought for him and don’t get me wrong, he still plays with them. However, I seriously doubt that his childhood memories are going to be about toys.

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I’m not a mean mama. He has access to loads of toys at nursery and soft play centres. I quite like that when we go to other people’s houses he’s excited about the toys. Previously I’ve made the mistake of thinking that he really loves his friend’s toy, buying him his own, for him to then not really bother with it. I think it’s all about the novelty. When it’s new it’s exciting, so seeing a toy when he goes somewhere else works for us. There’s no point spending money on our own one, especially as kids grow out of phases so quickly.

Puglia Holidays, Raro Villas, Bookings For you, Family Travel Blog, Family Travel Vlog, Taylor Hearts Travel, Puglia, Family holidays in Italy, Puglia Villa, Ostuni, puglia with kids

When we go away I pack a few toys, but they’re usually shunned in favour of playing with airplane seat flaps, racing the luggage carousel, jumping on the bed, pressing lift buttons and so on. Kit is more interested in eating my slippers, playing with wrapping paper and trying to stand up than all of the hand-me down toys I spread out on the floor. You get the idea.

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When I look back on my childhood I remember splashing in the pool on holiday, collecting conkers and playing in the park. My favourite memories aren’t about things, but about happy, smiley moments. Parent or no parent, I’d rather spend my money on experiences; creating memories to last a lifetime. If Nova and Kit’s favourite memories are going to be similar to mine, then I’m going to do what makes me smile; travel.

Sure, travelling with my kids when they’re so young is perhaps more for me at the moment but I hope they’ll look back at the photos and videos with a fuzzy memory of happiness. I’ve seen more of Nova’s smiles and heard more of his laughs and funny questions during holidays. Whether we’re at home or away he prefers to run about, jump off everything, poke bugs and generally soak up life. I’m all for the moment, so I’m not really a saver so if I’m not going to spend my hard earned money on toys, you bet I’m going to spend it on adventures with my mini-explorers.

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  • […] Recommended Reading: Why Travel Always Trumps Toys […]

  • […] Why Travel Always Trumps Toys […]

  • […] Why Travel Always Trumps Toys […]

  • Emily-Ann/The Grown Up Gap Year 3 years ago Reply

    Such a good point. B is only four months old and I can’t believe how many toys she’s already been bought/had handed down to her. I haven’t bought her anything! The same goes for clothes too. Like you say, when I think back to my childhood my favourite memories are all about parks and being outdoors. Hoping I can instill the same love in her too.

    Taylor Hearts Travel 3 years ago Reply

    It’s so lovely that everyone showers them with gifts and clothes isn’t it? Not least because it means more of your money to spend on family travel! :D

    I’m sure you’ll do a fab job and more than just manage to instill that love <3

  • Ayla 3 years ago Reply

    Totally agree Char! I’ve never been a fan of material things and definitely agree that travel is a lot more memorable and enriching for everyone. Most of Evie’s toys were bought by other people too and even those get shunned for boxes, wrapping paper or anything that isn’t even remotely like a toy! Not even any point in taking any toys abroad as she’s never interested in them and having fun with other things and they just take up unnecessary space. (Also, WTH is that comment above?!) 😆

    Taylor Hearts Travel 3 years ago Reply

    It’s so funny how they seem to love such boring objects! Kit is all about my slippers at the moment – they’re just plain grey, so no idea why! It’s nice to hear that you’re on the same wavelength and that it’s not just me.

    Haha, I know! Best spam comment ever. Made me laugh so much!

  • FESOFAP 3 years ago Reply

    In real life, all Jurassic World protagonists would be behind bars. They all acted negligently, which led to the Indominus Rex escaping. By entering the paddock without having the location of the dinosaur confirmed by the control centre, they allowed the dinosaur to escape. It”s utterly nonsenical that Claire had to drive to control centre to call them on the way to confirm the dinosaur”s location. What, didn”t they have landlines? Would it even be safe to leave the room with a dinosaur roaming about? Masrani would also be screwed. This theme park has less security measures than a normal zoo. Where are the fences separating the enclosures from the visitor centre and hotels? Where are the moats? Where are the underground safe facilities for visitors? Why did they assemble them all outside? They would be far safer locked in their rooms, although, as I just said, the far safer choices would be an underground panic facility or a sea platform just outside the island, where they could transport everyone in short time. WTF option is to have them all gather outside, in the main street? And don”t even get me started on the gyrospheres. This park (the JW one) screams lawsuit at Chicxulub level decibels.

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