Beauty Luggage Secrets: The Seven Toiletries You Need for Your Travels

Travel Toiletries

I’ve definitely nailed some beauty cupboard staples that always come on my adventures with me; my travel toiletries.

Despite shopping the beauty scene since my teens I’m still yet to find my miracle products for absolutely every one of my skin and body cares. I’m pretty sure my budget will never match my lust to try Creme de la Mer. Sigh. However, these top seven (#7POW) are ones that are totally worth it.

Travel Toiletries, Kiehls

♥ Kiehls

This is one of my fave brands. Their handcream is the only one that actually lives up to its hype. I must have tried a zillion handcreams as mine are really dry, but this one delivers. I have the bigger bottle in my car for on the go and the smaller one comes with me on my travels. You can also use it for any dry patches elsewhere.

Their day cream is also an everyday staple for me, pretty much for the same reason as the handcream. It actually works.

Travel Toiletries, Kiehls

♥ Simple Wipes

I’m not a huge fan of using wipes to take your make-up off. If I’m at home I’ll always use cleanser. However, bottles take up precious luggage space and it’s hard to get a decent cleanser in a bottle less than 100ml (needed for flights).

Simple facewipes aren’t perfumed or full of loads of harsh chemicals so they ease your make-up off rather than stripping it off like some others that you leave you with sore, red eyes. These wipes (esp. the seven-pack) take up hardly any room, are cheap and feel nice on your skin. They even come out tops against waterproof mascara.

♥ Liquid Eyeliner

I’m not a big fan of wearing loads of make-up, mostly because I’m too lazy to use so much precious time on my face every morning and I’d rather spend my money on flights. Plus, in hot destinations I can’t be bothered with making my skin even stickier than it already is. Glam, right?

Liquid eyeliner is my go-to. Thank you to whoever invented it! A subtle line on my top eyeline is fine for most days, but come evening or if I’m going somewhere particularly nice in the day I’ll go for a thicker, winged line.

I’ve tried pricier brands, the felt tip style pens and more, but this Rimmel liquid liner is the best. It glides on in a smooth line and stays put (until you decide to rub it off).

♥ Quick Drying Nail Polish

I don’t usually bother painting my fingernails when I go away as it usually chips so quickly. If I have time I’ll get a mani. However, I always give myself a pedi and dress my toes in a bright colour like red or fuschia. It looks so good in the sunshine!

If you’re as impatient as me you’ll love Rimmel’s quick drying polish. You’ll need a few coats, but you don’t have to wait ages for them to dry and for such a cheap polish they last pretty well (especially if you add a decent top coat).

♥ Piz Buin

There are SO many sun creams, lotions, mousses and potions on the market these days. While they all claim to be better than the others, the Piz Buin 1 Day Long one gets my vote. It spreads well, soaks in quickly and possibly my favourite perk, you don’t need to reapply it (unless you’re in and out of the water).

It comes in a 100ml bottle, so it can easily fit into your carry-on bag. You’ll often find it on offer in Superdrug or Boots, so stock up when you can.

Travel Toiletries, Suncream, Piz Buin

♥ Listerine

I miss my electric toothbrush when I’m travelling overseas. Yeah, I could take it but then you have to take the charger and a converter, so it starts zapping space in your case. I’d rather take a throwaway toothbrush, some decent paste and mouthwash.

Listerine is pretty strong so it helps to wake you up and keeps you minty fresh all day long (particularly helpful if you’re scoffing garlicky pasta in Italy or some equally amazing destination!). It also comes in a handy 50ml bottle, so again, it can stay in your carry-on bag.

♥ John Frieda Miracle Conditioner

I’ve tried to travel without this amazing creation, but it always ends up in disappointment. Either the hotel doesn’t have any conditioner (just shampoo and shower gel in one – eugh) or the humidity of the destination leaves my hair in  a big frizz ball (I’m naming no names, Peru!).

You simply spray this conditioner onto wet hair and comb through, style as normal. It’s great on hair that tangles easily, making it smooth and glossy, but not greasy.

Travel Toiletries

So over to you – what are your must-have products for your travels? Have any of you tried the Burts Bees range? That’s the next lot that I’m eyeing up. X

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