The Ultimate Guide on Becoming a Holiday Rep

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How much do Holiday Entertainers get paid? How can I see more of the world? Could I be a Holiday Rep and where can I find Holiday Village Rep jobs?

If you have a passion for travel, but a job in the 9-5 world that doesn’t match your love, today’s travel job spotlight may just be the inspiration and information you’re looking for. You’ll find all your answers and insights about working as a Holiday Rep in this post.

A former Resort Entertainer shares their viewpoint on this travel job, including the nitty gritty truth around the role, the salary and tips on how to become a Holiday Rep.

How to become a holiday rep
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What is a Holiday Rep?

It’s a Holiday Rep or Holiday Representative, meaning a Travel Rep, or what’s sometimes known as a Resort Representative.

In essence, it is one of many ways you can travel and get paid for it. Companies will usually assign you to a popular tourist location where you will entertain guests at their hotel, or answer any queries and basically ensure that the customers have a great holiday.

What Is a Holiday Entertainer?

A Holiday Entertainer is a niche version. It’s someone who primarily focuses on entertaining holiday guests, be that through games, shows and sport activities. Sometimes this is known as being on the hotel animation team.

How Much Do Holiday Entertainers Get Paid?

A juicy question!

A Holiday Rep salary is usually quite modest as it reflects other perks, such as free accommodation with no or very minimal bills, meals and the chance to live in another part of the world. There aren’t many jobs abroad with accommodation so that’s reflected in the pay.

Usually Holiday Reps enjoy free accommodation at the hotel they are working at. Some also benefit from free meals, perhaps on half-board basis or full-board, but this isn’t always the case.

Some resort jobs also include friends and family discount.

It will naturally vary depending on who the contract is with. Some hotels or holiday resorts can afford to pay more than others.

Our contact’s pay worked out at about £500/600 per month and perks of free accommodation in a top floor private room of a hotel in Menorca, with no bills and on a half-board basis.

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What is the Best Thing About Being a Holiday Rep?

Performing, playing games with guests, making friends and being right by the beach. Having access to a pool and a new place to discover makes it a pretty sweet job!


What is the Hardest Thing About Being a Travel Rep?

Being injured or ill away from home can be tough. As an entertainer you need to be on your feet a lot. It’s hard when you’re tired and hot, yet still having to smile when you just want to feel sorry for yourself.

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How to Become a Holiday Rep

  1. Search the internet for ‘Holiday Rep jobs’ or ‘Travel Rep jobs’ or if you like the idea of entertaining people search for ‘Entertainment jobs abroad’ or ‘Hotel animation jobs’. Sites like TUI and Season Workers have dedicated pages for jobs abroad.
  2. Highlight performing skills and outgoing personality traits as part of the application process.
  3. Demonstrate those skills in the interview process (which usually involves a day or two of workshops and auditions).
  4. Be flexible with your location choices and dates.

What to Expect in a Holiday Rep Interview

It will usually take place over the course of a whole day or sometimes a few consecutive days. Whilst there will be some traditional question and answer sessions, expect to be put through your paces in various workshops and roleplays.

If you’re going for an Entertainer role, expect to be asked to dance, sing, act, narrate, create games.

Your team player and leadership skills will also be analysed through those sorts of sessions. Think of it as a practice session for what a typical day might be like as a Holiday Rep.

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Holiday Rep Training

Most resorts send chosen Holiday Reps to one of their hub resorts for a week. Don’t get too excited, as it’s often in your home country!

Think of it as on the job training. It’s a chance to see if you can talk the talk, but also an opportunity to suss out if it’s something you really do want to do.

You’ll often be paired an experienced entertainer or rep as part of the handover. You’ll be taught daytime games (quizzes, bingo etc) and dance routines, meet and greet guests, and showcase your performing talents on the stage.

After that week of training, you’ll be sent on your (free) flight to your designated resort.

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What is an Average Day for a Holiday Entertainer?

  • 8am – Eat breakfast before the guests and then set up the music for the pool loungers.
  • 9am – Lead aqua aerobics and pool games for the children.
  • 12noon – Siesta.
  • 1pm – More games, including water polo, dancing in the pool, and lilo racing.
  • 5pm – Dinner and costume change.
  • 7.30pm – Run the children’s show, including dancing, jokes and mascot dancing
  • 8.30pm – Host and assist any tribute acts
  • Midnight – Bed

Reps are usually employed for a season at a time at one particular hotel. A ‘season’ is usually a six-month period, typically running April – September and October – March.

What Happens at the End of the Season?

Provided you want to carry on, you get assigned another resort for winter sun, or in some cases if the resort stays open you can stay at the same one.

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Is a Holiday Entertainer a Lone Job?

No, typically you’ll work alongside the children representatives, teenager representatives, the swim team and the travel representatives. There will likely be other Entertainments too.

Why Join the Animation Team?

It’s the chance to perform on a daily basis, enjoying centre stage. With the typical theatre/music scene you have to rehearse a lot, where as life as a resort entertainer usually involves one big rehearsal and then simply performances everyday.

Why Work Abroad?

Why not?! The chance to escape to a hotter climate (or colder if that’s your thing), the opportunity to perform and the ability to make someone’s dram holiday even dreamier.

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Tips on Working as a Holiday Rep

  1. If you’re a homely person this job probably isn’t for you. You will have to pay for your own flight home if you leave before the end of your season.
  2. The job is about making someone’s holiday memorable so makes sure you give it your all; whether that’s in the shows or daytime games.
  3. Remember your guests haven’t seen the acts – perform like it’s your first time. Some of the games can get tiresome after six months, but only for you.
  4. Be patient, confident, and smile!
  5. Use your free time to explore your new, exciting location.
  6. Invite friends and family to your hotel to avoid getting too homesick.

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Do you think this job is for you? Does it sound like something you would want to do, or could do? Or, have done this job? Are you doing it at the moment? What are your views?

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Comments (7)

  • Lucy 11 months ago Reply

    Hi I am interested in being a holiday entertainer I was looking to know what type of dancing is this as I want to go to classes at home in the meantime until I apply maybe within two years? Thanks

    Taylor Hearts Travel 11 months ago Reply

    Hi. My sister did ‘Musical Theatre’ at college and that helped. Most of the routines are taught, so anything where you have to follow a sequence, memerise steps etc is going to help. Good luck!

  • Nicole 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Char,

    I was just wondering if you recommend any sites to search for resort entertainment sites. i am actor about to graduate college and trying to get a head start on my job search.


    Taylor Hearts Travel 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Nicole,

    I’d try the websites of the holiday companies you love – Thomsons, Thomas Cook, First Choice etc. Good luck with your search!

  • Ankit Jain 6 years ago Reply

    Hey Taylor,
    I am inspired. I am an engineer. Graduate from IIT Delhi. Have done loads of business and jobs. But have always been looking back and forth. The right kind of thing to do.

    This job seems exciting to me.

    According to Holland code, I am an AIE.

    An artist, an entertainer and a performer.
    And as I have a deep love for aesthetic beauty, high end luxurious resort really excite me like anything.

    Let me know if you know of some similar opportunity.

    Another thing. I love playing games. Badminton, Tennis, Chess, Poker. I play lot of instruments. I play guitar and sing along. I am a performer. And I am really social.

    I think it wouldn’t be a job for me. It would be fun.

    Do recommend me to someone you know, who can get me to the right opportunity.

    And I won’t care for the money part really. Just my expenses getting paid off would be enough for the start! :)

    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    Thanks for sharing so much info. I can clearly see your enthusiasm, so I’m sure that will help if and when you apply for any travel jobs. There are lots of job sites you can check on a regular basis for the latest travel job vacancies, so I’d suggest you keep an eye on those (as well as new travel job posts on here). :)

    MANSOUR MAALEJ 6 years ago

    Looking for a challenging career opportunity where I can utilize my experience as well as developing new ones, I’m seeking a healthy and stable working environment with international exposure.

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