Guilty Secrets: The Travel Edition

Guilty Secrets: The Travel Edition

20 July, 201513Comments
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As I write this I’m currently indulging in a guilty pleasure of mine; a cheese toastie (made with Wensleydale and cranberry cheese, extra strong cheddar cheese, seeded brown bread and lashings of tomato ketchup, if you’re interested). Call it a perk of working at home, a side-effect of being pregnant or a way of dealing with a dreary, wet Monday morning. Either way, it put a smile on my face.

When it comes to travel I have plenty of guilty pleasures. They’re little things that I almost feel like I shouldn’t admit, but by sharing them here on Taylor Hearts Travel I’m hoping that some of you may confess to sharing one or two of them. Who knows, you might even have some others that you’re willing to get off your chest.

Raiding the Toiletries

I can’t help it. As soon as I check into a new room I have to head to the bathroom to see what products are on offer. This habit usually intensifies if the hotel is an especially lux one. My suite at Hotel La Trémoille in Paris had a massive collection of Molton Brown products on offer and probably stemmed my love affair with their Indian Cress Purifying Shampoo. It has hints of jasmine and honeysuckle so it smells divine, but it also makes my hair feel amazing.

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The Randolph in Oxford also uses Molton Brown products. I’ve stayed in a few hotels that use the widely acclaimed REN products, but they just don’t do it for me. They’re a little pricier, so I was glad I got to try them for free. My recent stay at Old House Inn near Gatwick introduced me to some super floral goodies that swiftly made it into my bag.

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I don’t know if my habit of trying out every single bottle and potion is bad one. Perhaps my habit of taking any leftovers home with me is, but then what would a hotel do with a half-filled bottle? Do they refill them or do they just throw them away? Plus, my bathroom is always filled with handy bottles for my next trips!

Do you share my habit? Are you a raider?

Skipping Straight to Pudding

When I’m in a hotter climate I crave ice-cream, ice lollies, ice cubes and well, anything to help cool me down. Combined with a sweet tooth, it probably won’t surprise you that I have no issue in skipping a main meal in favour of a dessert.

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I’ll probably have a starter or a side-salad, you know, just to be polite. After that though it’s all about the dessert menu. In fact, I usually read the menu for the sweet stuff first. You need to know how much room to save, right?

I’ve been known to have a complete dilemma about whether to go for the big, chocolate sundae or something refreshing like Eton Mess. However, if there’s mint choc chip ice-cream on the menu then that’s my default. There’s something so, SO good about that flavour.

Slushy, Ice, Drink

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Being pregnant I can now get away with it a little more. Those pesky cravings, right? Though I’m fully aware that I should be completely virtuous and all about the healthy, clean living at the moment. However, what’s my excuse when I’m without bump? How do you get away with it in a fancier restaurant? Do you just pick at a main meal to minimise any offence?

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I think that’s all I should share for today…! So, over to you. What are your travel guilty secrets? C’mon, spill…X


  1. I’m definitely with you on taking the toiletries – they’ll only be thrown away otherwise! I particularly like Cowshed products and have been known to do a happy dance when I find some in a hotel :) Btw, your toastie sounds amazing x

  2. mine is raiding the mini bar. I know all the drinks are twice the price of a normal bar but there’s something so cute about a tiny bottle of gin and tiny can of tonic. Plus, you can enjoy it in your dressing gown while eating a Mars bar and you can’t do that in a bar!

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