Travel Gossip: A First and a Last

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This month’s dose of travel gossip is a little different to my usual ones. For a start, there has been no travelling. *Sob*

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1 October marked the start of pretty golden leaves, but also meant the most dramatic countdown of my life. As each day of this month passes I edge closer to meeting Baby Taylor. I’m a mixture of excitement and nerves, though I’m not supposed to admit the latter.

Besides bouncing on my pregnancy ball, going to antenatal yoga classes and wondering if every twinge I feel is baby coming, I’ve been busying myself with travel plans. You know, the substitute for not travelling?

I got sick of hearing people tell me that my travelling life was over so felt the need to respond with this Thanks, but No Thanks post. I really appreciate all of your supportive comments. It’s good to know that you’re on the same wavelength as me.

I was already busy making travel plans for my mini-explorer, but have now confirmed not one, but two overseas trips for him. I’m beyond excited! The first will be to The Netherlands when he’s nearly two months old and the second will be to Mallorca when he’s around six-months. I’m planning on sandwiching lots more in-between and definitely afterwards. Got to make the most of maternity leave, right?!

Looking Backwards

So, what’s been going on here? I’ve been blogging about a new favourite restaurant in London that serves an incredible vegetarian feast. If you missed that one recap it here and bookmark it for your next visit. So good!

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My ‘Rocking the Travel Blogging World and a Full-Time Job’ series is continuing and Jodie from The Little Backpacker recently shared what it’s like to juggle her studies, her blog and a few part-time jobs. Talk about busy! Brace yourself and take a read here – I’m sure you’ll feel worn out, but more so inspired by her insights.

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Another blog post that’s proving to be popular at the moment is this one, Travel Writing Tips from a Renowned Author. Whether you’re a blogger, journalist or just plain nosy, Colin has some really good experience to share so it’s worth a read.

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Behinds the Scenes

I’m currently trying to streamline Taylor Hearts Travel so that it’s focussed.  However, it’s proving difficult to decide what sections to keep/remove when I love them all – it’s my baby (well, my other baby!).

I still hate the word ‘niche’, but every time I read yet another advice post about having a strong focus I do start to cave. Obviously mine is all about travel, stylish travel specifically, but is that enough? Who knows!

Anyway, I’m working on a new logo/banner for the site as it’s time for a refresh and you may have noticed that the menu bar has changed a bit. I’ll be doing more tidying up of the site over the next few months.

I’ve also opened the Taylor Hearts Travel shop. I’ll be adding more products regularly and had wanted to wait until there was a lot more, but like Richard Branson always says (so I’m told), sometimes you just have to get going with things rather than waiting until they’re perfect, else they might not ever get done (or words to that effect). Anyway, happy shopping!

My inbox seems to have been inundated with press trip offers lately, which has been lovely – really, really lovely. Turning them down because of my due date has not been so lovely. I have complete ‘fear of missing out’ (I can’t bring myself to use ‘FOMO’), but hopefully there will be plenty more opportunities in 2016. I plan to be back travelling (with little one of course) from January onwards, which isn’t really that long to wait.

I won’t be attending World Travel Market this year, but if you’re a blogger, it’s totally worth going. These WTM tips should help you, particularly if it’s your first visit.

What else? I recently spoke at a travel conference geared towards Personal Assistants and Executives Assistants, sharing my advice on booking business travel. I’m hoping to share my key takeaways shortly.

Today is my last trip to London. I’m squeezing my bump into a black dress for an awards ceremony, so at least my last trip to the city is a goodie!

So over to you, how has your last month been and what do you have planned for the rest of the year?

P.S. Can you believe Baby Taylor will be here for next month’s travel gossip update?!  Eeek!

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  • Good luck with everything Char! Will be awaiting your happy news and hope you aren’t feeling too uncomfortable in these final stages of the pregnancy! Fingers crossed all goes smoothly and lovely that you’ve already got some really exciting travel plans for the little one when he arrives!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 4 years ago Reply

    Thanks so much! I’m not feeling too bad, but I’m definitely looking forward to being able to sleep in whatever position I like rather than on my side (though I’m guessing sleep will be a rarity!). I can’t wait to meet him now!

    Oh yes. He’s going to be quite the adventurer! x

  • Not long until your happy arrival, Char! I’ll be going to WTM so thanks for the tips, I’m also planning on attending ILTM. I always feel frustrated when I have to turn down press trips too

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    Taylor Hearts Travel 4 years ago Reply

    I know! Definitely on countdown now!

    Hope you have a fab time at WTM this year.

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