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Panasonic LUMIX GX80 Camera Review by Taylor Hearts Travel

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  • Lydia Richards 2 years ago Reply

    Hi Taylor,
    I wonder if you take guest blogs?


    Taylor Hearts Travel 2 years ago Reply


    No, afraid not.



  • Mary Ellen Cotter 5 years ago Reply

    Hi there,
    Just following up on a previous email I sent regarding signing up to our affiliate platform to work with Thomas Cook. I think there is a lot of potential with your site and the team are always open to new ways of working together.
    Let me know if you have any questions!
    Mary Ellen

  • Nigel Kane 6 years ago Reply

    Hi Char
    I literally just stumbled across you on Instagram and was interested in your blog as my fiancée and I are in the process of starting our own. I’m slightly in awe of your blog to be honest so a massive thumbs up from me. We also love to travel and will be doing our third US roadtrip in under two years this coming May and we are even getting married in San Diego to make it extra special. We currently write travel blogs for a large online travel website called Bravofly but they are currently only in German…my fiancée is German so I write it and she translates. We also love Scandinavia but especially Sweden!

    It would be great if maybe someday we could have some sort of partnership! With working full time and I have three teenage children it’s hard to find time for all the things we want to do sadly.

    I don’t know if you had ever thought of having any sections of your blog in other languages? My fiancée Martha is one of these language freaks and is fluent in a number of languages, German, Spanish & Swedish as well as English of course. She would probably be happy to help you out if need be. I’m a photography addict so have many photos of our travels on Instagram, Flickr & Viewbug. I’m BayTravel14 on Instagram.

    Congratulations again on your great blog…it’s amazing!

    Best wishes


    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    Hi Nigel,

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment. So glad you found me!

    Third US road trip? That sounds amazing. I loved my Californian one and would happily do another. Congrats on your upcoming wedding. It sounds like you make a good match with the way you share out your blog writing! Would love to see a pic or two on Instagram – I’m adding you now.

    Martha sounds very talented. I can speak a little bit of German and French, but would love to be fluent. I don’t have any plans to add a section in another language, but if that ever changes I’ll let you know.

    Thanks again for your lovely comments. Look forward to following your adventures on Instagram. X

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