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Tempur Challenge - Tips for Sleep

When you book those cheap flights it seems worth saving a few pounds for the sake of taking a 7am flight. As the date gets closer though the realisation of what time you have to set your alarm for sinks in. You need to factor in getting to the airport, check-in time and before you know it you’ve got yourself a 3am wake up call. Ugh.

Situations like that make you really value a good night’s sleep. After years of finding myself in that predicament and now, with a toddler who likes to wake up at 5.30am and who suffers the effects of jet lag when we go on big exciting adventures to far-flung destinations (Canada, I’m talking to you), I’ve mastered a few tips for sleep on the go.

Invest in a good eye-mask

I’ve been a fan of the eye-mask for years, even sleeping in one when I’m at home, let alone on my travels. If you’re staying in a hotel you’ll probably find that the fire exit sign or fire alarm will shine a beacon of light right above your head. It’s such a sleep blocker, but easily cured with a simple eye-mask.

Don’t bother with a cheap one as the elastic strap is usually uncomfortably tight or the material for the eye area is too small to block all of the light out. The Tempur sleep mask (pictured below) is a really good lux option.

I’d recommend setting an alarm if you have somewhere to be (hello, early flights) as when you have your eye-mask on you probably won’t notice it getting lighter as morning comes round.

Tempur Challenge

Choose your alarm wisely

Shun the offer of a hotel wake up call. They’re usually via the phone in the room and who wants to be woken from a deep slumber by a shrill, unfamiliar sound? Not me.

Now that I have an early-riser of a child I never set an alarm. He always wakes me up way before I need to be up! However, if you don’t have that luxury set yourself an alarm via your phone, but choose the sound carefully. In the past I’ve been tempted to use something loud and intrusive just to ensure that it wakes me up, but I find it’s much better to use something a little softer and calming. It’s a nicer way to wake up.

Tempur Challenge


There are some things I think it’s fine to be tight with, but when it comes to sleep it’s worth spending the money on your mattress, pillow, bedding and PJs. I’ve recently been sent a travel kit containing a Tempur® Travel Pillow and wow, it’s a keeper.

It’s essentially an envelope containing thousands of micro-cushions, creating a perfect pressure-relieving haven for your head and neck. It comes in a handy bag so you can easily take it onto your flight, train or in the car. It’s my newest travel companion and sleep aid.

Scroll to the bottom to see how you can win your own one!

Tempur Challenge, tips for sleep


When you’re travelling pack your favourite PJs. I find that home comforts help you fall into an easy snooze. For me, it’s about all of the senses and that includes familiar smells and soft touches, like lux linen or brushed cotton jerseys.

Black Out Curtains

Hotels usually have lovely thick curtains. Make the most of them by shutting them completely to make a dark cocoon. It’s much easier to drift off without bright lights. I’d definitely recommend investing in a pair at home too. I don’t think I could live without mine.

Sleep Scents

This is such an easy, yet effective travel tip. Pack a scented candle or pillow spray. They don’t take up much room in your luggage and can transform an average, musty hotel room into a familiar, welcoming hideaway.

Taylor Hearts Travel

Win Your Own Travel Pillow

If you head into a participating store between 10 July – 7 August 2017 you can take part in the ‘Tempur® Challenge’. You can test out the mattresses and win your very own Tempur® travel pillow. These guys make their products from NASA’s unique memory foam so they know their stuff.

You can find more details and store info here.

Good luck and sleep well!

This post is in conjunction with Tempur® but all thoughts are my own.

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