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Ordering the ‘Tip of Your Tongue’ is exciting and a little unnerving. Curiosity swims through your veins as you wonder how a cocktail can involve a pill for two.  You’re sat in the sleek bar of a luxury hotel in the city of London, so there’s no way it can be illegal. Yet still your mind races to imagine what exactly this utterly unique cocktail will be like. All that you’ve been told is that it is part of the romance package and best shared with your Mr or Mrs.

South Place Hotel Bar, South Place Hotel, Cocktail, Tip of Your Tongue

The creator and head bartender at South Place Hotel, Angel de Sousa, is known for his innovative drinks. Frequently taking part in various competitions, he is the definition of ‘thinking outside of the box’.  Who else do you know who uses ingredients that can change the tastes you experience? I’d certainly never heard of the ‘miracle fruit’.

Angel de Sousa, South Place Hotel, Cocktail, Tip of Your Tongue

Miracle Fruit

Discovered way back in the 1700’s in West Africa, this unusual fruit has the ability to make sour things taste sweet. If you’re one of those people who is unable to eat a slice of grapefruit or lemon without pulling a facethen you’ll love this fruit. Bitterness and sharpness just disappears from your radar. All you’ll taste is divine sweetness.

The fruit itself only has a shelf life of about a day, so for many years it hasn’t been very popular elsewhere in the world. However, scientists have recently resurrected it by creating a powdered version. It’s compacted together into a tablet, meaning that it can be shipped to different countries and used in a mind-blowing cocktail.

Tip of Your Tongue

As the shiny silver platter arrives your eyes dart about looking for the mysterious tablet. Concealed in a small paper packet decorated with ‘it takes two, baby’, your excited eyes meet before you carefully tear it open. A note accompanies the tablet. Following the instructions, you split the chalky tablet in two and each pop your half into your mouth. No chewing, no sucking or swallowing whole. It feels like a lifetime before it finally dissolves. You wait for some sort of explosion or instant reaction, but everything seems to be as it was before.

South Place Hotel Bar, South Place Hotel, Cocktail, Tip of Your Tongue

South Place Hotel Bar, South Place Hotel, Cocktail, Tip of Your Tongue

South Place Hotel Bar, South Place Hotel, Cocktail, Tip of Your Tongue

Obeying the note you pop the slice of grapefruit into your mouth. Nothing. Ah, but wait – no bitterness, no sharpness. In fact it tastes sickly sweet. You try with the lemon and it’s the same. So, it seems the tablet really is a little miracle.

A retro swing-lid bottle and two flutes arrive in a bucket of ice. You wonder how long the effects of the pill last as you prepare to try the Campari and grapefruit concoction. Thankfully it’s clearly longer than ten minutes as you eagerly gulp the sweet syrup drink.

South Place Hotel Bar, South Place Hotel, Cocktail, Tip of Your Tongue

South Place Hotel Bar, South Place Hotel, Cocktail, Tip of Your Tongue

Valued Romance

A little pricier than your usual cocktail, it is worth having this drink for the experience. It might not be a cocktail that you have every week, but it is certainly ideal for a special occasion. It’s unique, captivating and pretty adventurous. If you’re planning a first date, this is definitely the drink to impress.

Along with the Tip of Your Tongue cocktail, South Place Hotel is certainly doing its best to romance you. Soft lighting and deep hues fill the space. Contemporary art lines the walls, casts of various limbs sit on the shelves, whilst giant glass vases hold exotic plants. On a Saturday night, aside from the occasional deep-belly laugh from the other table you’d never know you’re in a public place; perfect for a date night. However, if you stay late enough you can always join in the hosted parties if that’s more your style.

South Place Hotel Bar, South Place Hotel, Cocktail, Tip of Your Tongue

The extensive cocktail menu and in particular, the new Brazilian themed drinks to celebrate the World Cup look very tempting. With such delicious cocktails on offer, South Place Hotel will keep you coming back. Let’s just hope your date joins you too…X

P.S Foodies will be pleased to hear that this hotel has a restaurant. I’ll be sharing details of the romance package on next week’s #SundayServed.

Have you tried this cocktail or something  similar? What’s the strangest one you’ve tried? Leave me a comment in the box below and we can swap notes.

#SundayServed is all about worldly food and drink. Join me every Sunday for a slice of deliciousness around the globe. If you’ve got a good recipe or recommendation get in touch. 

Big thanks to South Place Hotel for hosting the Mr and I. 

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