What Kind of Traveller Are You?

What kind of traveller are you, Traveller, Traveler, Wanderlust, Wonderlust,

Do you follow your heart or your head? What kind of traveller are you or does it depend on the type of trip? Perhaps your travel style depends on who you’re travelling with or how long you have to explore. Are you The Planner, The 50/50 or The Wing-er?

The traveller, What kind of traveller are you, Traveller, Traveler, Wanderlust, Wonderlust,

♥ The Planner

Easily identifiable by the large map adorned with sticky notes and scribblings. They clutch their guide book with a passion and eagerly look up at street signs, cross referencing them with that quirky café they circled. They’ve read countless blogs on the destination and have a top ten list of ‘must-eats’ and ‘must-sees’. Through their detailed research they’ve now built a romantic idea of what the city or town should show them. Quite frankly, there’s no room in the schedule for anything less.

The traveller, What kind of traveller are you, Traveller, Traveler, Wanderlust, Wonderlust,

Living example: I’m not afraid to admit that I have become The Planner for my for upcoming trip to San Francisco. I can sense your sniggers already. Whilst I might seem like an obsessive control freak, I have dreamt about San Fran for so long (so, so long) that I’m not risking any lost opportunities. I don’t want to come home and hear how I should have gone to the amazing cafe on the next street. It’s a little OTT, but I have a spreadsheet and everything. I can’t quite believe I’m telling you, but I have a full on schedule with slots for meals and activities! Don’t worry, I’ve programmed in some free time for those spontaneous moments…

♥ The Wing-er

Also known as the laid-back, carefree soul. These travellers don’t stress about details, after all, it’s all about the journey. Booking their flights is about as organised as they get. The Wing-er follows their heart; if the crowd heads to a party on the other side of town, so do they. It doesn’t matter that public transport closes down at night. They’ll worry about that tiny issue when it comes to it. So what they missed the views from that famous landmark because they didn’t research where to go. It meant they could watch the sun set from the local’s beach hut. The Wing-er is all about seizing the moment and not stressing. They go with the flow.

The traveller, What kind of traveller are you, Traveller, Traveler, Wanderlust, Wonderlust, The Wing-er

Living example: Much of my round-the-world (RTW) trip was spent as The Wing-er. Time was on my side. I wasn’t bound by a return flight home. I had crammed so many cities and towns into my itinerary that it was impossible to research each and every place to the nth degree. To be honest, I wasn’t interested in being governed by a guide book anyway. I wanted to fall in love and to explore. Each new country brought a new adventure. Surprises revealed themselves as I met new friends along the way. No sooner than a plan began to form in my head, it evaporated when a new opportunity presented itself. I loved the unknown and the ever-changing.

♥ The 50/50

The 50/50 traveller is a sensible, happy-go-lucky sort. They travel prepared. They’re up to speed on the coolest places to hang out and that new opening just around the corner. However, they keep their cards close to their chest. If the crowd needs a bit of guidance they’ll casually throw in their suggestion on where to stay, but if spontaneity strikes they’ll roll with it and see what it brings. After all, they have their research held in reserve just in case things start to go wrong. The 50/50 travels with a map but it only comes out when a long day of exploring results in achy limbs and an admission of actually being lost.

The traveller, What kind of traveller are you, Traveller, Traveler, Wanderlust, Wonderlust,

Living example: This is probably my most frequent travel style. I usually travel with my Mr and so I feel safe and comfortable just wandering the streets, soaking up the atmosphere. I’ve found some really cute spots in this way that my guidebook probably wouldn’t have ever considered listing. These days I’m less of The Wing-er due to my limited leave. However, I’m not quite as extreme as The Planner unless my heart is really, really set on it being a totally dreamy trip.I’m a 50/50.  I’m happy to see what a city throws at me, but I want to know that when my legs have had enough of wandering I can get back to my hotel. Yes, that’s the super stylish hotel I researched beforehand and managed to get for next to nothing.

What’s your travelling style? Is it always the same or does it tend to change depending on who you’re with or how long you have? I’d love to hear your thoughts. X

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  • So a couple of years ago, I was a planner who had just married a winger and now – somehow, he is a planner married to a winger?! Just goes to show how you can end up turning into each other in a marriage!! :-D

    Taylor Hearts Travel 5 years ago Reply

    Wow, how interesting! You’ve changed from one extreme to the other!

    My husband is a winger and I think he always will be.

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