The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Bag Reviewed!

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case Review

If The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Bag was a girl she’d be a supermodel. She’s the head turner; the one the guys want to date and the girls want to be. She’s more than a pretty face though. She’s practical. She’s an all rounder. Perfect for both parent escapes and family holidays.

You see the moment I received my Travel Hack Pro Cabin Bag I was inundated with compliments and curious quips. Questions from admirers that I didn’t even need to answer really because I knew it was already love at first sight.

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Video Review: The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Bag

I’ve made a quick video review of Travel Hack Pro Cabin Bag, but if that’s not your thing scroll down for photos and my written thoughts on it.

What’s to love about The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Bag?

1. It’s So Pretty

I hate to be so superficial, but the look of the case is what’s generated the most interest.

It sat in my dark hallway in the dim October evening light and my mum still clocked it. She immediately started admiring the rose gold zips, padded black pockets and stylish luggage label. The hot pink lining seems to be the icing on the cake.

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case Review

My friend picked me up at 4am to go on our girly overseas adventure and even though it was dark and way too early, she hesitated when she went to shut the boot because my stylish case caught her attention.

And so began a long line of admirers; staff at the airport, fellow passengers, the stylish transfer guy and pretty much everyone else. I was actually worried it might get nicked from the luggage carousel because so many people seemed to be lusting after it!

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case Review

2. The Handbag and Liquids Section

The case has a top section that I love to utilise for my handbag and liquids. Think of it as a little shelf inside your case. You can access it from the top of your case by undoing a zip. Why is it so great? Because it makes the security section at the airport a breeze. I simply unzip the top bit, whip out my liquids bag and I’m good to go.

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case Review

It’s also roomy enough that you can stick your smaller bag inside it, which makes it perfect for airlines like easyJet who insist you only one have carry-on bag.

On my recent flight to Portugal via easyJet the check-in staff made me put my rucksack inside the case and two minutes later the other check-in guy told me my case was going into the hold so I had to whip it back out. The shelf section made doing that much easier.

On the way back my case made it on to the plane. Normally I feel the pressure of the big queue behind me while I try to fumble for all the things I’ll need before shoving my case into the hold, but this time it was easy to pull my rucksack out to keep with me.

And anything that makes travel that little bit less stressful is a winner in my books.

For staycations it’s great because I love a bit of organisation! Use it to separate your shoes from your clothes, or your toiletries from your outfits.

For train travel it’s great because you can tuck your handbag inside it so you only have to worry about one bag – ideal for busy public places.

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case Review

3. It’s Super Light, But Robust

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case weighs just 2.7kg. It’s super lightweight and although some of the pockets are padded I have to admit that I was worried it would get ripped in the hold or on the luggage carousel. It’s proven me wrong though and after a flight from London to Portugal and back again, it still looks beautiful and unmarked.

I tugged at some of the zips and hastily pulled some of them shut, but so far so good, no buckling zips or gaping holes.

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case Review

4. It Has Pockets

If you love a dress with pockets (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?!), you’ll love this case. It has pockets for everything. Obviously I’ve mentioned the top section, but it also has a padded pocket for your laptop, one for your documents and other pockets on the inside for whatever you like.

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case Review

5. It Has a Water Bottle Holder

This was another big talking point on my case’s first adventures. Everyone loved it! On the side of the case there’s a sturdy pocket that you can unzip to allow you to shove your water bottle in it. I use a 500ml one and it went in with ease.

Now that everyone seems to be gearing towards plastic-free travel or at least reusable plastic, it’s super handy to have a feature like this.

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case Review

6. It Has Handles

Want to carry it? Use the sturdy carry strap. Want to pull it? Use the carry handle that unzips from the top of the case. I love that it zips away so you don’t have to worry about it being damaged in storage or in hold.

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case Review

7. It Has Wheels

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Bag has two clear wheels so that you can pull the case behind you.

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case Review

8. The Price

It currently retails at £49.99 on Amazon, which is such good value.

All of my admirers – and there were many – couldn’t believe how affordable the case was. It’s such a good price that I’ve actually brought one for my mum for Christmas (don’t worry, she requested this as her gift so she already knows!).

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case Review

What’s not to love about The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Bag?

1. Extra Wheels

The case doesn’t have a four-wheel drive so you can’t pull it alongside you – only behind you. I’ve used a four wheel case for at least five years, so it took me a little while to remember that I couldn’t just whip it next to me in crowded places.

However, I think that addition (the Travel Hack Pro Pro Cabin Bag?!) would tip the case into a more expensive range.

Should I Buy The Travel Hack Case?

If you want a stylish cabin case that’s also super practical and affordable, then yes buy this case!

You can tell it’s been made by someone who travels a lot and who has tried lots of different luggage options. Monica has proven herself not only to be a kickass travel blogger, but a luggage genius!

I’ve been using the case for nearly a year now, both on parent escapes and family getaways. It’s a winner for me.

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case Review

Shop for The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case here.

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Big thanks to Monica for such a lovely gift.

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