The Taylors are Expanding

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This post could easily be titled ‘This Taylor is expanding’ because my bump is growing at record speed, but I thought I’d be a bit kinder to myself. So, yes I’m super happy to let you know that there will soon be a second mini-explorer in our family! The Taylors will be changing from a little family of three to a family of four. I like symmetrical things so it just feels right, though there are of course, lots more reasons that we’re adding to our brood.

Taylor Hearts Travel, Family Travel Blog

Anyway, let’s just pause for a deliriously happy eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

If you’re anything like the people we’ve already told you’ll probably be thinking ‘I knew it’. From the reactions we’ve received, it seems I’m quite predictable, though I like to think that’s it’s just because we were quite vocal about wanting twins or our children to be fairly close in age. Nova and his brother or sister are only going to remember a life with each other, which I think is such a lovely thing.

The other 20% of people have also said they knew it, but because of the bump I’ve clearly been failing to hide. With Nova I managed to keep him a secret until I was 20 weeks pregnant. We didn’t even tell our families. However, this time I’m either giving birth to a dinosaur or my stomach muscles are simply non-existent, and let’s face it, it’s definitely the latter.

Taylor Hearts Travel, Family Travel Blog

^^This time round^^

^^Around 15 weeks pregnant with Nova at the Azure Window which is sadly no longer there^^

I’ve been showing since I was about eight weeks pregnant. I thought that perhaps the big bump was just in my head but I’ve looked at pictures from my bump with Nova and there’s definitely a difference. Plus, I can’t escape the comments from others! Until we had the scan we did think that perhaps there were two in there, but I can confirm that it’s just one healthy, jumpy baby.

Taylor Hearts Travel, Family Travel Blog

This time round it’s also different because the nausea has been way worse than before. I also managed to catch the flu despite having the flu jab and seemed to have had a never-ending cold since. I’ve also had a pregnancy bump rash which I didn’t have before (sorry, TMI?!) and more headaches.

Last time I could also enjoy cheeky naps after work, but with Nova in the picture those sorts of luxuries are long gone. Jay is still recovering from his neck surgery so can’t lift anything (or more importantly, anyone) for another two months or so, which means yours truly has been doing it all. By the time he can lift I think I will definitely be ready for the help and taking a well-deserved nap of some sort!

Taylor Hearts Travel, Family Travel Blog

I’m aware that this is a family travel blog and I’m harping on about pregnancy, but for all of those reasons I haven’t really travelled. When I was pregnant with Nova I went to France, Spain and even long-haul to America. So far I haven’t really felt up to it. However, I’m 15 weeks pregnant as I type this and seem to be getting over the nausea, so I can finally look forward to some adventures.

We’re heading on a Scottish road trip in May and we’ve booked a week in a villa in the south of France for June. I’ll be just on the recommended cut-off point by then so I expect to be waddling onto the plane and then straight off into the pool!

One thing is for sure though; we’re definitely going to have some fun adventures with these two mini-explorers in tow. Bring on the family travel!

Taylor Hearts Travel, Family Travel Blog

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  • Angie Silver 4 years ago Reply

    Congratulations Char!! I’m super excited for you!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 4 years ago Reply

    Thanks so much Angie! I’m excited too! x

  • Kasha 4 years ago Reply

    CONGRATULATIONS, CHAR! I’m so happy to hear this news that your little family is growing <3 You look amazing Xxx

    Taylor Hearts Travel 4 years ago Reply

    Aww thanks so much lovely! Still can’t believe that I’ll be a mama to two. So exciting! xx

  • Stephanie 4 years ago Reply

    Congratulations Char. What a wonderful news. Hope that the resting time comes as soon as possible!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 4 years ago Reply

    Thanks so, so much. Oh me too!!! x

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