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If you’re looking for your next parent escape idea, but only have a morning to spare why not try a couple’s jewellery making session? It’s something a little different, but you also get to take a little keepsake home. Bonus!

Jewellery Making

Last weekend I was finally free for one of the MK Bloggers events and so rather than spending my child-free day with my husband, I spent it with a bunch of local girls.  Sorry Jay! We hung out at The Goldsmithy Ltd in Stony Stratford learning how to make a ring, devouring brunch bites from Cameron’s Kitchen (the sweet potato, avo and feta was amazing!) and swapping blogging notes.

I couldn’t help thinking that jewellery making and blogging are similar – often it’s not that obvious how much work and effort goes into producing something so seemingly simple. We melted, grinded, polished and buffed a piece of metal, transforming it in just a matter of hours, but not without a lot of hard work.

The cosy goldsmiths is run by a lovely family and their passion is evident. They offer a cute service that allows couples to not only design a ring, but to also take part in making it. During our visit we only made one ring between ten or so of us and to be honest, most of the craftsmanship was by Paul so you can imagine how much skill and hard graft is needed. Still, it’s nice to play a part and to enjoy an experience.

A few years ago I was lucky enough to design my own engagement and wedding ring, and more recently eternity ring, but we didn’t get to take part in the making. We had to travel to Birmingham for ours, whereas The Goldsmith Ltd is just down the road from us so that would have been much easier. After having a taste of the experience I think I’ll be suggesting it for a future date, especially as there’s plenty of ring space on my other hand!

If you’re thinking about giving it a go, the Goldsmithy Ltd really encourage you to forget about jewellery and to just come in with an open mind. Truth be told, the photos of jewellery on their walls are not my cup of tea, but that’s because those creations are completely tailored to customers who obviously have different taste to me. This place is about forgetting the rings you see in the highstreet shops and in fact anyone else’s jewellery. It’s about creating something that’s exactly how you want it and supporting a lovely small business.

The Goldsmithy say it’s better for you to think about the things that matter to you, whether that’s someone (perhaps you’d want to incorporate a piece of their jewellery in with your design), a place or a hobby. They say that sort of mindset and approach is where the magic happens. Although my rings are pretty conventional, I absolutely love that my rings are bespoke to me, so I totally get what they’re saying.

If jewellery making isn’t your thing, but you still have a parent escape opportunity and you’re a blogger I’d definitely recommend looking up your local blogger network. Just a few hours with likeminded people, chatting about the blogosphere and free rein to have your camera out is so refreshing. The power of a parent escape should never be underestimated!

Replicate the Trip

Visit: The Goldsmithy Ltd, No 1 Odell’s Yard, 60 High Street, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes, MK11 1FA

Eat: Cameron’s Kitchen

Big thanks to WhitespaceStudio, Peel Juice Bar, Beauty Box by Alyson, Giraffe World Kitchen, Rocky Road Treats, Hello Stationary, Revolucion De Cuba, Beeswax Wraps, Pasha Turkish Bar and Grill, Cameron’s Kitchen, Popaball, Maaya, The Goldsmithy Ltd and Brand Mission for a lovely goody bag and event.

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