The Feathers Hotel in Woodstock

Bath at The Feathers Hotel in Woodstock, Oxfordshire

Staying at The Feathers hotel in Woodstock is charming and endearing…everything you’d probably expect from a hotel in this lovely little Oxfordshire market town.

But what makes this Woodstock hotel stand out is it’s staggering gin collection (it earned it a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records), the care for dog guests (treats, pillows and more) and the fine dining on offer in its restaurant.

Set in the heart of the town and within a moment’s reach of the grand Blenheim Palace, The Feathers offers a unique stay. It’s almost impossible to categorise. The White Company toiletries give it an air of luxury. The uneven bedroom floor creates that homely cottage vibe. The impressive bar collection brings the fun. And the menus add a further upmarket flourish.

The Feathers Hotel in Woodstock
The Feathers Hotel in Woodstock

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The Feathers Woodstock Review

There are 21 rooms at The Feathers, made up of 16 bedrooms and 5 suites.

A Family Stay in a Suite

I stayed in a suite, which meant there was one super spacious main bedroom, as well as a living room. As my 2 and 4 year old stayed with me the sofa in the living room was converted into a double bed for them.

Suite at The Feathers Hotel in Woodstock
The main bedroom

It was their first time sharing a bed and they loved it! Sure, there were a lot of giggles and whispers meaning they went to bed an hour past their bedtime, but it was really cute listening to them and seeing them snuggled up.

Stick Man Hardbook

The living room is a separate area, divided with a wall, but there’s no door at the entrance – instead just an archway. This worked better for us as they didn’t feel scared they were on their own and I didn’t need to worry about not hearing them.

Suite at The Feathers Hotel in Woodstock
The living room or second bedroom

The bedroom and living room are quite traditional, but don’t lack the modern features. There’s tea and coffee in the room, two flatscreen TVs with loads of channels and free, good wi-fi that doesn’t require you to jump through a million hoops to access it. It’s all very comfortable and easy to feel straight at home.

Suite at The Feathers Hotel in Woodstock
The main bedroom

The Bath Tub of Dreams

In my opinion the absolute best feature of the room is the bathroom. The bathtub is enormous, so much so that I enjoyed a dip with my little ones.

Bath at The Feathers Hotel in Woodstock, Oxfordshire
The gorgeous bath

There are nice toiletries for you to use, but I would recommend bringing some bubble bath or a bath bomb if you really want to make the most of it.

If you’re not a bath kinda person, there’s a lovely shower available too.

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The Feathers Dining and Menu

The hotel has an onsite restaurant and bar, serving really delicious meals, from a cooked breakfast, to a Sunday lunch or three-course dinner.

The menus regularly change and are small – there was only one vegetarian main dish on offer during my visit. That said the food is of a really high standard and served as a work of art. It was faultless, both for breakfast and lunch.

Roast dinner at the Feathers restaurant in Woodstock
The roast dinner
Dessert at the Feathers restaurant in Woodstock
Breakfast at The Feathers Hotel Woodstock

The kid’s meals are basically smaller portions of the adult choices. We scoffed olives and chunky bread while we waited and then my two shared one dish of sausages, broccoli and new potatoes, and another of the classic fish and chips. They also scoffed a ham and olive flatbread up in the bedroom for their tea. It all got a huge thumbs up, with my 4 year old telling me it was the best broccoli he’d ever tasted!

And it’s worth mentioning that staff were friendly and appreciated the need for us to take away cutlery and wine glasses from within the kid’s reach. They brought over colouring sheets and pencils for them too.

The Feathers Hotel in Woodstock
I highly recommend this drawing book for 4 year olds

You can choose to eat in the more formal restaurant or the laidback, dog-friendly bar area. And when I say dog-friendly, I mean it has plumped pillow beds for your pooch, a hamper selection of dog toys and tasty treat biscuits!

The Feathers Woodstock

Things to Do in Woodstock

Wondering what to do in Woodstock? Try some of these activities and nearby outings.

Drink Gin at the Famous Bar

If you haven’t got any children with you I’d recommend marking out an evening to try some of the 400 gins on offer at The Feathers bar. The gin collection at this ‘gin hotel’ is second to none.

The staff can pair gins with meals or recommend particular ones based on the seasons, your tastes and occasions. Sure you won’t get to try them all, but I’m sure you’ll have fun along the way.

Once my two had stopped giggling and finally drifted off, I toasted the night with a glass of Gin Mare in bed. There’s nothing like that first sip after a busy day of parenting!

The Feathers Woodstock

Blenheim Palace

This beautiful estate and sweeping grounds is just a 15-minute walk away or 1-minute car drive (there’s a car park) from The Feathers. We usually visit Blenheim Palace over Christmas and have been many times in the summer. It’s so lovely it’s listed as a World Heritage Site.

Little ones will be happy running wild, chasing each other in the maze and exploring the Butterfly House. If it’s raining you can enjoy the Place State rooms. You can buy tickets for both inside and outside, or just outside. Assuming the weather is nice, outside is enough for young kids.

Entry is pricey (from £18.50 for adults, £8.60 for over 5s – under 5s are free), so I’d only recommend visiting this if you’ve got at least a half day to play with. Anything less and you’re not doing it justice or getting your money’s worth.

If you’re looking for hotels near Blenheim Palace you can’t go wrong at The Feathers.

Shop at No 5 Park Street

Ah this is the sweetest shop. My little girl was immediately sucked in with the pastel bunnies and fluffy swan teddies in the windows.

No 5 Shop Woodstock
No 5 Park Street

You’ll find stylish, expensive, but oh so adorable gifts for children, as well as women’s clothes and jewellery.

It’s a small store, but just a few minute’s walk from the hotel. It was a good chance for the kids to run about the street and then have a little look inside.

Oxford Bus Museum

A 10-minute drive away from The Feathers hotel, you’ll find the Oxford Bus Museum. Tucked away at the end of a train station car park, you’ll find vintage buses and memorabilla, Morris Minor cars, and a play area, complete with ride-on play bus, toys and puzzles.

Oxford Bus Museum in Woodstock
Oxford Bus Museum

It’s a sleepy attraction that admittedly isn’t my usual cup of tea, but the kids loved it, especially as they could climb and touch a lot of it.

Entry is £5 per adult and under 5s go free. It’s only open on Wednesdays and Sundays, and special dates, so check ahead before visiting. We spent about 1.5-2 hours here. There’s a small cafe, gift shop, free parking and a bathroom with a change table.

Oxford Bus Museum in Woodstock
Oxford Bus Museum

Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum

Just a 2-minute walk from the hotel will take you to this small museum, filled with exhibitions and hands-on activities for little ones.

Entry is £4.50 for adults, £2.50 for over 5s and free for under 5s.

Overall Thoughts on The Feathers Hotel and Restaurant

If you’re looking for an affordable, homely stay with an air of unpretentious luxury this 17th Century hotel in Woodstock ticks the boxes. Find out more and book here.

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The Feathers Hotel in Woodstock
The Feathers Hotel in Woodstock

Disclosure: My stay and meal was gifted in return for coverage

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