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It’s one of those places that only the cool ones seem to know about it. People even go their on their own. It’s absolutely tiny, stylishly simple and the staff are pretty hot. As far as the important stuff goes (that’s the burgers…keep up), they’re rather ruddy tasty. All in all, The Burger House in Munich (Germany) is well worth a visit.


We lucked out and managed to waltz straight in without queuing.


We took the last two free seats. They were two stools up at the bar, rather than at a formal table, but we didn’t care. It meant we had front row seats to the centre stage – the kitchen.


It also meant that we were closest to the beers.



Two minutes later, the rumoured queue reappeared and hungry eyes filled the quiet street. We took that as a sign from above that we were meant to be there and obligingly started our burger feast.


The boy was in heaven, picking from a multitude of juicy, meaty burgers. I on the other hand, as a pescetarian (no meat), had my decision made for me – the veggie burger. I’m not sure if I was grateful for not having to choose or miffed at being bossed about. However, I took satisfaction in knowing that I would order a generous side of guacamole (one of my faves) to smother my burger. Depressingly they remained in control – they had sold out. I’m telling you, this place is uber popular – you have to be quick.


My falafel burger was topped with fresh leaves and was housed in a perfectly toasted carb-a-licious bun.



I opted for a side of hand-cut chips that were sprinkled with salt and cripsy deep fried sage. It was quite an unusual taste, and a surprisingly good one.


The chilli cheese fries were the star of the show for the boy. He would not stop telling me how good they were. Even tonight, a week or so later, he has announced in a defiant tone that he will be going back to The Burger House when he plays his gig in April.


The sidekick to the fries was a double house burger (medium rare), with extra cheese.


The desert sounded and looked the part, but didn’t live up to the epic-ness of the burgers – or chilli fries in Jay’s case. The Nutella chocolate cheesecake had all the promise of being devilishly rich, but was far too tame for me. That’s not to say that I didn’t polish it off with a huge grin on my face.


According to TripAdvisor (as at 30 October 2013) it’s rated 19 out of 2,093 restaurants in Munich. With roughly small eight tables and a population of just over 1.3million people in the city, you can probably see why The Burger House is seemingly always full. The phone didn’t stop ringing with take out orders. Good job the kitchen guys, one, knew what they were doing, and two, were not afraid to work their butts off.

With a meal and drinks for two only costing around £30, I think it’s a good thing that I don’t live in Munich; The Burger House would probably end up giving me a loyalty card…X

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  • Carl 6 years ago Reply

    Think I’ve decided to go to Munich just after seeing these burgers tbh haha! :D

    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    Good decision – you won’t be disappointed! :)

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