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I’m often asked how I find stylish family holidays or what sites I use to research family travel. Obviously I have a passion for family travel (hence the blog!), so I’m naturally interested in reading up on trip ideas. I get my fix lots of different ways so I thought I’d share them with you.

Family Travel Resources


Love it or loathe it, this platform has become my tool of choice. Sometimes it’s intentional. I’ll have a destination in mind and simply search various hashtags to help find family-friendly accommodation or things to do with a toddler. It seems to work well with finding hipster coffee spots – tired parents need caffeine! You can often scroll through the pics to see if they’re pushchair-friendly.

Sometimes though, it’s unintentional; I’ll be scrolling through some of my fave Instagrammers or using the ‘explore’ button and be totally inspired by someone else’s family holiday. I’ll find myself falling down the Instagram warren and a few hours later hovering over the ‘book’ button or on a more restrained day, simply making a note of the various links in the notes app on my phone!

Take a look at wearetravelmums and #familytravels and #familytraveltribe for some seriously inspiring travel-loving families. I also love Riley’s Travels – totally hoping to recreate their trip to Cappadocia, Run Wild My Child and Travel Mad Mum – wish I could persuade my Mr to embark on a family RTW trip!

Kid & Coe

Kid & Coe is a bit like Airbnb, but centred around stylish families. It showcases lots of gorgeous properties that are available for either rent or home exchange. It’s by families for families, so a stay typically includes things like stair gates, monitors, toys and properties are usually near parks.

A lot of them are in North America, but they do cover quite a few countries. I’m yet to book through them (mainly because I haven’t been over that way recently), but I’ve spent many an afternoon lusting after their boho pads.

The Kid & Coe blog also often has some good inspo on it and the posts are quite short so you can easily read them when you’re having a sneaky parent pause.

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Family Travel Blogs

I enjoy reading fellow family travel blogs and parent blogs for inspiration. I’m a little biased as I write for The Travel Hack, but it’s a good one to read. Monica (the founder) has two young children who are similar ages to mine. She has some good tips for skiing with a young family.

Mummy Daddy Me is another fave. Katie and her family often jet abroad during the school holidays. Their photos and vlogs are incredible, so it’s an easy one to follow. Fairly recent trips include Dubai and NYC.

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Travel Mad Mum (mentioned earlier) is a good resource for inspiration (her young family have only just recently returned from a round the world trip), but also for details on how to recreate the trip; where to stay, what to do etc.

Mummy Travels visits places that many would think are off limits for young families; Oman, Cambodia etc. Cathy sometimes travels without her husband, so it’s always interesting to read how she shows her little girl the world.

Naomi from Love Taza has the most gorgeous little ones and regularly travels with them and her husband. Even without the words, their photos and videos make me want to book more adventures.

Smith & Kids

Smith & Kids is an extension of one of my favourite travel sites, Mr & Mrs Smith. It’s a source of family-friendly hotels and child-friendly villas that don’t compromise on style, space or excitement. Yes, they’re often a little pricier, but I’ve found that convenience and style makes me happy, so it’s worth it in my opinion.

A lot of the properties offer free childcare, unique activities and toddler-safe beaches. Unlike some sites, you’ll only find stylish, luxury family travel here so it’s a fave of mine.

Tots to Travel

Tots to Travel specialise in family-friendly holidays, so the properties offer things like monitors, cots, highchairs, covered electrical switches and pool fences. If you’re new to parenthood or perhaps finding the concept of travelling with your baby a bit worrying, this is a good site to use. They take the stress out of baby holidays by dealing with the boring things like baby equipment.

Family Traveller

Family Traveller has a really helpful family travel blog that’s always full of tips and inspiration. It also has a pretty good travel competition page. From family-friendly festivals to family ferry holidays it has such a wealth of information on the site.

Thinking Outside the Box

This may not be for everyone, but my finds also come from just looking at what I love regardless of if it’s family-friendly or not. Yes, a pool gate is handy but whether a property has one or not doesn’t dictate whether I stay there.

We’re very much of the attitude that travel after kids carries on. The only thing that’s different is the pace (and the cuteness, of course!). We still travel long-haul and stay in incredible places.

So, that’s all from me. How about you? Where do you find your family-friendly finds?

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Family Travel Resources

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