The Mystery of Israel

Have you ever considered Israel as a destination that you’d like to visit? To be honest, it hadn’t really crossed my mind before. However, when Jay was asked to play a gig in Tel Aviv, my travel envy kicked in. I automatically wanted to tag along and explore this mysterious location.

Tel Aviv is the second capital city of Israel. If you can picture Egypt, look to your right and you’ll see Israel. It borders the Mediterranean Sea and Tel Aviv enjoys the luxury of the beach. Don’t worry – I had to look it up too.

Whilst Jay would be rehearsing and performing in a music venue of some sort, I wanted to….erm… I’m not sure actually. The usual activity operators seem to suggest day trips away from Tel Aviv. They spiel about Petra and the Dead Sea. Yeah, those two things are very high up on my travel wish list, but surely there have got to be some cool things to see or do in Tel Aviv too?

Tourist Israel (Israel’s leading independent travel website) reckons that Tel Aviv is the coolest city in the Mediterranean, and that it rivals New York and Miami. That’s a big and bold statement to make, but supposedly the New York Times think it’s pretty cool too. “It has a vibrant and diverse cultural scene” so the Tourist Israel site says. Well, I guess if an industrial/EBM band has been booked for a gig it must be quite open!

The architecture is said to be rockin’, with the White City being designated UNESCO World Heritage status. White City has the world’s largest collection of Bauhaus styled buildings. Supposedly, this area has been restored and is now one of the trendiest neighbourhoods. The street art is also supposed to be quite edgy, though I’m guessing the White City doesn’t have much of it!

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(image courtesy of Tourist Israel)

One of the main perks of Tel Aviv is the beach. As you’d probably guess surfing is popular here. From the pictures I’ve seen it looks like a good place to watch the sun set.

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(image courtesy of TripAdvisor)

I am told that there are several interesting markets worth checking out. They include a flea market in Jaffa, the Nachlat Binyamin Arts & Crafts fair, the daily Carmel Market, and a Friday Food Fair at Dizengoff Center.

Sadly I can’t make this trip, but Jay has two or three days out there. I can’t wait to hear what he gets up to.

If you’ve been to Tel Aviv before please free to suggest any recommendations. If you haven’t visited, is it somewhere that is on your travel list? I’d love to hear from you. X

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  • I have been to Tel Aviv twice last year and I must suggest that you should visit the Tel Aviv’s first city hall, it’s a monumental modernist structure built in 1927. The building was shuttered for some four decades before undergoing a meticulous restoration.

    Taylor Hearts Travel 6 years ago Reply

    Sounds interesting – I’ll have to check it out when I visit. Thanks for sharing!

  • […] remember that I mentioned the gig in Israel and how I couldn’t go on this occasion. Well, I have the next best thing for […]

  • cvail 7 years ago Reply

    I took the Bauhause free walking tour in Tel Aviv and would recommend it highly. I learned so much! Enjoy Israel!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 7 years ago Reply

    Sadly I didn’t get to visit this time – my husband did. It looks amazing though (I’ve posted some pics up on the blog today). When I go, I’ll be sure to look up the tour you mention. Thanks

  • nilanjanalahiri 7 years ago Reply

    Reading ur post was great :-)

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