Tandem Credit Card – The Traveller’s New Best Friend

I’ve lost count of the times my bank has stung me with non-sterling transaction fees. I swear if you added them up over the years it would be enough for another holiday!

I travel a lot, so I knew I needed to come up with a solution for our epic family trip to Canada and thankfully I’ve discovered Tandem. I’m so smitten with my new set-up now so I thought I’d share it with you guys.

Say Hello to Tandem

Goodbye Fees

At home I never have cash on me, instead preferring to pay by card so that I can keep tabs on my spending and not have to worry about losing ‘real’ money. When I’m away I don’t particularly want to change my spending style, so I usually take a little bit of currency (just enough so that I don’t live in fear of losing it) and then mainly use my bank card. Contactless just makes paying so easy, so why faff about with cash?

I bank with a building society who are said to have some of the lowest fees, but being charged 1.75%  on each overseas purchase and then a nominal £1 transaction fee adds up, especially if you’re making lots of little purchases throughout the day.

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No Overseas Transaction Fees

I think Tandem is the modern traveller’s best friend. Bold statement, I know, but there are no overseas transaction fees. Yep, you can use the card abroad without being charged a fee.

On my most recent trips to Canada and Ibiza I used the card all day long paying for coffee, lunch, tickets, dinner, drinks…you get the idea (see it in action in the vids) …and I never incurred any overseas transaction fees. It was amazing!

We spent £2000 whilst we were out in Canada spread out over nearly 50 separate transactions. If I would have used my normal bank card that would have cost me over £80 in bank fees. £80! It’s crazy!

So thanks to Tandem I used that saving to treat myself to a Canadian sweater that I’d been hankering after since our first trip to Canada. I’m also seeing future savings as the perfect excuse for another adventure and a great way to combat the travel blues!

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Tandem Credit Card, Tandem Banking

Easy, Friendly Banking

Tandem is so forward thinking. The application is online and took me no more than five minutes to complete.

Thanks to Instagram and Pinterest I’ve become accustomed to pretty fonts and friendly, chatty captions, and Tandem are so in tune with this. The application form is written in Plain English and is anything but boring. It may sound shallow, but I loved the cute sprinkles that appeared once my card was approved!

Tandem Credit Card, Tandem Banking

My card and pin arrived in the post within a few days and even the branding on those letters was super cute. The card comes in four amazing colours; turquoise, pink, blue and orange. I’m used to banking being very boring, whereas this all feels very fun!

Tandem Credit Card, Tandem Banking

Cool App Tracking

There’s a Tandem app that’s so cool! When you set it up little friendly prompts appear and it’s very easy on the eye. It’s all just very modern, if that makes sense.

It can help you with budgeting too if you want, which may mean more money for trips and what’s not to like about that?!

Tandem Credit Card App
Tandem Credit Card App

Cashback on Spends

I’d be happy with the Tandem credit card based on my previous points alone, but it gets even better. You earn 0.5% cashback on your purchases and the accumulated amount is deducted off your monthly statement. Money back for spending? Yes, please!

Tandem Credit Card, Tandem Banking

Tips for Using Your Tandem Card

I never use a credit card to get cash out, but if it’s something you do you might want to do bear in mind that in those instances you will be charged. If you know you’re going to need cash while you’re away I’d recommend getting a bit of currency changed before your trip.

Tandem Credit Card, Tandem Banking

When I applied for my card I was given the chance to set up a direct debit to pay the monthly bills. You can set it up for the minimum payment or full balance. I’d recommend setting it up for the full amount as if you don’t clear it each month you’ll incur fees.

There’s no 0% spend period like some cards, so I don’t use my card to borrow money so to speak. I use it like a debit card, so I’m only spending money that I have. I use the Tandem card to avoid overseas transaction fees and then pay it off using the money in my debit account.

Tandem Credit Card, Tandem Banking

The Verdict on the Tandem Credit Card

My only regret about this card is that I didn’t discover it sooner for my overseas trips. I have to admit that even I was dubious when I first read about it – you know when something seems too good to be true. However, after putting it through its paces I’m definitely a fan. Welcome to the Taylor family, Tandem. We’re going to have some epic adventures!

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Tandem Credit Card

This post is in collaboration with Tandem.

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