Hint, Hint! Book a Surprise Valentine’s Day Trip

For as long as I can remember I’ve wished that Jay would organise a surprise getaway, preferably around some sort of occasion that encourages him to be romantic. Apparently I’m just a much better organiser and traveller, which is why it always falls on me.

As Valentine’s Day is coming up and said trip still hasn’t happened I thought I’d spell out for the guy. 2018, I have high hopes for you.

If you’re in a similar boat, send this post on as a not so subtle hint. I’ll cross my fingers for you too.

The Three Keys to Booking a Surprise Trip

Tip 1: Let’s start with the obvious. Base said trip around your favourite travel companion, whether that’s your partner, bestie or mama. Jay and my 15-month old mini-explorer come as a pair, so they’re my favourites. We always have the best time wherever we go.

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When you’re planning the surprise trip make sure everything centres around them and not you. If they prefer sunnier climes go for that. If they’re a city lover, but you’re a fan of the wilderness, put them first on this occasion and take them to a city.

As a family we love the mountains and fresh air. We had the best time in Jasper National Park in Canada. The natural scenery scores highly with us and the long walks give Jay and I quality time to talk, while Nova snoozes in his pushchair. Win win!

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Tip 2: Let’s continue with another obvious one. Don’t tell them. You’ll be itching with excitement to tell them you’ve booked something. It’ll be hard to hide your (thoughtful) scheming, but hold it in. A surprise trip has the best effect if you can really keep quiet until the last moment. Their reaction will be priceless.

Sure, you could just blurt it out before you leave or reveal the destination once you’re at the airport. However, why not get creative? Make clues (perhaps an apple for a trip to the Big Apple aka New York) or even a treasure hunt using little notes that relate to things to do with your relationship.

Jay did a little treasure hunt around the house when he surprised me with an eternity ring last year. I had no idea and each note that I found contained a few lines about something memorable in our years together. I had to use the clue to work out what the event or milestone was before I got the directions to the next note. It was so thoughtful and reminded me of so many happy times together that had almost slipped my mind.

Tip 3: My next best bit of advice is to keep the surprises coming throughout the trip. Booking a surprise trip is going to score you points, but arriving to find a little hot tub on the balcony or a suite rather than a room is a sure way to keep the excitement.

You can always ask the hotel to organise some flowers in the room or some bubbles with dinner. Breakfast in bed, rather than in the restaurant is always a nice touch too. The ideas are endless, so if you’re going to make a fuss of your favourite why not pull out all of the stops?!

A Surprise Trip for Jay

As I mentioned the other day, Jay has just had a major op so our Valentine’s Day plans aren’t as exciting this year.

I’ve teamed up with the ‘slow holidays’ company Inntravel. They have just launched a range of new short break holidays which cover walking through different beautiful cities across Europe. Jay and I did a cycling holiday a few years ago and we said we’d love to try a walking one so that we could soak up the destination a bit more.

I went on a press trip to Austria and loved the snippet of the mountains that I explored. I remember texting Jay to tell him that we had to come back one day, so if I were to organise a surprise Valentine’s trip for him I’d go there. They have an awesome ‘Heights of Austria’ holiday, which sounds ideal.

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Parkhotel Billroth, Austria, Billroth, Austrian Lakes, Travel Blog, Taylor Hearts Travel, taylorheartstravel, Review, 2014, June, Views, Hotel, Accommodation,

The hotel that’s included has a glass wall at the end of the pool, which is opened on warm days in summer so I’d definitely aim for a visit in the warmer months. You can also upgrade to a junior suite so I’d definitely be doing that too. Like I said earlier, if you’re going to indulge you might as well go for it.

Ah 2018 Valentine’s Day you can’t come soon enough. Fingers crossed Jay gets the memo!

Have you booked a surprise trip before? Where did you go or would you go? X

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This post is in collaboration with Inntravel.

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  • Shikha (whywasteannualleave) 5 years ago Reply

    I got treated to a surprise bday and Valentine’s trip (they’re pretty close together) a couple of years ago in Marrakech….unfortunately, he let it slip just a few days before we went, by saying something mundane about house stuff and blurting out “We can sort it when we’re back from Marrakech!!!” Still, it was a lovely treat but it did mean I then had to do my own packing which I hate and which, before he let it slip, he had been planning to do for me!

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