Sunshine Farm in Review

Valais Blacknose Sheep at Sunshine Farm in Northampton

I couldn’t help but write this review of Sunshine Farm (or The Sunshine Farm). Not only is it a fairly new thing to do in Northampton (cue much excitement), but it’s cheap as chips and pretty lovely. After 2.5 hours there I had to tear my kids away. Even the non-stop rain didn’t put them off and as soon as we left they said they want to go every day – you can’t get a better endorsement than that!

The Sunshine Farm in Northampton

^Sunshine Farm in less than a minute!^

So what makes it so special? Well, it’s perfect for under 5 year olds in my opinion. It offers a small circuit loop that’s ideal for little legs. They can toddle and run about on the flat, wide pathways without needing a carry. Winning!

My 3 and 5 year old did three loops in the end and would have happily stayed. The entrance and exit is right next to the car park too so you don’t need to worry about carting them for that part either.

The Animals at Sunshine Farm

But, let’s face it, the pathways aren’t what brings you to Sunshine Farm. It’s the animals! The loop starts with two very friendly horses who have a lovely big, grassy area to roam. One in particular is very insistent on being fed the carrots, almost shirking the chance of a stroke just to get them.

You can pick a bucket of animal feed at the entrance for just £2. It’s one big bucket full of smaller pots, all labelled and filled with different food, so you know who to give what.

Sunshine Farm Northampton
Sunshine Farm Northampton
Sunshine Farm in Northampton

The Cutest Residents

Follow the pathway through to the next pens – though I use that term loosely because it really does feel like the animals have a lot of space, especially compared to some other farms. You’ll find a few goats and then The Sunshine Farm’s star residents – The Valais Blacknose.

Wondering what they are? Yeah, I hadn’t heard of the name either. They’re sheep, but not just the ones you’ve seen elsewhere. These guys are said to be the cutest breed in existence, no really. And I mean, after seeing them I definitely would have to agree.

Valais Blacknose Sheep at Sunshine Farm in Northampton

They’re famous for their shaggy coats and twirly horns. But it’s their little dark faces and seemingly non-existent eyes that just make them so curious and alluring. My two (and me!) loved them.

Valais Blacknose Sheep at Sunshine Farm in Northampton

Further round you’ll find chickens and birds, including peacocks. Food chutes make it much easier for little ones to feed them.

My Favourites!

And finally the loop ends with our personal favourites, Thor and Appollo. They’re the cutest pygmy goats and absolutely adorable! They love a good scratch, cuddle and feed. We probably spent the most time with them because, utter cuteness!

Tip: Keep an eye on their FB page for dates and times of the special children’s petting pen on the lawn for a very special meet and greet with them.

Sheep-Walking and Cuddle Experience

If you really want to step out of the box, you can pay a bit extra to take the sheep for a walk and get up close and personal with them. I didn’t dare tell my two and thankfully no one was walking them when we visited, but if you’ve got the cash to splash I can imagine it’s a great experience. It certainly gives you something to talk about when you’re asked how your weekend was!

Tip: At the time of writing you can’t book that experience online, but instead need to call or message in advance.

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Sunshine Farm With Kids

As well as the animals, little ones can enjoy a whole range of board games, space hoppers and activities on the pretty lawn. The best bit is the cafe and outside seating looks onto the lawn so parents can relax, whilst they play.

There’s also a small, but very nice playground complete with giant wooden tractor, big swing and a few other bits. Again, this is right by the lawn and seating so the perfect set up.

Playground at Sunshine Farm in Northampton
Playground at Sunshine Farm in Northampton

Opening Times at Sunshine Farm Northampton

At the moment, the farm is only open on a Saturday. You can either book a morning slot (10am-1pm) or an afternoon slot (1.30pm-4.30pm).

They’re also offering birthday party slots at 3.30pm.

Prices at The Sunshine Farm

Entry costs £3.50 and a bucket of animal feed costs £2. You can book online here and pay for the animal feed on arrival, either by cash or card.

You can also pay by card at the onsite cafe.

Parking is free.


Sunshine Farm, Northampton, NN6 9BN

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Covid Safety

There’s a one way system in place, plus hand sanitizer is available (though in my opinion perhaps a few more stations would be good). A deep clean takes place between the two slots and all staff wear masks and/or PPE. I felt safe and happy, especially as it’s an outdoors setting.


  • Leave the buggy. The pathways are wide enough, but it’s not all smooth. Plus, it’s a great place to let little ones toddle about.
  • Do more than one loop if you have time.
  • Buy animal feed on arrival.
  • No need to print your tickets – give your name or show your email confirmation.
  • Don’t miss the bug hotel in the car park!
Bug Hotel

Have you been? What did you think? For such a cheap and local day out I have no doubts I’ll be back.

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