6 Stylish Camera Bags That Will Make You Swoon

Buying a new camera can be a daunting experience. Browsing stylish camera bags is a lot more fun!

In a world full of camera jargon, it took me weeks to decide which camera to go for. Parting with such a big amount of cash (the equivalent of a city break or even a long haul flight) is such a BIG commitment.

Now the deed is done I’m excited for a practical, but stylish DSLR camera bag.

And so, I’ve discovered a world of stylish camera bags for women. It hasn’t been an easy experience. It seems not everyone wants a pretty bag. To save you the trouble, here are my favourite finds…

6 of the Best Ladies Camera Bags

Stylish camera bags
Stylish camera bags

1. The Anna Tote

The Anna Tote is a gorgeous camera bag from Kelly Moore. It can carry up to 10″ lenses, camera body, flash, batteries, phone and other bits. If you want to shove your laptop in it can accommodate those up to 15″.

It has detachable padded compartments that can be rearranged to suit your camera and lenses. It also makes a lovely bag for the days when you don’t need your camera with you.

Priced at $229 (about £144)*, think of it as a necessity – a very pretty necessity.

2. The Siena

I love this bag from Jo Totes. It looks like a regular handbag from the outside, but inside it’s divided into three compartments. They’re padded so you can safely store your camera and additional lenses. They’re even detachable so you can move them around to accommodate your own kit.

Priced at $179 (though on sale at the moment at $149), it’s not too bad for a camera and handbag in one. Jo Totes (by Johansen Camera Bags) ships worldwide.

You can see it in action here:

3. The Olive Sightseer Lens Pouch

This cute camera bag is lined with an Aztec flannel fleece, cushioning your lenses in softness. The outside is crafted in wax canvas and leather.

This bag has a false bottom to hide your memory cards, batteries or stack lenses. This is a small stylish camera bag, so obviously best suited to a small camera.

This beauty will knock you back £179.99.

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4. Billingham Hadley

Made in England, this timeless, waterproof camera bag comes with removable padded inserts, so you can accommodate your camera kit as you need. It can fit two rangefinder cameras with lenses attached, a premium mirrorless camera with two or three small to medium lenses, or a mid-sized DSLR (without battery grip).

It comes with a luggage strap to make carrying it a breeze. Choose from sage and chocolate for a chic safari style or black for a classic look.

5. Michael Kors Jet Set Camera Bag

If you’re into designers and you like a classic stylish camera bag then this is a great option. That said, it’s definitely more in the stylish camp than practical. It’s a camera bag in the sense of its shape – there are no padded inserts. It’s pretty small, so more suited to a point and shoot type camera or lenses and accessories for your camera.

Available in ‘luggage’ which translates as tan, and pale gold, this camera bag looks more like a handbag. Currently retailing at £179.99.

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6. No More Ugly Camera Bag

This camera backpack is made from vegan leather and features a padded insert to incorporate a multitude of lenses and gear. You can adjust the inserts to fit your kit, even including a 15″ laptop.

There’s a passport pocket, notebook pocket and adjustable backstraps. It’s like they’ve thought of everything.

You’ll need to part with £137 for this camera backpack bag.

Which one is your favourite? What do you carry your camera in? X

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  • Camera and Laptop Bag 7 years ago Reply

    Wow! That is brilliant! And way more stylish than a regular camera bag too I must say! I might try this too! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 7 years ago Reply

    You’re very welcome!

  • Andy 7 years ago Reply

    Hi Taylor, I was just going through my referrals in Google Analytics and spotted your site then made my way to this post. Great to see that you liked the Lockwood and thanks very much for posting about it.

    If you ever want a coupon code for yourself or to share on the site just drop me an e-mail and I’ll get it sorted out.

    Taylor Hearts Travel 7 years ago Reply

    Hi Andy, you’re very welcome. It looks like a great product. I’ll drop you a line – thanks.

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