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Gubałówka Funicular in Zakopane Poland

Zakopane (Poland) with Kids

We visited Zakopane (Poland) as part of our family holiday to Poland. Originally the plan was to just head to Krakow (the lure of cheap flights), but I’m a mountain girl so we couldn’t resist tagging on a trip to Zakopane. If you’re thinking of visiting the area too, here are our family friendly suggestions. What to do in Zakopane Poland 1. Eat and Play There’s an art gallery on the main street (Krupówki) that you enter via an unassuming door….

Main Square in Krakow Poland

A Blogger’s Guide to Krakow

If you like your weekend breaks to be cheap, then let me introduce you to the oh so wonderful, Kraków in Poland. Cheap flights, cheap accommodation and cheap beer. What’s not to like?! Whilst it’s cheap in terms of cost, it’s rich in what it has to offer, so let me tell you all about it… My Fave Things to Do and See Plaza in Kraków (aka the Main Square) This large square is fringed with unassuming restaurants and bars that have discreet…

The First Trip With A Newborn and a Toddler

Madness! That’s what we’re told, right? Travelling with a baby is too much hard work and with a toddler too, well that’s just a recipe for disaster. Our first trip with both of our mini-explorers was in December to Poland. We spent a few days in Krakow, mainly for the Christmas markets, and a few days in Zakopane, for the alpine experience. For the non-parents, Nova was two years old and for the fellow parents who still count ages in months,…

7 Fun Things to do in Krakow with Kids

Wondering what to do in Kraków? We visited Kraków in December with our young family (Kit was three months old and Nova was two years old) and we had a great time. If I’m honest, it was better than we anticipated and we’re keen to go back (but without our little ones – sorry kids! – read on and you’ll see why!). 7 Things to do in Kraków 1. Visit the Cool Cafes Kraków is full of hipster cafes, many of which turn into little bars in the evening….

Introducing Our Second Mini-Explorer

My second mini-explorer has now arrived into the world! A daughter, a sister to my little boy, Nova, and our newest travel companion. Our hearts were already full with love when Nova came into our lives just under two years ago – or so we thought. Her arrival has increased those feelings beyond belief. ^^My last bump pic^^ We’ve named her Kit Taylor. Wanting something short and unique, but not too out there, we picked the name really early on,…

Visit Valencia with kids

10 Easy Ways You Can Help a Travelling Parent

I’m often asked how you can help a travelling parent. You’re sat on your own with your bags safely stored in the cabin, glossy magazine at the ready and hot drink in hand. You clock the weary parents carrying a million bags and an excitable/tired/stressed/gurgling (likely all of the above) baby, trying to navigate the busy aisle and into their seats. You want to help, but you don’t know them and you don’t have children. Will you suddenly be…

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Travelling with a 6 Month Old and 2 Year Old – Puglia Lowdown

Our second overseas adventure with two children, a six month old baby and a two year old toddler, was to Puglia in Italy. If you read about our first trip with two kids (to Poland) you’ll know that one was nice, but a little challenging! So how did this trip go? In short, it was really lovely, apart from the super late flight home. Sightseeing all day then flying at 9pm and getting home at 2am is just not the one with two young kids. However,…

Main Square in Krakow Poland

Krakow with Kids – Is it worth it?

We visited Krakow in December with our two mini-explorers, who were at the time, 2 years old and three months old. Would we visit Krakow again with two young kids? Yes and no. Yes because… We got to enjoy a wintery experience without it being too cold for the kids. We were braced for freezing temperatures, but it was actually quite mild and colder back in the UK. We dressed Nova in sallopettes, thermals and his winter coat, but some days we…

Visit Valencia with kids

A City Break with a 3 Year Old and 1 Year Old

I’m not sure if you’d call me mad or brave to take our 3 year old (Nova) and 1 year old (Kit) on a city break. Perhaps under normal circumstances you might not think it’s a big deal, but those of you who have been here for a while may remember that our last city break was tricky at times and our last flight back (which just so happened to be a longer one) was a disaster. The city break was to Kraków in Poland and I found it a bit stressful….

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