Sarlat Market – Everything You Want to Know

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The Sarlat market takes place in Sarlat, in south west France. There are actually two markets, one permanent, covered Sarlat market (Marche Couvert) and one temporary market on a Saturday and Wednesday.

Both locals and tourists flock to these markets. So what’s all the fuss about?

Your Guide to the Weekly Sarlat Market

Sarlat Market
Sarlat Markets

The Sarlat market arrives weekly, typically on a Saturday and a Wednesday. The Saturday market is one of the biggest weekly markets in the Dordogne region.

Sarlat Market

What does Sarlat Market Sell?

Fresh vegetables, garlic, foie gras, other duck and goose products, local cheeses, breads, oils, walnuts, truffles and other local delicacies.

Tip: This region of France is famed for foie gras and truffles. Truffle infused vodka, foie gras burgers…you’ll find just about every combination in Sarlat.

Sarlat Market Opening Times

The Wednesday food market is usually open from 8am to 1pm in Place de la Liberté.

The Saturday market usually runs in the city centre from 8.30am to 6pm. You’ll also find a food market on a Saturday morning (8.30am to 1pm) in Place de la Liberté.

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Your Guide to the Sarlat Marché Couvert

The covered market (Marche Couvert) is a permanent market, hidden within a former church. It’s right in the centre of the town. And as it’s covered and enclosed, it’s a great thing to do in Sarlat when the weather isn’t so kind.

It’s not massive, but it’s good to have a mooch around. You’ll find locals and their pet dogs picking up their everyday essentials. There are also a lot of tourists trying to take snaps and pick up souvenirs.

Sarlat Market in France

What does Sarlat Marché Couvert Sell?

There are baskets of garlic and hanging cheeses. Wines, marmalade and preserves – basically if you can eat or drink it you’ll probably find it here.

Garlic at Sarlat Market in France

What Else?

On one side of the market you’ll find huge, huge sweeping doors that any normal person would struggle to open. The other entrance is a lot less dramatic, so make sure you walk through the market to appreciate both sides.

Sarlat Marché Couvert Opening Times

In the high season it’s open everyday from 8.30am to 2pm, except on a Friday when it’s open from 9.30am to 8pm.

Wine at Sarlat Market in France

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Your Guide to the Sarlat Night Market

What Does the Night Market Sell?

The night market specialises in organic produce.

When is the Sarlat Night Market?

Every Thursday from 6pm-10pm in Place 14 Juillet.

More Things to Do in Sarlat

The town centre is based around one main street, Rue de la Republique. It’s full of cafés that spill out onto the cobbles, selling overpriced croissants and macaroons.

Waiters rush around trying to feed the hoards of tourists and hungry families huff and puff at the wait for a table. Children squish their faces against the glass of the ice-cream chiller, eyeing up the layers of swirls.

A warren of narrow lanes and stone buildings feed from the main street. They make you forget about the tourist gimmicks – they create an air of mystery.


Some lead to nowhere, some sneak back on themselves bringing you out right back where you started, and some seem to go on forever. The winding lanes are full of French charm. Cute window shutters adorn the stone buildings and seemingly understated, but equally grand turrets sit on top of the buildings that you instantly know are of some historical importance.

Sometimes a seemingly dead-end catches you off guard, revealing a tiny bistro or a local’s courtyard. Other times the warren washes you back out into one of the small plazas selling paintings.

Sarlat France

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Tip: Sarlat may be a little touristy, but if you explore the winding lanes you can escape the crowds.

Sarlat Market
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