Roomzzz Aparthotel Reviewed: Home From Home

Roomzzz Aparthotel, Newcastle, Travel, Review, Lights, Luxury

Sliding on the wooden floors past the lounge area, the spacious kitchen, the huge flat screen TV on the wall, and then the second flat screen TV in the bedroom, I paused mid-slide, looking like I was attempting to master the splits. I hadn’t even made it all the way round the apartment, but my cheeks were hurting from my smiling so much.

Roomzzz Aparthotel, Newcastle, Travel, Review, Lights, Luxury

This state of happiness is waiting to drench itself in you too. Simply spend no more than around £100 and you could have your very own home from home, slap bang in the centre of Newcastle. You could also win your stay as part of a lovely prize in a #Explore4Canada competition, but then you’d just be copying me.

In the Hub

A short five-minute walk from the train station (if you know what direction to go in), and an enjoyable ten minute walk to the beautiful River Tyne, Roomzzz Aparthotel is a great base that is perfect for exploring. You only have to look at the tunnel for your first glimpse of quirky finds in Newcastle, or two minutes down the road for the strange trolley art.

Brick, wall, art, Newcastle, Roomzzz Aparthotel

Taxis are easy to flag down (or you can use the rank at the nearby train station), Dominos deliver (!), and the shops are within reach. It really is a good location. Come night time, there’s even a security gate in operation to make you feel really safe.

Liberty Suite

I stayed the beautiful Liberty Suite; a sophisticated apartment that oozes just the right notch of comfort and glamour. The bedroom, although small in size, is big in cosy laziness. A memory foam mattress, crisp sheets and fluffy pillows make for a perfect snooze – you’ll need it if you’re planning to party in the toon.

Roomzzz Aparthotel, Liberty Suite, Bedroom, Newcastle, Review

The bathroom is the ultimate partner in getting ready for an infamous night out in Newcastle. You won’t be short of mirror space, or in fact any space at all. There is loads of room for dress twirling and powdering your nose.

Roomzzz Aparthotel, Liberty Suite, Newcastle, Kitchen, Travel

If you’d rather stay in and play home, you could easily host a dinner party if you really wanted to (Come Dine With Me anyone?). Forget a miniscule hob or a rusty microwave, everything in this kitchen glimmers. From the sleek built-in microwave, to the oven and fridge-freezer, you name it and you’ll find it here. There’s even low-level lighting to set the mood for a romantic dinner for two.

Roomzzz Aparthotel, Liberty Suite, Oven, Newcastle, Kitchen

After your dinner (or in my case your big night out), relax back into one of the armchairs, stick the TV on and feast on some tasty treats. Big shout out to Nim (who organised the #Explore4Canada competition) for my lovely bag of sweet goodies. They were well received.

Roomzzz Aparthotel, Liberty Suite, Lounge, Dining Room, Newcastle, Travel, Review


You can either choose to buy your own stocks and cook breakfast in your room, or if you’re in a rush grab a cute paper bag from Pantry on the ground floor and fill it with a carton of juice, fruit and fresh pastries. Just make sure you’re quick as by 10am they’ll be gone. You can also buy a few snacks from this area at any point throughout your stay.

Roomzzz Aparthotel, Pantry, Newcastle, Breakfast, Review

Best Bits

I know, I know – you’re thinking what could be better than all I’ve said so far. Well, free wifi AND free local and national UK landline calls. For a travel blogger like me, those things score highly and I’m sure they do for you too. Oh, and one of the really best bits about Roomzzz Aparthotel is that there is currently 20% off two-night (or more) stays. For the amazing customer service you’ll receive, the slick apartment you’ll live in and the location, you couldn’t ask for more. I’m definitely looking forward to finding out if the Leeds and Manchester Roomzzz Aparthotel are just as good. X

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