Quinny Yezz Air Video Review

Quinny Yezz Air Review

Looking for a super lightweight, modern travel stroller? The Quinny Yezz Air could be the stroller for you! Read our review or watch our video and let us know what you think. If you’ve got any questions about the Quinny Yezz Air feel free to leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer.

Quinny Yezz Air Video Review

The innovative and limited edition Quinny Yezz Air is a definite contender for travels. It’s pretty modern in terms of the way it looks and is currently available in lime/grey (aka lemon flow) or peach/grey (aka coral flow).

If you’re planning on mainly travelling to warm destinations, you’ll love the airflow feature. The seat reminds me of a hammock. In technical terms Quinny describe it as ‘3D knitting technology’. Basically it’s lightweight and almost like a mesh, so the air flows through it really easily. Nova gets super toasty in the UK, let alone abroad so it’s refreshing to use a stroller that allows him to ‘breathe’. Hurrah for no sweaty back!

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The downside of the seat is that it doesn’t recline at all. This didn’t bother us to start with, but actually it’s not practical if your baby likes to nap. We found that our little (approx. 6 months) boy’s head kept lolling forward. We tried to makeshift a neck support from muslins/blankets but it’s a bit of a hassle.

Quinny Yezz Air Review

The Quinny Yezz Air has a sunshade that also has an additional bit of a fabric that you can whip out, so I guess you’d say it’s a two position shade. It provides good coverage, but our other stroller (Nuna PEPP Luxx) is better.

Quinny Yezz Air Review Video

The Quinny Yezz Air weighs 5kg and is a one piece stroller (i.e. you don’t need to remove any parts to collapse it). It folds into one of the most compact, neat shapes we tested. It has a handle so you can just swing it on your shoulder and carry it like a satchel. In fact it’s so compact it easily fits in a holdall if you want to stow it on the plane. There is an official Quinny travel bag, but it doesn’t have any padding so there’s that to think about. This travel stroller can also stand up on its own in its folded position.

It takes quite a bit of force to open and close the stroller, which can be a little discerning. I always feel like I’m going to break it.

Quinny Yezz Air Review Video

The downside of this super lightweight, innovative stroller is that it’s fragile. It survived one flight and then on the way home it broke, with the handle bar snapping completely in two meaning that the hammock couldn’t support our little man. This meant that we had to carry him and all our luggage to the damages desk. Sigh. Obviously this could have just been a spell of bad luck with rough baggage handlers, but it’s something to think about.

On the plus side the Quinny Yezz Air comes with a lifetime warranty – they’re that confident in their product. They were more than happy to arrange collection of ours (even though we didn’t buy it directly from them), repair it and then return it back to us.  We also got a complete refund from the airline in the end, so it wasn’t all doom and gloom.

Quinny Yezz Air Review Video

What else do you need to know?

The Quinny Yezz Air doesn’t have a basket so you’ll need to carry your changing bag and anything else. There is a deep pocket on one side made from the same stretchy fabric as the hood. We tend to use it for bottles, muslin, hat etc.

The brake system is pretty easy to use – just tap the brake pedal.

It pushes really nicely on flat, smooth surfaces. You can even push it with one hand and turn it back on itself without much effort. We walked miles and miles, up and down roads and paths with the stroller and it was a breeze. It’s obviously pretty minimal to make it lightweight so it doesn’t have a big suspension system. If you go over cobbles you’ll both feel it.

Quinny Yezz Air Review Video

Should you buy the Quinny Yezz Air?

It costs around £175 for the Quinny Yezz Air so it’s not cheap, especially if you don’t travel that often. We venture to new places pretty regularly so we felt that the price tag could be justified. The stroller should last until about your little one is 3.5 years old, so if you buy it early on you’re essentially looking at just under £60 per year, which isn’t that much really. The lifetime warranty should see you through any mishaps too.

I’d give this travel stroller a 7/10. I love how modern and light it is, and the fact I can sling it on my shoulder (great for climbing the stairs at a hotel or boarding a plane), but I feel let down by the fact it snapped in two on our flight.

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Have you got one? What do you think? Or are you thinking about buying this one?

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Quinny Yezz Air Video Review

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Comments (2)

  • vikki bell 4 years ago Reply

    Hi, I am currently looking at buying a Quinny Yezz Air. My mother lives in Lanzarote so I travel there frequently, I like the fact the seat is knitted so breathes, fab for hot climes but I was wondering if you thought It would be chilly for little ones here in UK in colder months? I wouldn’t be using the Quinny as a main pushchair but it will get some use during quick trips and probably more use when my little boy walks more. I wondered whether to get the Quinny yezz original instead if the Air seat could be a bit drafty? thanks :)

    Taylor Hearts Travel 4 years ago Reply


    What a lovely excuse to have lots of overseas trips! I don’t think it’d be great for winters in the UK on a regular basis. Your little one would definitely need a blanket and long coat to keep the chill out from their back. If it’s for the odd, short dash to the shops you’d be ok. I guess you need to weigh up how much use it will get in the warmer weather against the colder, as it’s definitely good for hotter places. Perhaps you could pick up a second-hand one? :)

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