12 of the Prettiest Suitcases

12 of the Prettiest Suitcases

29 November, 2016
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Looking for pretty, stylish luggage? I have a whole host of beautiful suitcases for you. Whether you want to treat someone or yourself, investing in a quality piece of luggage is a must in my opinion.

A few years ago Santa Jay bought me my much beloved lemon Samsonite suitcase. It was such a thoughtful present and that case has been on so many trips. It’s compliant with hand luggage sizes so there’s never any doubt as to whether I should bring it. It has a hard shell, yet it’s super lightweight so it doesn’t eat into my luggage allowance. Most importantly though, it’s pretty!

The few times I check it in, the colour¬†means that I can spot it on the luggage carousel in no time at all. I’ve only met one other person with the same case and they had a larger version. I wasn’t jealous at all…

Anyway, as Christmas is coming up it seems appropriate to share these gorgeous suitcases with you.

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