The Very Best Presents for Travellers

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Buying presents for travellers is easy. You’ve just got to think outside of the box. Forget boring passport covers and luggage tags, show off your fancy present-buying skills by buying an amazing gift for the traveller in your life. Sure, flights, hotel stays or expensive cameras would be fab, but if Santa is feeling a little stretched this year one of the following should score you some pretty big points. Use the > arrow on the widgets to see the full collection of ideas.

Oh and if your wanderluster is more of the roaming nomad kind, skip the material things and head towards the end of this post for some original ideas.

A Colouring Book

Whether your friend is constantly flying or takes a slower approach via train there’s no denying that travelling to a destination can take forever (or at least it feels that way). And don’t even get me started on the airport wait when your flight gets delayed. Both my train to London and back home got cancelled last weekend so I totally could have done with one of these.

Some of these are aimed at adults and some at littles, but don’t worry, I won’t make judgment on whichever one you go for. It’s for a friend, right? Yeah, totally for a friend.

A Mini-Explorer Outfit

Do you have a mini-explorer in your life? All of these adorable plane-inspired outfits will have your rummaging for your bank card in no time. You’re welcome.


Whether your travel-loving friend gets changed into their best PJs for the overnight flight or to help glam up a basic hotel room, you can’t really go wrong with nightwear. My friends always laugh at me because they say I dress like a princess for bed. I have a super comfy, but very pretty maxi nightdress that I wear a lot. I guess teamed with my staple eye mask, it does make me look a bit dressed up, but I say why not?!

A Round Beach Towel

I’m not going to lie. Thanks to Instagram I’m a little bit obsessed with round beach towels. Totally not practical, but oh so pretty. I don’t even go to the beach that often, but I guess they could double up as a cute bath mat?! You don’t need my lame justifications. Your fellow travel-love bestie will appreciate this gift, I’m sure.

A Pretty Beach Towel

Ok, ok. I suppose some of you may prefer a beach towel that might actually dry more than just a millimetre of you or I don’t know, allow you to lie down rather than sit uncomfortably. However, that doesn’t mean you have to buy an ugly towel. Oh no. Here are my top picks for the practical, but still so stylish wanderer.

A Hat

Ah the beloved hat. The traveller’s answer to bad hair days. The parent’s answer to getting through sleepless nights (along with a big coffee or two, of course). You can never have too many hats, so if you’re unsure what present to buy for a traveller, this could well be the one. I know I probably shouldn’t love it, but how amazing is the grey cat one?!

Headphones and Splitters

I’m not going to lie, I’m really into technical specs. Boring. I’ve picked these headphones because they’re so pretty (well, except for the darling Peppa Pig ones that Nova suggested). Who unwraps a present and oohs and ahs over a spec?! Nope, the looks get the ‘wows’ and these beauts will win you those. And maybe an ‘awwww’ for the super cute lion ones!

More Presents for Travellers (less things, more experiences)

If you’re looking for something that’s well, a little less, physical I’ve got you covered…

♥  Laser hair removal session – because nobody wants to faff about with stubbly legs when you’re travelling

♥  Flytographer or Localgrapher session – basically an open air photoshoot with a proper photographer during your travels

♥ Currency – yes, money really does talk. If you want to make it cuter, divide bigger amounts into envelopes labelled with what it’s for – dinner, cocktails at sunset etc

♥ Language class [German

, French
, Spanish
]  – a lifelong skill, now that’s an evergiving present

♥ An airport lounge session – help make an exciting trip even more exciting

♥ Kindle Reading Voucher

 – send them reading material without taking up precious bag space

Want more ideas? Head over to my travel shop

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