Pregnancy Holiday Packing List (With Printable!)

Planning on taking a little pregnancy holiday (or pregnancy vacation as some of you say!)? Good for you! I went on a few babymoon getaways with both of my pregnancies and loved them.

Pregnancy Holiday Packing List

There are a few things to think about with pregnancy travel, particularly depending on what pregnancy trimester you’re in, so I’ve created a handy printable pregnancy holiday packing list.

My babybrain fog was a pain in the neck and I often found myself wandering to get something to pack and then completely forgetting what it was. Now that my babies are here and the fog has lifted I thought I’d help you have the best babymoon with this pregnancy travel packing list. You’re welcome!

Pregnancy Travel Tips

You can also find 30 super handy pregnancy travel tips here and if you haven’t decided on where to go you can find over 11 of the best babymoon ideas here.

Ready to tick off this babymoon packing list? Let’s go!

Pregnancy Items

1.      Pregnancy Notes

Take your pregnancy notes with you (in your hand luggage) and leave a copy with a friend or family member just in case you lose your set and need them while you’re away.

2. Medical Certificate and/or ‘Safe to Fly’ Letter

Check your airline pregnancy policy to see if you’re required to bring one. Airline pregnancy rules vary, especially the further along you get. This handy post on flying while pregnant lists and links a lot of the airline rules in a simplified, easy to understand way.

3. Translated Food List

There are some foods that the NHS (or equivalent) advise against eating while you’re pregnant. If you’re travelling to a place where they speak another language consider using Google Translate to type a super simple letter that explains you’re pregnant and the foods you need to avoid.

4. Snacks

And talking of food, make sure you pack some lots of snacks in your hand luggage. I used to always pack some mints, which helped to ease any waves of nausea. Cereal bars, vegetable crisps – anything that isn’t going to get too squished and that will keep is usually good.

5. Reusable Water Bottle

This is particularly handy if you’re flying when pregnant. Those teeny tiny plastic cups they give you hold about one mouthful of water. You need to drink lots when you’re pregnant, so take a resuseable water bottle. Airport and plane staff are usually more than happy to fill them up for you. I like the ones that keep the water cold for up to 12 hours, especially in warm destinations.

6. Pregnancy Vitamins

If you’re taking them, don’t forget to bring enough with you.

7. Compressions Socks

The best compression socks for pregnancy travel are ones that fit well and hold their shape. No point getting a large if you don’t need that size and then having them slide down. Kinda defeats the purpose. You’re more at risk of swelling when you’re pregnant so a pair of compression socks helps to reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis.

8. Pregnancy Lilo

Going somewhere with a pool or to the beach? Defy the odds to lay on your front with a cleverly designed pregnancy lilo!

9. Heartburn Relief

Don’t get caught out with closed pharmacies by packing your own pack of antacids, like Rennie. It’s not like it takes up much space in your luggage.

10. Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

It’s hard enough to get comfortable to sleep when you’re pregnant, let alone without adding in an annoying Fire Exit sign in your hotel room or snoring guest next door. Give yourself the best chance of rest by bringing an eye mask and ear plugs with you.

11. Hand Sanitizer

Minimise the chance of getting ill by using this stuff. Opt for the alcohol-free hand sanitizer if you can and a handy travel size bottle.

12. Free Downloads

Get yourself a trip planning app to gauge walking distances, opening times etc, a toilet one to find the nearest loo, and Spotify to download a hypnobirthing and/or chill out play list just in case you go into early labour.

13. Fan

If you’re going somewhere hot pack a little fan to help keep you cool.

Forget the Babymoon Pillow

If you’re wondering about taking a babymoon pillow, I wouldn’t bother. Sure, if you’re staying fairly local or travelling by car go for it if it helps. However, if you’re flying while pregnant I wouldn’t bother lugging a big babymoon pillow with you. Just ask for some extra pillows when you check-in.

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Maternity clothes are a pretty personal thing. Some prefer over the bump jeans, others under the bump. Some tight-fitting and others loose. I was definitely all about being comfy, unrestricted and not too hot. I lived in these jersey maternity dungarees, maxi dresses and flats. Some of my current faves are…

  1. One outfit per day, plus one spare outfit for the whole trip
  2. Coat/jacket
  3. Footwear
  4. PJs – Even if you sleep nude I’d recommend packing a pair in case you go into labour while you’re away
  5. Underwear
  6. For colder destinations, consider thermals, snow trousers, hat, scarf and gloves
  7. For warmer destinations, consider a hat, swimsuit/bikini, sunglasses, beach towel, sandals
  8. Tote bag – use it as a beach bag or a hospital bag should you go into labour

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Regular Toiletries

  1. Painkillers (make sure you at least have enough to see you through the flight and transfers if you’d rather buy it during your trip)
  2. Toothbrush and paste (and charger if you’re taking an electric toothbrush)
  3. Moisturisers (face/body/mineral sun cream)
  4. Make-up (concealerbrow pencilmascara, eyeliner, base – I totally rate the it Cosmetics for the first three products)
  5. Hairbrush, bands and grips
  6. Straighteners
  7. Deodorant
  8. Shower gel, shampoo and conditioner (I recommend the bar types from Lush as it reduces your liquid consumption in your hand luggage and helps with reducing plastic use)

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Practical Items

  1. Passports
  2. Boarding passes
  3. Driving licence (especially if you’re hiring a car)
  4. EHIC card (or at least make sure you’ve filled it out online. It gives you the right to access state-provided healthcare in Europe)
  5. Travel insurance documents or link (Make sure you’ve got the emergency number saved in your phone, so you don’t have to faff about if something does happen)
  6. Currency/card
  7. Adaptors


  1. Headphones
  2. Phone and charger
  3. Laptop and charger
  4. Kindle/book/magazine
  5. Notebook and pen

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Pregnancy Travel Insurance

Wondering about the best pregnancy travel insurance? You want to check the amounts for cancellation. Pregnancy can change quickly so you may need to cancel a trip at the last minute.

Also check the amounts for medical cover and the policy wording around pregnancy and labour.

And lastly, make sure you check the travel insurance provider’s stance on whether you need to tell them about your pregnancy before you book a trip.

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Pregnancy Holiday Packing List for Babymoon

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