Favourite Pregnancy Beauty Products

Pregnancy Beauty Products, Pregnancy Skin Care

It’s taken me a little while to nail down my favourite pregnancy beauty products, despite this being my second pregnancy. I’ve been beautifying this week in preparation for my hols, so it seems a good time to share my finds.

I seem to fit the pregnancy cliches; with my baby boy I hankered after savoury things and had a very (very) forward bump, whereas now I’m expecting a baby girl I favour sweet things (even naughty things that I previously didn’t like – hello Krispy Kreme!) and the weight is a bit more spread out.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the unbelievably dry skin. I had it the first time round, but that was nothing compared to my pregnancy skin now. I must have tried every cream and lotion going, even doubling some of them up and applying twice a day. Nothing seemed to quench it. Thankfully, I seem to have figured it out now.

Pregnancy Beauty Products, Pregnancy Skin Care

I mentioned in my recent How I Minimise Family Travel Stress post that in the week before a holiday I like to beautify as part of that process. I also harped on about how rubbish maternity wear is. My new pregnancy skin care routine has definitely helped me to push that aside and feel a little bit more like me.

You’ll probably already know that there are loads of products and essential oils that you should avoid when you pregnant, partly because the ingredients can be harmful to the baby and partly because they simply haven’t been tested on unborn babies, so it’s easier to recommend that you stay away from them. Shelves are filled with mum-to-be bubble baths and body butters, but what if you want a bloody good pregnancy scrub?

Pregnancy Skin Care

I gave up trying to find a mum-to-be body scrub and all the natural ones I found seemed to be full of essential oils that I’d be warned against. Thankfully my lovely husband created a homemade natural scrub – he probably got sick of my whinging! It’s actually really good and I think I’ll keep using it even once my new mini-explorer is here.

Natural Pregnancy Scrub

So, if you want to make your own just mix two heaped tablespoons of coconut oil, one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, two cups of coarse brown sugar, half a cup of granulated white sugar, a teaspoon of coarse salt, a teaspoon of ginger, one of cinammon, one of mixed spice and one of nutmeg. Just rub it on your body in circular movements and then rinse off. It smells like gingerbread cookies and leaves your skin feeling super smooth. A big bowl keeps fine for a week or so.

Pregnancy Beauty Products, Pregnancy Skin Care

Pregnancy Beauty Products, Pregnancy Skin Care

Pregnancy Beauty Products, Pregnancy Skin Care, Pregnancy Scrub, Natural Scrub

Best Moisturiser for Pregnancy

My skin is super, super dry so I’ve found that rubbing either Bioderma Ultra Nourishing Balm or Aveeno Cream all over my body once a day quenches it. I then use Pregnacare Stretch Mark Cream all over my bump, lower back and the top of my thighs twice a day. I also rub Bio-Oil onto the same areas before going to bed. Well, I say ‘I’ but it’s actually Jay. It’s become his little ritual and chance to say hi to bump. I’ve tried quite a few other creams and body butters but they don’t seem to cut it.

Pregnancy Beauty Products, Pregnancy Skin Care

Now that it’s sunny I’m also using the Bioderma Refreshing After-Sun Milk as a bit of light relief.

Pregnancy Beauty Products, Pregnancy Skin Care

Fake It

I burn quite easily and seem to feel it even more when I’m pregnant, but I always feel so much better with a healthy glow. Rather than sunbathe I’d much rather get a spray tan before a holiday. I also have zero chance of sunbathing with a toddler to run around after anyway!

I can’t say squeezing into a maternity swimsuit or bikini fills me with excitement, but having a tan makes me feel that bit more confident. I’d definitely recommend heading to your local spa to get it done. If your bump is anything like mine you’ll find it near enough impossible to bend down/round to get good coverage.

Pregnancy Beauty Products, Pregnancy Skin Care

Pregnancy Hair Care

When you’re pregnant you’re said to lose less hair than you normally would so people usually talk of having thicker, fuller, shinier hair. Whilst I’ve been able to wash mine less than normal, it makes my already knotty hair even more of a nightmare to brush and control. The Tangle Tamer Ultra brush has been a lifesaver, as has MoroccanOil. I thought the latter would make my hair really greasy, but I use two blobs on the mid/ends and it’s great.

Pregnancy Beauty Products, Pregnancy Skin Care

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Pregnancy Beauty Products, Pregnancy Skin Care




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