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Travel Job: Teach Abroad in Korea

…porate travel into our daily life; the start of a new year, the start of a new week, a bad day, boredom, a travel itch – the list goes on. One obvious way to make that dream a possibility is to land a travel job; a job that allows you to see the world and get paid. Yes, they do exist. This month’s travel job feature falls on Marcus, who moved from England to South Korea, to work as a teacher. He has been kind enough to provide a great insight into…

The Switch To Full Time Blogger – Does It Live Up To The Hype?

…don’t really offer anything. Some posts that I had planned to update with new links have now become shiny, new posts. My average post titled 7 Reasons to Love Northampton became a lengthy 30 Fun Things to Do in Northampton post, with a side post on 12 of The Best Restaurants in Northampton. In my first week I used my Google Analytics to look at my top posts and set about improving them, whether that be adding affiliate links, updating broken link…

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Trtl Pillow: The New BF for Travellers?

The Trtl Pillow is said to be the travellers new BF. A revolution, this innovative and must-have travel accessory is titled as being the next generation of travel pillows and costs an affordable £24.95. It’s described by the creators as your essential napparatus (geddit?!) for sleeping comfortably anytime, anywhere. The Trtl certainly has a lot of hype around it, but does it actually live up to the bold claims? The Test Pronounced ‘turtle’, the…

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IPW 2015: A Private Party at Disney and Lots More

…#TravelTrailer vlog if you need further persuasion… Next year’s IPW is in New Orleans. The New Orleans press conference was one of the best (think live music, soul food and good times), so I have no doubts whatsoever that they’ll put on an epic event. I’ll be sharing my IPW tips shortly for those of you who want to know a bit more. They’ll be especially handy if you’re new to IPW and/or you’re a blogger. Read More on Orlando… The Secret Side of O…

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Introducing MEEM, the New Travel Gadget

…nd no middle man. Job sorted, right? I’m guilty of getting snap happy in a new destination and even more so now that I have my little boy. I just want to capture every single moment, especially as my memory isn’t the greatest. I can easily come home with 300 photos from one weekend away! I sync my camera to an external hard drive, but I never back up my iPhone, which is pretty stupid. If I ever lost the photos and videos I’d be devastated. My phon…

The Best Northampton Events 2020 for Families

…thampton. Children (and adults!) have the chance to bottle feed the fluffy new lambs, watch the ewes give birth and to hear informal, but informative talks about the lambs. Around this time there’s usually a lot of other newborns around, including piglets, chicks, guinea pigs and bunnies. It’s a very cute family day out, particularly as there’s a great outdoor and indoor playground too. The Lambing Festival usually takes place in the February half…

Tandem Credit Card – The Traveller’s New Best Friend

…er the years it would be enough for another holiday! I travel a lot, so I knew I needed to come up with a solution for our epic family trip to Canada and thankfully I’ve discovered Tandem. I’m so smitten with my new set-up now so I thought I’d share it with you guys. Say Hello to Tandem Goodbye Fees At home I never have cash on me, instead preferring to pay by card so that I can keep tabs on my spending and not have to worry about losing ‘real’ mo…

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Travelling With A Baby – Everything You Want to Know

…once you’ve gone through security if you’d rather. We took pouches as we knew he was fussy and didn’t think we’d be able to get them abroad (we were right), and we knew we’d be out and about without a kitchen to cook anything from scratch. We worked on the basis that if we could find fresh food , such as bananas etc then we’d give them instead, but if not we knew we’d be able to feed him. On one trip we took our Baby Bullet as we were staying in…

Travel Goodbyes

…sad leaving loved ones behind, but you’re going to be experiencing a whole new lifestyle in another country; new people, cultures and places. It’s a chance to broaden your mind, and develop. I guess it’s a little self indulgent, but also looking at the bigger picture, it’s an exciting opportunity to add to your family and friends; sharing your experiences with them when/if you return, and bringing new faces into your circle. Is it Goodbye? 2014 is…

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30 Fun Things to Do in Northampton

…Northampton may not look like France or Italy, but it still has vineyards. New Lodge Vineyard is an award-winning, cute vineyard near the village of Earls Barton. On a Saturday you can buy wines from the cellar door, wander around the vineyard or simply sit on the terrace enjoying a bottle. Every so often they have open days where you can sample lots of the wines on offer. Be rude not to try, right?! Address: New Lodge Vineyard: Earls Barton, Nort…

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