An Oddbods Day Out in Bournemouth

Big wheel in Bournemouth

When an email landed in my inbox inviting me to have an Oddbods experience, little did I know that it would earn me a serious amount of auntie points. I’d never heard of them, but that soon changed. I might even call myself an Oddbods expert now..!


If you haven’t seen it before you can watch Oddbods cartoons here and if you’re a fan wanting more, you’ll also find Oddbods episodes on National Express coaches. Fellow parents can also find out more here.

My three-year-old nephew, Franklin, was beyond excited to join me for the day and took no time at all in educating me on the Oddbods cartoons. We had a drive of nearly three hours and he spent the whole time excitedly chattering away, telling me the names of the different Oddbods and relaying his favourite Oddbods episodes. We had a super early start so I was convinced he’d fall asleep at some point, but the excitement kept him wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. He just couldn’t wait to meet them!

Oddbods, Oddbods Cartoons, VUER login, National Express

Meeting the Oddbods

In a nutshell, the Oddbods are seven very different characters, each one a different colour. During the Oddbods episodes the cartoons turn everyday moments into funny, exciting escapades. Franklin is adamant the red one, Fuse, is the best and later on in the day I clicked that he might think like that because he sees himself in Fuse. The red one is basically the sporty, competitive one with a heart of gold. I like to think I’m like Slick as he’s all for being in the moment and never wants to miss out.

Oddbods Cartoons

Oddbods, Oddbods Cartoons, VUER login, National Express

Oddbods is now being shown on National Express coaches, so we were invited to have an Oddbods day out in Bournemouth.  The coaches have changed a lot since I last went on them. They now enjoy shiny seats and offer good wifi and hours of entertainment via their VUER app.

Oddbods, Oddbods Cartoons, VUER login, National Express

VUER Login

In just a few seconds I downloaded the VUER app to my mobile, entered my contact details and then had a whole host of programmes and cartoons to watch. I bet you can guess which cartoons we watched! Yep, I was introduced to Oddbods and Franklin barely looked up as we rode the coach.

Oddbods, Oddbods Cartoons, VUER login, National Express

Oddbods, Oddbods Cartoons, VUER login, National Express

Exploring Bournemouth

During our Oddbods day out we met some of the characters and enjoyed the area. We drew our names in the sand and chased the tide. We pulled silly faces and munched on endless snacks.

Bournemouth Pier

Oddbods Day out in Bournemouth

We scoffed oversized ice creams in the beautiful Bournemouth Gardens. Made up of three different areas, we walked from the pier to the lower gardens in just a few minutes. They’re a really pretty part of the town and good place to have a little sit down.

We then played mini golf. Franklin scored a completely fluky, but totally awesome, hole in one on his first go (and that’s when I twigged the Fuse connection!). He wasn’t so lucky as we made our way round the course, but sure had fun trying! I kept a few steps back as he swung his golf club with every ounce of strength and had to admire his sheer determination to get the ball in the hole.

Mini Golf in Bournemouth Gardens

We then skipped back to the beachfront to hop on the big wheel. It was his first time on one and he was so, so brave – a bit like Bubbles he told me. He snuggled into me as we reached the top and the wind gave its best shot at backcombing my hair.

Big wheel in Bournemouth

Afterwards we ran down the pier and popped to Key West restaurant for some more time with the Oddbods, kid’s presenter, Nigel Clarke, and of course, some food. Franklin got to meet the Oddbods and then we made a personalised pencil case. He set to work squiggling on one side of it with various fabric pens and when I asked what it was, he pointed out the green golf course, the blue sea and the yellow sun and big wheel – basically a keepsake of our day. Too adorable!

He fell asleep as soon as we got back in the car and he napped for three hours (unheard of for him now). Since being home my sister says he hasn’t stopped talking about his Oddbods day out with auntie and how really ‘great awesome’ the day was and that for me is priceless.

It was so lovely to have one on one time with my little nephew. Now I have my own two mini-explorers it’s hard to give him all my attention, so our little day out was perfect. A simple day out at the seaside is all you need sometimes.

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