Nuna DEMI grow Review – 10 Reasons You’ll Love It!

Nuna Demi Grow Review (Nuna Double Stroller)

The Nuna DEMI grow is Nuna’s first ever twin/double stroller. At the risk of sounding like a pushchair geek, it’s amazing! You can see it in action in my video review or carry on reading to find out more.

I absolutely love the DEMI grow and I’m pretty sure you will too, but if you need convincing here are…

10 Reasons to Love the Nuna DEMI Grow

Nuna Demi Grow Review

1. Dual Purpose

The Nuna DEMI grow has 23 (23!!) configurations. It works with a carry cot (bassinet), pushchair seat and car seat. It has parent-facing and world-facing options, but most importantly it can be a single or a double/twin pushchair. Game changer!

I love it because it works for both my 7 month old baby (Kit) and 2 year old toddler (Nova). When I’m looking after both of them Kit sits in the top seat and Nova sits in a sibling seat underneath. When Nova is at nursery I simply detach the sibling seat and it reverts to a single stroller with a huge shopping basket.

Nuna Demi Grow Review (Nuna Double Stroller)

Nuna Demi Grow Review (Nuna Double Stroller)

2. It’s SO Easy

Life with the Nuna Demi grow is an absolute breeze. Want to recline the seats? Do it in seconds with one hand. Want to add an extra seat? Slide it on in seconds. Every adjustment requires very, very little effort, which is exactly what you want when you’re looking after two children.

It folds really compactly and stands up on its own. I drive a Toyota Rav and even with both seats in my boot there’s plenty of space left.

Nuna Demi Grow Review (Nuna Double Stroller)

3. It Pushes Like a Dream

Even with two kids in the pushchair I can push it with one hand. Unlike some twin strollers it doesn’t knock your shins or require you to walk at a funny angle.

We pushed it round a hedge maze and it passed the ‘one turn’ on every corner. We’ve also pushed it over gravel, grass, mud and on pavements, dirt tracks and cobbles. You guessed it, it pushes like a dream. It feels safe and secure.

Nuna Demi Grow Review (Nuna Double Stroller)

Nuna Demi Grow Review (Nuna Double Stroller)

Nuna Demi Grow Review (Nuna Double Stroller)

4. It’s Fair

One of my main worries about other double strollers has been that one kid usually has a cramped seat. Nova can get a little claustrophobic, but with the Nuna DEMI grow both of my mini-explores have loads of space. He is more than happy laying underneath Kit.

We use the car seat adaptors as ‘extenders’. They slip onto the stroller in seconds. They basically create a bigger distance between the two seats.

Nuna Demi Grow Review (Nuna Double Stroller)

Nuna Demi Grow Review (Nuna Double Stroller)

5. It’s Stylish

What else would you expect from Nuna? The DEMI grow is just as gorgeous as their other products. It comes in three different classy shades. From the luxe leatherette bar to the piping trim, it’s easy on the eyes.

Every time we push it we turn heads and hear whispers of how lovely it looks.

Nuna Demi Grow Review (Nuna Double Stroller)

Nuna Demi Grow Review

6. It Has an Epic Sunshade

Just like the Nuna PEPP Luxx, the DEMI grow has a super generous sunshade. The hood simply pulls out to provide plenty of coverage. If your little one nods off simply unzip the dream drape from the hood to provide even more shade for them.

It’s made of breathable material so the air can freely circulate and you don’t need to worry about overheating.

Nuna Demi Grow Review (Nuna Double Stroller)

Nuna Demi Grow Review (Nuna Double Stroller)

7. It’s Perfect for Sunny Days

As if that’s not enough, the Nuna DEMI grow also has a mesh panel in the hood which keeps little ones cool, but also acts as a window so that you can check on them. The flap has magnetic corners to keep it in place. Genius.

If it’s really hot or your little one tends to get a sweaty back, worry not. You can shun the padded seat by unzipping the seat cover in seconds to reveal a totally breathable mesh seat. I absolutely love that feature.

Nuna Demi Grow Review (Nuna Double Stroller)

8. It’s Perfect for Shopping

When the sibling seat isn’t being used the Nuna DEMI grow has a generous basket at the bottom. However, it also comes with a totally adorable and practical market basket. It slots into the base and allows you to fill it with shopping and detach in seconds. No more, hunching up and down to remove a few items at a time.

I use it as a shopping basket in the supermarket, then lift it up at the checkout to scan everything and then simply lift the basket back down to the stroller. When I get to my car the basket just gets moved to the boot. It’s seriously effortless and I love it.

Nuna Demi Grow Review (Nuna Double Stroller)

9. It’s SO comfy

The fabric is ridiculously soft (especially on the luxuriously padded footmuff) and things like the seat straps are padded, so it’s really comfy for little ones.

Nuna Demi Grow Review (Nuna Double Stroller)

The top seat offers three different recline positions and the bottom sibling seat offers two. My little ones loved snoozing and snuggling in their seats. Both seats have the same quality features so both kids get the same lovely treatment.

It offers a dual suspension ride, so it’s a smooth ride for both top and bottom seaters. And the wheels have mud guards on them so you don’t have to worry about the bottom rider getting splashed (or sticking their hands in the wheels!).

Nuna Demi Grow Review (Nuna Double Stroller)

10. Extras are Included

The Nuna Demi grow comes with a raincover, padded footmuff, the detachable market basket and adaptors.

The sibling seat is an extra purchase, but I love that you can buy it at a later stage once you know you’re definitely having another child (unless of course you’re having twins!). The pushchair works for the present and the future.

Nuna Demi Grow Review (Nuna Double Stroller)

As you can tell I’m a huge fan of the DEMI grow. It’s practical on every level and you can really tell that it’s been crafted by parents. Good job, Nuna!

If you’ve got a question, feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you. X

Shop for the Nuna DEMI grow

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Nuna Demi Grow Review

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Comments (18)

  • Anya 1 year ago Reply

    Hi. Thank you for this helpful, detailed with beautiful photos. I’ve purchased the Nuna Demi Grow for my newborn and soon to be 2 year old and it’s on its way! I was just wondering up to what age the seat can be used because I’d like to get the additional seat as well, but it says up to 15kg and I’d start needing it when my toddler is 2 1/2. Is it worth buying the additional seat?

  • jasmin 2 years ago Reply

    Have you ever tried putting the car seat on the bottom and the regular seat on the top? Would this work? Great article!

    Topher 12 months ago Reply

    Hi, I know I’m a year late to this but your review still pops up when I search! I’m not seeing anything in the manual about attaching the footmuff, and it sure seems like I’m missing a step. Does it just rest on the calf support, or should it wrap above and below it?? Thanks so much!

  • Gaby 2 years ago Reply

    What color do you have? Looks like Frost, perhaps?

    Taylor Hearts Travel 2 years ago Reply

    This is Aspen. :)

  • Darcy 2 years ago Reply

    Thanks for this review! Do you find the bottom of the storage basket gets dirty if you push through dirt or mud? I like the lighter color but worry about it getting stained.

    Taylor Hearts Travel 2 years ago Reply

    You’re welcome! Put it this way – I haven’t washed or wiped mine down since I’ve had it and we’ve been through fields etc.

  • Kaitlyn 2 years ago Reply

    Hi! I have the demigrow and would like to get the seat extenders to add some extra room between seats. Where did you purchase? I cannot find them anywhere. Maybe I’m searching for the wrong thing?

    Taylor Hearts Travel 2 years ago Reply

    Hi! Someone told me they’re not actually extenders, but simply car seat adaptors (that came with the stroller when I got it). They create an extra bit of space, so whatever they are they seem to work.

    Jasmine 2 years ago

    I was excited to do the same with the car seat adapters. But something. Must have changed in the new models. Now the adapter narrows the width by a few centimeters, so the seat doesn’t fit in. Perhaps the model from last year wasn’t quite as wide as this year. Either way I’d pay good money for an adapter that could hold a seat, too bad they don’t sell these!

  • Christine l 2 years ago Reply

    Thanks for the review; where did you get compatible extenders for the stroller?

  • Margot Brown 2 years ago Reply

    Hello! Thank you for this article. I can’t decide between the demi grow and the uppababy vista. When my double stroller is needed I will have a 2yr old and a newborn. I love everything about the demi grow just wonder about the basket size once you have it as a double. Do you find that a standard diaper bag fits comfortable? And my other draw back is the low second seat. Do you still love this stroller after having it awhile now? And your toddler enjoy’s the low seat? Thank you!!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 2 years ago Reply

    Hi! You’re welcome :) The basket disappears once you add the sibling seat. There’s a tiny bit of room for a small bag or bottle or something at the end where the feet go, but not a changing bag. You’d have to carry your bag. I have a backpack style one to make it easier. My toddler loves the seat at the bottom – no issue with the height or comfort factor. Hope that helps :)

    Margot Brown 2 years ago

    Yes thank you! 😁👍

  • Nova Capstick 2 years ago Reply

    I’ve been looking at this but only want it as a single (don’t like the look of the other Nuna prams). Would you say it works as a single? All the reviews seem to review it as a double pram. Does it look and feel unnecessarily large without the sibling seat?

    Taylor Hearts Travel 2 years ago Reply

    Yeah I guess so. Just means you’ll have lots of space underneath for all your shopping/baby gear, which is never a bad thing in my opinion. Maybe if somewhere near you stocks it you could go check it out?

  • Hungry Preggo 3 years ago Reply

    The 2019 Nuna Mixx has an extended push handle, does the Nuna Demi Grow have the same extended handle? I know it has the other features of the 2019 Mixx like the all weather seat and no-retread harness, but just curious about the handle length. Husband is 6’1 so it would be great for us and I love the Demi Grow! Thanks!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 2 years ago Reply

    Yes, it does have an extendable handle. As soon as I put it together I extend it! If it helps I’m nearly 5ft 8. Sorry for the slow reply and happy shopping!

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