Making a New York Trip a Reality

New York, NYC, America, Smoke, Mist, Taxi

It seems a lot of you are hankering after a New York trip; a lust-worthy trip to NYC. It’s always mentioned as a dream destination whenever I’m among friends and particularly in my inbox recently. Flights can be surprisingly affordable from the UK, so it’s a great time to bite the bullet apple (see what I did there?!) and make that dream a reality.

New York, NYC, America, Smoke, Mist, Taxi, New York Trip

In an effort to answer some of your questions, here goes…

When is the best time to go?

Well, this depends on what kind of experience you’re after. If you’re daydreaming of wintery snow flurries that cover the skyscrapers with what looks like frosting, go for a winter break. Just be warned that it gets bloody freezing! My sister and I went in early January and despite thermals, big winter coats, ear muffs and more, we could barely feel our fingers and toes. It looks beautiful and is super fun, but if you go for a winter break, pack ALL of your clothes and layer up!

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I’ve also visited New York during the summer and it’s equally as extreme. The city definitely warms up and you can easily wander around in shorts and a top. It may sound silly, but if it really is your dream trip and money is tight, you may only ever get one chance to go. Think about your dream version of New York and what you want to look like in your photos – I’m sure you’ll treasure them forever. Let’s just say some of the photos of my sister and I are a little embarrassing as we look like giant snowmen!

Aside from the weather, you might want to consider what’s on. December is great for Christmas shopping. The bigger stores go to town with all the decorations and you can easily enjoy a day of (window) shopping without spending a dime. You’ll also find pop-up outdoor ice-skating rinks at major landmarks like the Rockefeller Centre or Central Park.

November brings lots of Thanksgiving celebrations, including the iconic and very impressive Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  There are also lots of opportunities to bag a bargain thanks to the Black Friday sales. Flights will probably be a little more expensive during this period and the city will be rammed, but it’ll definitely be a trip to remember.

Make sure you check out sporting calendars if that’s your thing and concert and gig listings, like at Madison Square Garden. Lastly, book your flights ahead. It makes it all the more real and you’re likely to get a better deal.

Where should I stay?

I’m going to start by saying most of the hotel rooms are small in comparison to European rooms. On one of my trips I made the mistake of being blown away by the gallery of the reception area and promise of live jazz in the evenings. I only glanced at an image of the room before clicking book. It wasn’t until my sister and I were cosied up in a very small queen bed with our luggage practically on top of us that I realised I shouldn’t have been so distracted!

That said, you’re very unlikely to spend a lot of time in your room. They’re not lying when they say the city never sleeps, so you’ll be out and about. Save your cash for the ridiculously delicious food (nachos, pancake stacks and cookies the size of my head – I’m talking to you), the shops and the shows. I’d definitely go for a Times Square location though – it’s where all the buzz and excitement is.

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It’s been a while since I last went so I haven’t got any tried and tested recommendations. However, I’ve been eyeing up the citizen Hotel New York Times Square hotel. It’s got XL king-sized beds, so I’m pretty much sold. It’s tiring work having so much fun!

Ready to go?

I think that’s all of your questions, but if you have any more feel free to leave a comment or email me. Equally, if you have any specific tips, recommendations or words of advice please do leave them in the comments section.

I got a free upgrade when I flew to New York, so who knows? Maybe your trip to the city will be just as lucky and exciting! Happy planning!

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  • Suzanne - Travelbunny 5 years ago Reply

    I’ve been in early October when the weather was gorgeous and again last year in early November when it went from pleasantly warm to bitterly cold with a biting wind! I’ve love to re-visit in December for the Christmas lights and skating :)

    Taylor Hearts Travel 5 years ago Reply

    You’ll clearly have to go back in the name of research! :)

  • I’ve been to New York twice, once in Winter and once in Summer and I definitely preferred the Summer visit as we were able to walk everywhere and even cycled round Central Park!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 5 years ago Reply

    That sounds lovely. If I went back again I think I’d pick the summer.

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