Introducing MEEM, the New Travel Gadget

MEEM, MEEM Cable, Travel gadget, MEEM Review

How do you protect your precious photos if you don’t trust that elusive cloud? You use MEEM. No hassle whatsoever and no middle man. Job sorted, right?

I’m guilty of getting snap happy in a new destination and even more so now that I have my little boy. I just want to capture every single moment, especially as my memory isn’t the greatest. I can easily come home with 300 photos from one weekend away!

I sync my camera to an external hard drive, but I never back up my iPhone, which is pretty stupid. If I ever lost the photos and videos I’d be devastated. My phone is nearly always with me so it has the most videos and pics of special moments; the impromptu ones where I haven’t had time to get my fancy camera out of my bag.

MEEM, MEEM Cable, Travel gadget, MEEM Review

I did consider using the cloud, but the headlines seem to be full of stories of hacks and thefts of data, so I put it off, hoping that my treasured moments would be safe until I found a better solution.

Every now and then I get the ‘your storage is almost full’ message and I then connect my iPhone to the laptop to transfer the data and wipe it clean again.

When I’m on a press trip the itinerary is usually so jam packed that by the time I get back to my room I just want to sleep, rather than faff about with pics. The charger goes straight into my iPhone and I hop straight into bed. Again, if my phone ever went walkabouts I’d lose all of my pics and videos from the day. *Shudders*

MEEM, MEEM Cable, Travel gadget, MEEM Review


I was recently introduced to the MEEM memory cable. In simple terms it automatically ‘mirrors’ what’s on your phone. That includes your contacts, calendar and more importantly, photos and videos.

The best thing of all is that whilst it copies the data, it also charges your phone. Thankfully it doesn’t take forever to charge like some of those other gadgets. Nope, it actually has a fast charge.

As you simply plug the cable into your phone and then into your usual power adapter, it’s super simple and requires no effort whatsoever. You don’t have to turn your laptop on or worry about a third party pinching your pics. It’s like a daily backup of your phone; every time you charge your phone it automatically backs up your data on the cable itself.

This means that if my phone is stolen or gets damaged, I can just plug MEEM into my new one and it will sync my data back onto it. It’s pin protected so if someone takes the cable they’ll still need the pin to access the data.

MEEM, MEEM Cable, Travel gadget, MEEM Review

The cable currently comes in 16GB Android and 32GB iOS formats, so you get quite a lot of storage for such a little cable. I have the iOS one and you can back up to two iPhones on it.

For someone who gets a bit paranoid about the cloud and third parties, MEEM is a great alternative. It’s ideal for people on the go, so it’s perfect for your travels. It fits into my hand luggage and forms part of my usual routine, as I always have to charge my phone. At the risk of sounding super lazy, I love that it requires barely any effort. Even more so though, I love that my travel pics are safer.

You can find out more and/or buy one on the MEEM website.

MEEM, MEEM Cable, Travel gadget, MEEM Review

This post is in association with MEEM.

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