Maternity Wear: The Holiday Edit

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Why is that when you want to buy new clothes you can’t find any that you like and when you can’t buy any because of a tight budget (or lack of body in my case at the moment) you love everything that’s in the shops?! I’ve seen so many gorgeous summery dresses that I’d normally snap up, but bump has other plans so I’m currently tied to the dreaded maternity sections for my holiday wardrobe.

I hate spending lots of money on clothes that I’ll only get to wear for a few months. This time round I can’t really wear much of what I wore when I was pregnant with Nova because a lot of the dresses and tops have collars that touch my neck and for some reason that simple touch makes me throw up. Not at all glam! I also can’t stand over the bump leggings and trousers or anything tight, as again it just seems to have the same effect. I’m finding myself living in dungarees, maxi dresses and leggings with long strap tops and cardis.

I’ve rounded up a few of my fave maternity wear buys at the moment. Some of them I have in my wardrobe and some are in my virtual shopping basket waiting for me to give in. Most of the items are from my beloved ASOS because free delivery and returns, they have a decent selection and they’re pretty cheap. Oh and I’ve also included some pretty flats because who needs heels at the best of times, let alone when pregnant? And can we just take a moment to swoon over the red DM sandals? <3

So, if you’re in the market for some new maternity wear here you go…

Maternity Clothes

Maternity Swimwear

Handy Flats

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