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1066 Country, Rye, Mermaid Inn, Mermaid Street

When you’re staying in a cottage, rather than a hotel room, I think it’s best to slightly alter your packing list to ensure you still get that 5* room service kinda feeling. No matter where you’re staying, if you’re taking time out of your precious day-today life to travel you might as well do it in style, whilst still seeking comfort. There’s no point looking good, if you feel uptight and uncomfortable.

Similarly there’s no point in going to all the effort of organising a trip if you’re not going to enjoy it and make it the best it can really be. This is especially true if you’re off on a weekend break. It’s a big ask to maximise a destination in just two days.

I’ve recently returned from a lovely staycation in 1066 Country and I’ve got a few more weekend breaks coming up. It got me thinking about how important it is to pack the ‘right’ things. I guess I mean the things that make your trip as relaxing, as fun and as stylish as you want it to be.

1066 Country, Sussex, East Sussex, Mulberry Cottages, Ivy Cottage

Packing for a Staycation

So what’s on my packing list? Well, I was recently introduced to mahabis slippers. They’re a bit on the lux side in terms of price, their design and the quality, but they certainly bring the comfort factor.

When you stay in a hotel you can usually bank on there being a free pair of ‘slippers’ to use. To be fair they’re more like bits of cardboard that are expected to fit both men and women, and of course, all sizes. *Sigh* And if you stay in a cottage/house rental you don’t usually find home comforts like slippers.

mahabis slippers are pretty clever because you can clip on a rubber sole so that you can wear them to nip outside to your car or whatever. When you come back inside you just ping the bottom sole off. They’re great for our cottage stays with Nova as I often find that if he’s crying, a step out into the fresh air soothes him.  I would hate to ruin the someone’s floor with dirty footprints, so these are a good solution.

mahabis, mahabis slippers, mahabis slippers review

mahabis, mahabis slippers, mahabis slippers review

For that home away from home feeling I take a pair of lounge pants and an easy strap top, so that I can snuggle up on the sofa watching a movie or relaxing after a dinner out. I guess this contradicts that image, but when I’m staying anywhere other than a hotel I usually also take my silky kimono robe just to make the trip feel that bit more luxurious.

In terms of baby stuff, I’ve mentioned before that I always take my Nuna SENA travel cot with me as Nova seems to like it. For my last few trips I’ve been travelling with the equally stylish Nuna PEPP Lux buggy, but more on that another time.

1066 Country, Rye, Mermaid Inn, Mermaid Street

For a staycation in particular I always pack snacks. A girls gotta eat, right?! Savoury, sweet or often both, I always take my faves with me – Giant Buttons, Kettle chips, Munchies in case you were wondering. A hotel room usually has the luxury of a mini bar, so I guess I create my own customised, free one when I’m staying in a holiday home.

My camera (Lumix DMC-GX7), iPhone and chargers always come with me, but that’s pretty obvious. As is the fact I take clothes, toiletries and you know, the normal things that I’m sure you take too.

So, other than that what’s on your packing list for a staycation?

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This post is in collaboration with mahabis.

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  • Jaime @angloyankophile 5 years ago Reply

    It’s great to know that the Mahabi slippers are actually practical! They come up as ads in my Facebook feed a lot but I’ve never thought about how useful they’d be for travelling or even, indeed, inside our house right now as we’re having construction done at the moment and the entire bottom floor is dusty and dirty!

    Taylor Hearts Travel 5 years ago Reply

    Yeah, they totally win on the practical level, though if I’m honest it’s the style of them that I love most – I’m a sucker for grey and yellow!

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