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Hotel Actar Madfor, Madrid, Cheap, Affordable, Stylish, Hotel, Spain, Travel Blog, Blog, Review

Have you been to Madrid? It seems to be the ideal city break; stylish and affordable. However, most people I ask seem to have been to Barcelona (one of my top cities), but not the capital. I’m off there this month for a whirlwind weekend. The flights with easyJet were just so cheap that I couldn’t say resist. I’m so grateful that for less than £50 I can be in another country in just a few hours. Ah, the joys of living in the UK!


Hotels and apartments are generally cheap at this time of year too. You can get a super fancy 5* hotel for little more than £100 for a weekend night. Bargain! If you’re a fan of stylish, modern design hotels (like me) you’ll be in your element. There are so many gorgeous boutiques right in the city centre for less than £100 per night.

I’ve gone for Hotel Acta Madfor, costing just £70 for a Saturday night through It’s an arty hotel and the rooms look effortlessly cool. Dressed in minimal white and grey, this place looks chic. The lobby areas look a little more glossy, reminding me of a classy living room. I’m so excited to stay and to let you know what it’s really like.

Hotel Actar Madfor, Madrid, Cheap, Affordable, Stylish, Hotel, Spain, Travel Blog, Blog, Review

Hotel Actar Madfor, Madrid, Cheap, Affordable, Stylish, Hotel, Spain, Travel Blog, Blog, Review


Obviously with just one night in Madrid, location is (reluctantly) more important than style. After all, the reality is I’ll only be in the hotel for a few hours. Hotel Acta Madfor is in the eastern part of the city centre. It’s surrounded by some of Madrid’s prettiest parks, but is only a fifteen minute walk to Gran Via, an upmarket shopping street, and Plaza España, the main square. Comp Del Moro is an impressive building set in twenty hectares, which is within arms reach of the hotel.

The city is split into distinct neighbourhoods. La Latina is at the top of my list. It’s said to be the liveliest and trendiest place to go out. Apparently you can’t start your night out before 10pm, unless you’re going for dinner and even then you shouldn’t go before 9pm. Restaurants are largely influenced by meats like chorizo, commonly served tapas (small dish) style. Even the foodie tours seem to be predominantly aimed at carnivores. As a vegetarian I have my reservations. I’ll let you know how I get on…!

The city seems perfect for mooching around, especially as it’s filled with gorgeous architecture. From the pics I’ve seen, even run down buildings look like works of art. Traffic is said to be a bit of a problem (as in most cities), so aside from walking I’ll be looking to hire a set of wheels, either in the form of a cute motor scooter or a more traditional bicycle.

So guys, aside from that, is there anything I must do or see when I’m in Madrid? Do you have a restaurant recommendation? I’d love to hear from you. For those of you who haven’t been, is Madrid on your travel wish list? X



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  • Hanna 5 years ago Reply

    Nice post! I went to Madrid last year, it was so good. I think it’s a good idea to join a free walking tour if you want not only to see the most popular turistic places but also to get to know something about the history and culture of the city. I went to the one offered by a company called Madride and I loved it! But the best thing about that trip were tapas, of course :)

    I love walking or cycling tours too. You’re so right – they’re a great way to see a new city. Mmm, gotta love the tapas! :)

  • Ocean 5 years ago Reply

    Try the restaurant La Mucca if you can get a booking. And go have cocktails on the roof at hotel de las letras. There’s heaps of rad rooftop bars if you get a moment to venture. You also can’t miss parque del retiro. Great picnic spot! Xx

    Looking La Mucca up now – thanks for the recommendation. You don’t need to persuade me to try the cocktails – sounds perfect! Thank you :) xx

  • Madrid was actually my first international travel experience! I went when I was 13 and sadly can barely remember it…. hopefully I’ll make it back someday! I’m so jealous of Europeans who can be in another country for the weekend so easily :)

    It seems like a lovely place to visit for your first international trip. I am incredibly lucky to have so many lovely destinations within reach, though I’m always jealous of Americans who can easily explore the different states. I’d love to live over there and road trip about! :)

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